Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Image of a kiteThis weekend’s astrology is amazing as it picks up the ‘kite’ shape of October’s Lunar Eclipse which took place on October 8th 2014.

A kite shape occurs in the heavens when there are three planets in the same element creating a triangle and one of those planets is opposed by a fourth planet which is the focal point of the kite. This time it’s a host of planets in Libra which are in wide opposition to Uranus in Aries.

The element that dominates the heavens this weekend is Leo, one of the fire signs. Fire signs are ‘sparky’, they leap into action impulsively full of enthusiasm. They get excited quickly and like fire they can blaze bright or blaze out of control. It’s a full on dynamic energy.

The Moon entered the sign of Leo yesterday, Thursday 16th October [11:29 BST] where it remains until late Saturday 18th October. It moves on from Leo in the early hours of Sunday morning [0:08 BST]. Today Friday 17th October the Moon makes a lively trine aspect to Uranus in Aries [15:58 BST] adding an unpredictable element to the day’s events. Think surprises, sudden impulses, spontaneity.

The majority of the action takes place tonight and tomorrow with a build-up of planetary activity. The Moon will square Saturn in Scorpio but let’s ignore that for now and instead focus on the trines and sextiles, the happy-go-lucky feel powered by that brilliant show-off Moon in Leo. Here’s the sequence that falls on Saturday 18th October:

Moon conjunct Jupiter Leo (opportunity/celebration) [01:05 BST]

Moon sextile Mercury Libra (communication/ideas) [07:22 BST]

Moon sextile Venus Libra (relating/indulgence) [10:13 BST]

Moon trine Mars Sagittarius (action/adventure) [12:18 BST]

Moon sextile Sun Libra (harmony/balance) [14:10 BST]

So make the most of this merry band of aspects that’s triggering the Jupiter/Uranus trine (think breakthroughs/freedom) and the Mars/Jupiter trine (add spice/courage) which were so powerful late September & early October 2014.

Go fly a kite from the highest mountain or your own personal equivalent but make sure it’s fun, colourful and out there.

p.s. My Libran daughter has an audition for a short film tomorrow morning – perfect symbolism to take centre stage (Leo) and impress others (Libra). I suspect she might do quite well.

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