Libra December 2016

Libra, Christmas

Libra (23 September – 23 October)

There’s a lot going on in the month of December and it will be helpful to know when you can get ahead and when to pull back.

The most important point in this respect is the fact that communication planet Mercury is retrograde from the 19th and only turns direct on January 8th 2017. So this year, the communication planet is up to its tricks over Christmas.

This is significant for you because Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn and your home and family sector. So before the 19th is the best time to crack on with Christmas arrangements whether you’re decorating the house, arranging food and activities or you’re still debating with family about who’s doing what.

The first week of December is a good period to go for it with regard to home and family affairs, domestic matters because your ruling planet Venus is also in Capricorn until the 7th. This is the time when you can reach an amicable agreement and home and family affairs are blessed.

With Mercury on go slow from the 19th, it’s important to be flexible and know that Christmas arrangements may have to change last-minute. It also flags up the fact that Christmas is not the time to discuss important home and family issues. It would make sense to have the serious conversations either early in December or wait until January 2017.

There is a window of opportunity however between Christmas and New Year as the New Moon on the 29th takes place in Capricorn and this same sector of your chart. This is the time when you can focus on home and work and look at ways of keeping life calm and steady. This is important for you being a Sun Libra.

Yet there is a lot of fun up for grabs this month and this is to do with the fact that the lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars, spend a good deal of time in your fellow air sign Aquarius. Mars is here until the 19th and your ruling planet Venus is in Aquarius from the 7th onwards.

Aquarius rules the sector of your chart that represents all the good things in life, i.e. romance and children, creativity and entertainment. Basically it’s whatever you enjoy in life and what you find fun. The more you can prioritise play and good times in December, the happier you are.

This is also a promising month for new love and it’s a great time for dating or hooking up at the office parties. There’s plenty of passion in the air so make the most of this if you’re single and keen to meet someone new.

Another indication that you’re in for a busy and sociable month is the fact that the Sun is in Sagittarius and your communication sector. This is brilliant for making new friends and getting out and about in your local community.

Sensible Saturn is in Sagittarius too. Whether you’re concerned with serious issues or you feel it’s important to find your voice, there’s a sense of responsibility to speak up, to be true to your beliefs.

You might become a spokesperson for a group or organisation and the Full Moon on the 14th could be a key date in this respect. This is a good date to book a holiday or sign up for a course.

More importantly perhaps, it offers you an opportunity to find your authentic voice and to be heard and whether for personal reasons or issues that you see in the world around you, you’re no longer prepared to sit back and do nothing.

Your Christmas astrology this year does look eventful and it’s unlikely to be a time of stability. Excitement and change are the order of the day so you might be celebrating an unconventional Christmas, doing your bit for the community or visiting neighbours or other people close by.

Your planet Venus is in pole position on Christmas Day and whatever happens, you’ll be all smiles and the life and the soul of the party. Yet this is likely to be a big Christmas and not everyone will behave well.

The main planetary culprit takes place the day after Christmas, i.e. December 26th when Jupiter in your sign of Libra is opposed by Uranus in Aries. In addition, Uranus is in action three days later when it turns direct in the heavens on December 29th.

Uranus always indicates an out-of-the-ordinary experience as this is the planet of unconventionality. When Uranus is active you or someone close might decide to rewrite the rule book when it comes to love. This could manifest as a love partner who’s not your usual type, someone younger, someone who wants an open marriage, someone who’s crazy and fun.

As the planets of freedom and liberation come together on Boxing Day, December 26th, you might be ready to drop everything and dash off across the other side of the globe to be with the one you love or perhaps someone close is eager to embrace freedom and change. Anything goes.

Working partnerships too require new rules now as Uranus in Aries not only triggers love and relationship changes in your chart but all your 1-to-1 negotiations. Expect people to fly into your life this Christmas and turn it upside down bringing inspiration, excitement and a sense of wildness. If that works for you, great; if not, look elsewhere.

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