Libra February 2018


Libra (23 September – 23 October)

As February begins, your ruling planet, Venus, is in Aquarius and the most creative and romantic sector of your horoscope. Venus remains here until the 10th, so make the most of Venus’ fun-loving potential in one of the most social star signs, Aquarius.

The 4th to the 7th looks particularly engaging when the Moon is in your star sign Libra and Venus teams up with expansive Jupiter and crazy Uranus. This is the time to shine socially, take centre stage or show off your skills and talents. When you have key planets in Aquarius, you can express yourself and be true to who you are.

Two other personal planets are in Aquarius and they are the Sun (identity) and Mercury (communication). Both planets are in Aquarius until the 18th. This is where the action’s at in the first half of February.

Aquarius rules all the good things in your life and whatever you ‘give birth’ to, whether this is a child, a creative project or a big social event. Get your event manager hat on and line up some fun entertainment for you and the ones you love.

The only word of caution is around money. Yes, you have abundant Jupiter now in Scorpio and your personal money sector where it remains until November 2018. Jupiter, however, clashes with the personal planets in Aquarius throughout February, so don’t go over the top spending this month. It’s a time when you will want to treat yourself and others, but being overly extravagant isn’t wise so rein it in.

The planets in Aquarius are building towards the major event in February, a stunning Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th. A Solar Eclipse is a turbo-powered New Moon and represents new beginnings, a fresh start.

This could be a particularly exciting time for you when it comes to love because Aquarius rules romance and love affairs in your horoscope. As the Solar Eclipse falls the day after Valentines Day, you may have an exceptionally dramatic love life this year.

Look out for new people coming into your life too. This is significant because action planet Mars is now in Sagittarius and your communication sector.

Mars is your partner planet and rules the libido. Sagittarius represents your local community, places close to home and is ideal for making new friends and meeting new people. Someone may charge into your life this month and take you by surprise.

Remember that eclipse symbolism often brings the unexpected. During an eclipse, the light switches off momentarily leaving you in the dark and when the light switch flicks back on, things look different. You’re faced with a new landscape, new people perhaps or a new attitude or way of thinking.

The Solar Eclipse could speed up your love life dramatically but as Mars is square to Neptune on the 17th two days later, everything is not as it seems. This backs up the shadowy theme so don’t lose yourself completely in a fantasy world and use your clever brain to keep a firm hold on reality.

There may be a theme of lies or secrets mid-month and you need to wait and see who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. This might include yourself, so notice if you’re saying one thing but you mean another. As a Sun Libra, you don’t like to hurt people which is why you sometimes fudge the truth.

Work is under the cosmic umbrella throughout the second half of February. In fact, you may start paying closer to attention to your work and routine, your lifestyle and health from the 10th onwards. This is the date when your ruler Venus moves into Pisces highlighting these areas of your life.

It may be hard to drag yourself away from play or fun and focus on work matters, but it’s essential you do so. The Sun and Mercury join Venus in Pisces on the 18th and there’s strong planetary activity in this sector of your chart.

The other planet in Pisces is Neptune and this planet is here to stay for many years yet. Neptune is creative and artistic, compassionate and sensitive, so finding a job that fulfils you is the ideal scenario. This taps into your Libra strengths.

Neptune does have a flip side, however, as it’s also the planet of fantasy and illusion. You want to go with the flow when it comes to your work and lifestyle but if you’re too laid-back or easy-going, you may find opportunities slip away from you.

Also, when Neptune’s strong, you can feel confused about your situation and can’t make sense of what’s happening or find a clear sense of direction. Neptune kicks in this month on the 21st and 25th and this is when you may experience some sense of disillusionment.

With Mars strong in Sagittarius, learning and education are vital and this is where to put your energy and focus. Keep moving forward and use your network and connections to help you find a job or make sense of your current work situation. Talk, communicate, open up.

At its best, you will feel a sense of flow around your working life and can trust what’s happening with your body and health. Tune in to your natural intuition. Listen to where life is calling you and where guidance is available.

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