Libra Horoscope April 2022

Libra horoscope April 2022, big wave

Mars & Saturn

Aquarius rules skills and talents in your horoscope as this is your creative sector. There’s some important planetary activity taking place here as April begins. Your ruling planet Venus is in Aquarius until the 5th and action planet Mars is here until the 15th.

As the month begins, Saturn is also in Aquarius and there’s a challenging Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 5th. There could be some frustration if you feel held back or restricted. Aquarius rules children and romance in your horoscope, so it may be these areas of your life that are bringing extra challenge your way. 

As Mars begins to pull away from Saturn, hopefully any challenges should begin to ease. As you’ll see below, there’s plenty of promise for love and commitment this month too.

What Mars & Saturn can help with is using your time well and not allowing yourself to get overly distracted. Having a schedule that works for you and brings you a certain amount of regularity and routine will help. If you want some extra discipline to engage in a hobby or creative activity, start as you mean to go on.

Love & Partnership

Love is definitely intriguing throughout April as the Sun remains in your opposite star sign Aries until the 20th. Therefore, the cosmic spotlight is on your close relationships, both personal and professional. This is about partnership in your life, an important aspect for you. You need people around to keep you company, to bounce ideas off and to share your love with.

If you’re currently on your own or without a partner, events on or around the 1st could change things and quickly. This is when there’s a New Moon in Aries, a symbol of new beginnings.

A conversation you have or an insight you receive during the first weekend of the month could lead you into a new partnership. Be open and inviting towards others and take the lead in your one-to-ones. This New Moon could start a period of deep healing in your personal life. Or, perhaps regarding someone close to you.

Another important date for love and relationships is the 16th when the Full Moon falls in your star sign Libra. Full Moons heighten emotions and this Full Moon is about the balance of power when it comes to love.

You may want to reach out to someone in your life. Or, you’re the one who needs reassurance. Give and receive equally is the motto of the Libra Full Moon.

There could be a theme of loss, however, as Pluto’s involved. You may be remembering someone fondly from your past. Or, perhaps you’re missing someone desperately. Certainly, strong emotions are likely to be involved.

Talk planet Mercury also moves through Aries until the 11th so keep the lines of communication wide open. The more you talk in a relationship, the easier it will be to sort things out and know where you stand.

Follow Your Dream

The big planetary event this month is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 12th. Pisces is the sector of your horoscope that rules your work and routine, your health and lifestyle and where you can be of service to others.

This combination is about following your dream and doing more of what you love in your everyday routine. It’s an ideal time for hope and faith, to believe in yourself and what you’re wanting to do.

Also, your ruling planet Venus is in Pisces from the 5th onwards. The end of the month could prove miraculous or revelatory when Venus teams up with Neptune on the 27th & Jupiter on the 30th, triggering the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

This combination feels lucky, to some extent. Perhaps, it involves a miracle cure or a dream work project. Whatever it means for you personally, this is a time to actively engage with your hopes and wishes and breathe life into them. You may choose to get involved with a charity project too and work alongside other people for a good cause.

Money Matters

Taurus is the star sign ruling money in your horoscope and more specifically joint finances. Talk planet Mercury is in Taurus from the 11th to the 29th and the Sun moves into earth sign Taurus on the 20th.

Straightaway, this means it’s a promising time to boost your bank balance, to get your finances straight. Taurus favours security and low-risk investments.

Yet, there’s another planet in Taurus that’s been here for some time. That planet is Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, highs and lows. Uranus never favours the sensible option. Instead, it’s all about risk and favouring over-night success rather than slow and steady growth.

Uranus is active on the 18th and also the 30th. Therefore, you can expect sudden changes around money, whether it’s a windfall or unexpected expenses. Uranus can go either way.

This is a good time to review your finances and look at new and innovative ways of taking care of your money. Use online resources and stay one step ahead. Find out what’s happening in all areas regarding money and come up with new and creative suggestions to help yourself and other people in your life.

At the end of the month, there’s a second New Moon called a Black Moon which is also a Solar Eclipse. This could be a powerful turning point as it falls in Taurus and your joint finance sector. Plus, the ruling planet of the eclipse is your planet Venus next to lucky Jupiter on the same day.

Usually, an eclipse isn’t a great date to take a punt or a risk. You’re wise to wait for the eclipse shadow to lift to see what’s revealed. Yet, with the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the same day, you could be able to take a leap of faith that leads you on an encounter with destiny.

It’s likely to be linked to work, a volunteer role, a lucrative move, a lucky twist of fate. You may be the one helping someone else out. Or, perhaps a colleague offers you a money-making opportunity that’s worth exploring further.

Jupiter-Neptune themes

The once-in-a-lifetime Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is exact on April 12th. We’ve been surfing its waves since February and there’s a way to go yet. It peaks this month, continues into May & there may be a Jupiter-Neptune revival in November/December.

Jupiter-Neptune themes conjure up big dreams, a cultural renaissance, a spiritual awakening, miracles, revelation, awe & wonder. In Pisces, it’s a flood of emotion, a wave of imagination, a rush of compassion & interconnectedness. It’s also wise to avoid fake news, be wary of scams, choose your faith carefully & lose yourself in a good way.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others, your well-being and your health. This would be an ideal time to follow your passion & actively pursue your dreams. You could change around the 9-to-5 to free up your time, you might become a volunteer or work for a charity. There could be a spiritual aspect that boosts your health.

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