Libra August 2016

Libra August 2016Libra (23 September – 23 October)

If ever there was a month to kick back, relax and take it easy, it’s this one. The planets are beginning to gather in Virgo, the sign previous to your sign of Libra. This is the most hidden sector of your chart when your attention is turned inward and you benefit from some quiet time.

You might not be feeling this as the month begins and you’re reading your horoscope early in August because for the first few days of the month your ruling planet Venus is in Leo and one of the most sociable sectors of your chart.

Venus remains in Leo until the 5th and on the 2nd there’s a stunning New Moon in Leo. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings, a chance to start over or begin afresh. This New Moon is linked to your friendship sector and group activities. It’s a wonderful date for celebration or planning a party.

This is where the initiative lies for you early in August. Who to team up with? Where can you find your tribe? How to make a difference alongside a group of people? This is the time to join forces with others either for a political, social, environmental or humanitarian goal. Being a Libra, your sign is closely linked to peace and working alongside others to restore harmony.

This might fit for you or you might be more interested in making new friends and catching up with old friends. You can do either or both. Plus the 1st of the month is one of the best dates for love when your ruler Venus teams up with Uranus in your relationship sector. This is perfect for spontaneous moves, asking someone out, accepting an invitation. New beginnings abound as August gets underway.

The other interesting date for relationships is the 18th when there’s a lunar eclipse cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. Aquarius rules romance and love affairs in your chart and this eclipse also connects with the planet Uranus.

This is an anything-goes combination when you might be the one who decides to do something wild or you’re caught up in a friend’s drama instead. Eclipses often bring what’s hidden to light and they’re game-changers, they turn life on its head. It’s best not to act unpredictably on the 18th itself and if unexpected events take place, wait for a few days before you decide what next.

Remember too what was mentioned at the beginning of this month’s forecast and the need to retreat or take a step back in life. View this is a key month of preparation getting ready for a fresh challenge which will start next month.

Communication planet Mercury is in your previous sign of Virgo throughout August but the most important indicator for you is your ruler Venus in Virgo from the 5th to the 30th. This is a caring combination for your ruling planet whether it’s a hint that you need some extra TLC (tender loving care) or you’re looking after someone close.

Certainly it’s time to slow things down and it would be an ideal month to be away, to go on retreat, to do nothing. Consider taking a digital detox or seek out a spiritual path. The other important planet in Virgo is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth and freedom.

Jupiter entered Virgo in August 2015 but next month on September 9th, Jupiter enters your sign of Libra where it will remain for just over 12 months. This is big news for you and the last time you experienced a similar Jupiter cycle was back in 2004/2005.

When you have key planets in Virgo, this is about completion, wrapping things up so you’re ready for a new stage. See this as a period of preparation, a time of research or study, a time to clear the decks so you make room for new energy to sweep in.

Jupiter teams up with Mercury and Venus on the 22nd and the 27th respectively, plus Mercury and Venus unite in Virgo on the 29th. Use these dates to do something special, something pampering, something that soothes your soul.

Another reason why this is a key month of preparation is because on the 30th Mercury turns retrograde and will remain on go slow until September 22nd. Back up important correspondence before the end of the month.

Other major planetary activity this month focuses on the sign of Sagittarius and this is your communication sector. Action planet Mars enters this part of your chart on the 2nd where it remains until September 27th. Mars was here once before this year from March 6th to May 27th and turned retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th.

Mars is a dynamic go-getting energy but in your communication sector, this indicates arguments, urgent business, a desire to speak your mind. Plus Mars is up against Saturn in Sagittarius as Saturn turns direct on the 13th and Mars and Saturn meet in the heavens on the 24th.

Saturn can block you or put obstacles in your path and it’s most closely linked to the word No rather than Yes. It also represents authority so it’s important to play by the rules when Saturn’s strong. This might be linked to education for you or coming up against someone who opposes your views.

Fight for what you believe in now but don’t get into a situation that causes too much stress or aggro. You could fall out with a sibling or neighbour or not be happy with what’s going on in your immediate neighbourhood. Sagittarius rules people and places close to home.

It’s up to you whether you keep fighting or you recognise when you can’t win and give up. It depends on your personal situation. You could find yourself up against a key opponent as Mars is your partner planet. It’s not easy astrology so choose how you want to act and decide how far you’re willing to go to interact in a difficult situation.

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