What Does The Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Mean For You?

lunar eclipse

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse [15 Aquarius 25]

London – August 7 2017 [19:11 GMT+1]

New York – August 7 2017 [14:11 GMT-4]

Sydney – August 8 2017 [04:11 GMT]

[n.b. this article was written for the lunar eclipse in February 2017 & has been updated for August’s lunar eclipse]

In early August there is a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse and it’s part of an eclipse cycle which began in August 2016 and continues until January 2019 cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

Eclipses often cause panic because they have a bad reputation. You can understand the fear in years gone by when little was known about eclipses and the sky would suddenly turn dark. Our ancestors must have thought the world was coming to an end. Yet there are between 4 to 6 eclipses every year and so far we’ve survived them all.

The Royal Factor

Another factor to note is that eclipses have often been linked to key events with royals and leaders. Take Princess Diana, for example, who was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign that’s ruled by the Moon. She married Prince Charles two days before a solar eclipse, her son Prince William was born the day of a solar eclipse, the announcement of her separation from Charles was announced on the day of a lunar eclipse and Diana died within 24 hours of a solar eclipse. That’s some eclipse story!

Yet eclipses are important for everyone, especially if you have planets or angles within 1-2 degrees of the eclipse degree. Then they often coincide with important life events that turn life around, re-route your direction, take you down a path in life that you didn’t see coming.

Sometimes change happens close to the eclipse date or seeds are sown and events build towards a major turning point. Remember that each eclipse cycle focuses on opposite signs of the zodiac and one cycle lasts for a couple of years. Here’s the current one:

  • August 18 2016 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Aquarius 52]
  • February 11 2017 – Lunar Eclipse [22 Leo 28]
  • August 7 2017 – Lunar Eclipse [15 Aquarius 25]
  • August 21 2017 – Solar Eclipse [28 Leo 53]
  • January 31 2018 – Lunar Eclipse [11 Leo 37]
  • February 15 2018 – Solar Eclipse [27 Aquarius 08]
  • July 27 2018 – Lunar Eclipse [ 4 Aquarius 45]
  • January 21 2019 – Lunar Eclipse [0 Leo 52]

Eclipses are not by their own nature good or bad. Yes, they can sweep in to move things forward in life, sometimes at a fast rate and they often bring what’s hidden to light. So it’s hard to plan for them other than recognise that they can coincide with life’s highs and lows. They symbolise a time when the pendulum of fate swings dramatically and that can be both exhilarating and scary.

The Leo/Aquarius Axis

It’s important to think about the signs involved too and what they represent. The Sun shines bright in Leo, the sign most closely linked to royalty. The essence of Leo is to be at the heart of proceedings, the centre of attention. The big cat of the zodiac thrives when it receives plenty of stroking, accolade and admiration. Leo is a creative sign, so this is about your identity, your unique skills and talents, what makes you ‘you’.

Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, rules the collective rather than the individual. The Sun finds it hard to shine in Aquarius because it has to share the limelight. This isn’t about self-interest, Aquarius is about what’s good for everyone, common goals, a shared mission or purpose.

So you may experience issues around fitting in or not during this eclipse, where do you belong, who can you team up with to achieve mutual goals? Do you find your light is dimmed if you compare yourself unfavourably to others, if other people don’t get who you are, if your contribution goes unwanted?

Alternatively, are you ready to shine bright, share your natural talents with the world, make a difference? This is an important time to consider the groups you belong to, your friendships, your associations. You may decide to leave or move on from one set and find a new group or alliance. As with all oppositions, we can either focus on what divides or work together to create unity out of polarity.

What does the Eclipse mean for you?

To help you understand what the eclipse symbolises for you, here are the areas of life that are highlighted by the Leo/Aquarius axis for each set of opposite star signs. Read your Sun sign first, your Ascendant second:

  • Aries & Libra: 11th/5th houses – your friends, groups & societies; your children, creativity, love affairs, what you ‘give birth to’
  • Taurus & Scorpio: 10th/4th houses – your career & vocation, where you’re heading in life; your home & family, where you come from
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: 3rd/9th houses – your education, neighbours & siblings, how you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, what gives your life meaning
  • Cancer & Capricorn: 2nd/8th houses – money, what you place value upon in your life; your joint finances, your sexual nature, all that you share with others, the unconscious
  • Leo & Aquarius: 1st/7th houses – your image & appearance, personal goals; love & relationships, significant others, contracts
  • Virgo & Pisces: 12th/6th houses – retreat, quiet, solitude, a spiritual path; your health & work, service, what you sacrifice for others

Finally, it can help to look back to previous Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycles to see what was happening in your life. They come around approximately once every 18 years so the last cycle which included the karmic nodes in the same sign combination was from August 1998 to July 2000.

On a personal level, this was a major time of change for me. I met my current partner in December 1998, he sold his flat and moved in with me the following year, I became pregnant but then sadly had a miscarriage in October 1999, one of the worst weekends of my life as we were on holiday in New York at the time.

Happily this was swiftly followed by a successful pregnancy and my daughter was conceived on the eve of the Millennium, on a holiday in Sri Lanka that was a last-minute getaway to recover from the miscarriage! Sun Scorpio – major life changes – partner moves in; Ascendant Aries – two pregnancies, one successful, the start of a new family.

This fits the eclipse cycle perfectly and these are the kind of life-changing events that can happen. I’m not sure that this set of eclipses will be quite so momentous, but who knows…

n.b. There was another set of Aquarius/Leo eclipses with the karmic nodes in the opposite signs to our current cycle from February 2008 to August 2009. Events around these dates may also be relevant to what’s happening in your life now.

I hope you find this article helpful in light of the current eclipse cycle. Please do leave your comments below if you have a personal story to share that ties in to the eclipse symbolism, or you would like some help understanding what the eclipse astrology means for you.

312 thoughts on “What Does The Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Mean For You?”

  1. Hi Sally, I’m a Gemini, estranged from my only sibling which causes a lot of emotional pain. A few weeks ago I ended a long-term relationship, I feel positive about this as it had become toxic and co-dependent. I’ve been struggling with the pain of the estrangement and also my direction in life. I’m 42, during the last cycle I moved to London for a new career (Sept 98) and ended a long term relationship which had also become toxic (Jan 2000). I currently live in a rural area and I’m a single parent, at times I feel stagnant and stifled. Thanks in advance for any advice..

    1. Catherine, I’m sorry you’re dealing with some tricky situations in your life. Family estrangements are difficult to handle and you have to put your own self-care first. The more you learn to let go and surrender to the situation as it is, the easier you make life for yourself. So my advice there would be to focus on you rather than your sibling/the situation. That’s where to put your energy which is what the Leo eclipse is about at some level – Leo rules the identity and it’s a sign which needs self-care. You might even find that begins to shift the stuck situation – when you can’t change the other person, change your response to the situation. For you the Leo/Aquarius cycle is also about finding meaning in life so plan activities especially to new places/events, immerse yourself in study/learning, be curious about life. There’s so much to discover in our world, so set off on a new voyage of discovery. One of the advantages of the internet (Aquarius), is that the world comes to us. Find your way to shine online, a website, a forum? Hope that helps. Sending best wishes, Sally

      1. Hey.
        I’m sorry to be using a reply link. I could not find where exactly to post a comment.

        I was reading this and found out that both my children were born during prenumbral lunar eclipse . One in 1999 Jan the other in 2009 feb.
        Does it mean something ?

        Thank you for your time

        1. Yes it does. Eclipse babies often have a strong sense of fate in their lives, more so than other children. That may not kick in until their adults but it’s important. Take a look at the signs/houses to find out more.

  2. Hi Sally,

    i am a sun 23 leo 15 (located in my 10th house) within one degree of the eclipse. Is funny that both in 1998/2000 and 2008/2009 there were life changes and coincided with some turn arounds in my life! they were somehow sad but necessary and extremely challenging. Lets see what brings now but indeed iam in the prospect of changing things…the funniest part is that i have been feeling the energy of change coming! Lets hope is for the best!

    Thanks for your post!

    Kind regards, Sam

    1. Thanks Sam. The 4th/10th houses are often about major life changes, a time to reorient the compass and see where you’re heading and go back into the past to remember where you come from. This is also a good time for you to look closely at where you’re heading at this stage in your life and to see whether you’re doing the things in life that source you and make you happy. That’s a very simple way of using the Leo energy in your 10th house. Sending best wishes, Sally

    2. I hear you. The same. First in 1998/2000 got married .. by Manipulation. 2008/2009 divorced. Met my soulmate and fell in love first time and broke up in that time frame in to early 2010. 2017, out of blue he returns and wants the world with me but he is long distance now and I love where I live. I can’t imagine moving again or out of state. So I’m at this point again… Go with love or stay away.

      1. Interesting that he’s back now. I do think eclipses are game-changers but trust your intuition and make your decision early September.

  3. Hi Sally, I’m a Sun Leo – 14th August, and my Mum is a Sun Aquarius – 11th February. It’s her 70th birthday this year, so the whole family is coming together to celebrate it. I’m in the midst of big creative changes, and have just signed up to a novel writing series of workshops. I’m fully embracing writing my own words, rather than concentrating on writing for others – although I’m still doing that! Bills to be paid! I know my mum doesn’t really get what I do, so it’ll be interesting to see what this weekend brings to light. I hope it’s harmonious, whatever it is, as I’d love her to enjoy her big birthday.

    I can relate some big changes to the other cycles you mention. In summer 1998 I moved to London, and struggled to really find my feet until mid 2000. During those 2 years my boss bullied me, and it had some far reaching effects. In early 2008 I was receiving Cognitive Behavioural Therqpy that helped me deal with that and another period of workplace bullying, and in August 2009 I’d finally decided that I would leave banking. That was made possible by another life change of my husband’s. I finally left at the end of 2009.

    It’s fascinating to look back, and I’m excited to see what this series of eclipses brings. August 2016 was the first time I started talking seriously about writing fiction for a living, and specifically writing novels.

    Thank you for your wonderful articles, and making astrology so accessible xxx

    1. Sam, thank you so much for your comment and how amazing that you’re celebrating your Mum’s big event during this eclipse. Full Moons are often linked to celebration and I like that this eclipse has positive aspects to other planets. I hope you have the best time. Happy birthday to your Mum 🙂
      It’s interesting too what you say about the other eclipse cycles. There’s nothing worse for a Sun Leo than being unappreciated and bullying can have devastating consequences. I feel sad it happened for you but pleased that you dealt with it in a constructive way and got help.
      This month’s eclipse and last August’s eclipse both fell close to your Sun Leo and it looks as if you’ve already decided where you want to shine – in your novel writing. It sounds like you’re right on track and you can use the eclipse cycle for timing. When you tap into what your heart desires, you create magic – Leo rules the heart. Sending best wishes, Sally

    2. Hi my birthday falls on august 12th.
      This year seems to be a roller coaster for me hopefully the eclipse will me good for me. Desperately looking to speed things up

      1. Good luck. August 12th is twixt eclipses so not necessarily a time of change unless other planets trigger the eclipse degrees. Being a Leo however, ensure you shine!

  4. Hello sally, I am a Virgo. Have the moon and Jupiter in 4th house Leo. Both eclipses season were extreme significant for me. In 1999 I met my ex husband, we started to date and married in 2007. In 2008, August we’ve started the process to get divorced. So, I’m expecting something in that area. I just couldn’t understand exactly the difference between 1999 and 2008 eclipses.

    1. hi Ale, the past eclipse cycle was shown beautifully by your relationship with your ex husband. Eclipses are often about endings and new beginnings, the highs and lows of life. Often what you begin on one cycle, you complete on another. So this is a new period in your life to consider where you’re heading and why. The 4th/10th houses link the past and the future. Go back into the past if you feel that would help you in any way, use this time to write your cosmic wish list. Allow yourself to dream. Do you want another relationship, for example, or are there other heart’s desires being called forth? Sending best wishes, Sally

  5. Hi Sally
    How do you know your ascendant? Also interesting in the two periods of eclipse mentioned above were periods of big change for me so this will also prove interesting as to what may happen.

    1. You need to know your time of birth to find out your Ascendant. You can’t locate it without it. Although some astrologers offer what’s called rectification – they work out your Ascendant by looking at the major events in your life. It’s quite complex to do. If you know your time of birth, send me your birth data and I’ll check for you. Sally

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  7. This is all new to me but I did have a major life event in Aug., 1998-I remarried for the second time but unfortunately the apron strings were not untied and it ended 5 years later. I just ended my first relationship since then and now know that I want to find someone that is ready to settle down and finish out our lives together. This is the year of my 60th birthday. What should I expect with this eclipse?

    1. hi Lisa, you don’t mention your birthday so it’s hard to say without any astrological data. If you let me know your date of birth I can tell you more about what the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle means for you.

  8. Namaste Sally, I love reading your posts. I am new to Astrology. My name is Sweety, I am 28 from India. I am a Piscean born on 17th March 1988. I have been dealing with a lot of things lately and have started feeling major effects of Moon personally. Still trying to understand how it works for me. I am currently going through a separation from August 2016. I just read this post and as I could relate it back to the past, I met my partner first in 2000 and got married to him in 2009 March. I have been dealing with a lot of problems ever since (as my parents dint approve our marriage) and decided to split in August 2016. Things have not been easy since then. He loves me and wants to move back together, but I am not sure about it. I am talking to him now and I do love him, but really confused about how to take things ahead. We were planning for a weekend getaway for this Full Moon and things were looking positive, but it got cancelled last moment. Now I am failing to understand how to relate this eclipse to the eclipses in the Past. My partner is an Aries born on 22nd March 1988. Hoping you can put some light on this.

    1. Wow, a childhood sweetheart, Sweety, and you were born five days apart. No wonder you have been so important in each others’ lives. You share a lot of similar astrology between you. Follow your heart with this one, Sweety. I think the eclipses for you have got to be about giving your ex a clear No or Yes. The astrology is currently most powerful for him and the next eclipse in Pisces – February 26 – is the big one for both of you. If you still love him, what’s holding you back? Write things down, get real about what works, what doesn’t. Try and meet up towards the end of this month if you’re keen, if not, end it. The Venus cycle too is part of this for you and if you want your love to be reawakened, the time is now. Expect some to-ing and fro-ing though – that’s normal with Venus changing direction – until May. Check out the Venus article I wrote earlier this week for the key dates here. Hope that helps! Good luck, Sally

      1. Hi Sally, Thank you sooo much for your reply. I was eagerly waiting for it. :))
        I had a great weekend with my partner and we decided to give love one more chance. 🙂 Hope things will work out for us. I will go through the Venus article one more time. Again, I love reading your blogs, hoping to connect with you to get a better understanding of my stars. Can you guide me on how to get a detailed reading about me and my partner?
        Much love & Peace…_/\_

        1. hi Sweety, I’m so pleased you’re giving love one more chance 🙂 I do offer a written relationship report – it’s on the reports page above. It costs £150. Sending best wishes, Sally

  9. Hi Sally,
    thanks a lot for your article about this exciting eclipse and for offering your advice.
    As a Sun Leo, the major planets of the Christmas breakthrough astrology trigger my chart and Nodes in harmonic transits – my Nodes falling into the actual eclipse. My life is in total change since longer time from relationships to finding purpose in career with also Pluto conjunct my MC. Your Jupiter in Libra themes for Leo are spot on to my career goals in 2017. Feeling unappreciated, as Sam above, was a major theme and I wonder how things will develop soon with education and travel goals. Positive signs are already developing that things might finally turn around. Once have read Leo North Nodes are here to find appreciation in themselves and so are denied from others? Would be curious about your short assessment for natal Pluto square natal MC? 2008/09 definitely was an outstanding time with health issues now reappearing these days in a healing way. Your explanations for the eclipse sound promising – can’t wait for the final rocket’s launch after some lessons of patience 😃 Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate very much!! Kind regards, Patrick

    1. hi Patrick, interesting astrology. Yes, north node Leo lessons are learning about how to shine bright and to get better at dealing with how other people act towards you. The stronger and more confident you feel inside, the less you care about what other people say or do! One of the positive aspects of growing older in my opinion, caring less about other people’s negative crap and doing more of what you love 🙂 Natal Pluto square natal MC often indicates huge life changes and at least one clear change in direction. Starting over completely is a theme – not easy but Pluto themes are often about being a survivor, tenacious, the phoenix rising from the ashes. Yes, education and travel are good areas for you to focus on now and over the next few months in particular. Line up some new goals. Love relationships too are a theme of the eclipses for you over the next two years – could be exciting! Hope that helps. best, Sally

          1. Definitely feel the eclipse since Saturday and I wonder how things will continue as you said developments need not appear immediately. Indeed a sense of freedom evolving..

  10. Ciao Sally,
    io sono un Leone ascendente Sagittario.
    Nel 1998/1999 ho conosciuto il mio attuale fidanzato e nel 1999 c’è stato un evento spiacevole che ultimamente mi torna in mente più di prima. Nel 2008/2009 ho lasciato il lavoro nell’azienda di famiglia per iniziare la mia attuale attività e nel frattempo ho vissuto, in famiglia, una difficile crisi finanziaria fortunatamente andata a buon fine. Attualmente mi trovo spesso a pensare di voler un figlio ma ho determinati problemi economici da voler risolvere prima di fare questo grande passo; il mio lavoro è un lavoro molto creativo e che amo, spesso però mi ritrovo a pensare che forse dovrei affiancarlo ad un lavoro economicamente più sicuro. Tutto questo mi sconcerta perchè sembra veramente di toccare gli stessi punti degli anni che tu ci hai detto di riguardare (1998/99 – 2008/09).
    Dovrei puntare su tutto me stessa?

    1. Hi, I have translated your question below. It’s quite tricky to understand in the english translation, especially the last sentence ‘should I focus on everything myself?’ which could be interpreted different ways. It does seem as if the years mentioned are key for you and the current set of eclipses are significant because they cut across the Leo/Aquarius cycle. I think what’s important to ask yourself now is ‘what do I really want?’ If you really want a child, make it happen. If money is most important to you, focus on creating a healthy financial situation. Astrology is most powerful when you use it to create your desired choice of action and this is a time when you’re being asked to focus on what makes you happy, what next in your life. Hope that helps. best, Sally

      Hello Sally,
      I’m a Leo ascendant Sagittarius.
      In 1998/1999 I met my current boyfriend, and in 1999 there was an unpleasant event that ultimately comes to my mind more than before. In 2008/2009 I left the family business to start my current activities and in the meantime I have lived, in the family, a difficult financial crisis fortunately successful. Currently I often find myself thinking that you want a child but I have certain economic problems to want to solve before making this big step; my job is a very creative job and I love, but I often find myself thinking that maybe I should join him at an economically safer work. All this baffles me because it seems really to touch the same points of the years that you’ve told us to regard (1998/99 – 2008/09).
      Should I focus on everything myself?

      1. Grazie mille Sally!
        La traduzione che hai fatto è giusta 🙂
        Grazie per aver messo in risalto la domanda “cosa vuoi veramente?”.
        Sspero di riuscire nel mio intento.

        Grazie mille.

  11. Dear Sally
    Very educating. Thank you. I am sun Libra & Taurus asc 21degree.,I have venus in Leo 21degree.
    I had a lover in 1999 to 2000 soon after leo/ Aquarius eclipse began.

    Is it possible to get a lover with this eclipse?


    1. The eclipse fell right on your Venus so it’s a gorgeous time to find love! There’s a foreign connection to finding love for you now. Also finding love through an educational establishment. Good luck! best, Sally

  12. Hello. Can you give example what you mean by the cycle of ‘there was another set of Aquarius/Leo eclipses with the karmic nodes in the opposite signs’ ? When do the cycle Feb 2008 to Aug 2009 starts in 2017 and are there other cycle dates in 2017?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Beth, From Feb 2008 to August 2009, the nodes were in Aquarius/Leo but it was the north node in Aquarius, the south node in Leo, i.e. the opposite way round to now. The full set of eclipse dates for the current Leo/Aquarius cycle are listed in the article. Hope that helps.

  13. Hi, I currently have my sun in Leo in my 12th house at 28°43 in my natal chart and im extremely worried about the solar eclipse! Considering Diana died with similar degrees and in a solar eclipse year…..im hoping this does not mean the same fate for myself. Any advice appreicated,


    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Danielle, please don’t be worried. For starters, you are not Princess Diana! Eclipses are often especially powerful for royalty, Presidents, people in the public eye – that’s where the big stories lie. For you, explore more about your Sun Leo in the 12th house – do you want to shine in a new way, do you want to forge a spiritual path, for example? The solar eclipse means new beginnings and it’s a good time for you to be courageous (Sun Leo) and to express yourself in ways that evoke the Leo side of your personality – be centre stage/boost your self-confidence – and the 12th house – inner self, spirituality, preparation for a new chapter. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  14. All of the 2017 Eclipses are hitting me exactly or VERY near to – The next two in August will oppose my Sun 15 Leo Saturn 19 Leo Conjunction and Conjunct my
    IC 28 Leo Saturn 19 Leo wide Conjunction.

    I am frightened that this will mean some terrific incident within my home life- either effecting a family member or create an awful struggle in my housing situation as I am already having issues with my Landlord and my lease expires on August 31st.

    I am trying to embrace the fact that everything happens for a reason and resetting my life will ultimately be the best thing for me but I am trying to brace myself with some foreknowledge of where I should be vigilant at this time. Can you offer some insight?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Eclipses are important and yes, they can be the catalyst that start a chain event in your life. Yet fear isn’t helpful but being forewarned is. You already know that these eclipses are about home, family, past for you and your lease expires on August 31st. So check in with your landlord early to find out what their plans are, look into any other options. Same with regard to your family, be in touch. Communicate with them, how are they doing? Is there anything they are ignoring or don’t want to admit? Use the knowledge of these eclipses as a chance to be pro-active in your own life in the key areas mentioned above. Leo is a confident sign, so find your inner strength and take charge of your life. Hope that helps! Sending best wishes, Sally

  15. -hi Sally. I had an eclipse on my natal moon at 25 degrees Aquarius in August last year now I have an eclipse right on my pluto in the 12th house at 28 degrees Leo also the Royal star Regulus which I have recently worked with on a ddeper Esoteric level in the last 18 months. It is a bit of a worry with Pluto their but wonder if you could maybe give me a little more insight into what may be around the corner over the next couple of years. i was born at 9-45am on the 15th July 1957 in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    Thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Shane, the eclipses are triggering your 6th/12th houses – so themes of health, service to others, spiritual path. What’s the Moon/Pluto about for you? It feels important especially as you are a Sun Cancer and the Moon disposits the Sun, i.e. Cancer is its sign of rulership. The Moon Aquarius is very different to Sun Cancer – more distant, aloof which is taken to extremes by the opposition to Pluto. The Moon rules your inner needs, your sense of belonging. This could be a time when you feel as if you’re ‘breaking open’ and you need to explore some of your deepest emotions, to be reborn in some way. Does that make any sense to you?

  16. Dear Sally

    I have just discovered your site and I am really impressed and loving it! I don’t know a lot about Astrology but I am very interested in it and would like to learn much more and your site is very educating so thank you for all your work creating it!

    I have a question for you, I have had a natal chart done and it says my North Node is at 29 degrees Leo, and that is about where the eclipse is, what would that mean for me? I was diagnosed with bowel cancer this year in February and had 2 major surgeries in March (first one, on the 9th of march 2017, but the join in my bowel where the tumour had been removed didn’t heal and I had a bowel obstruction from the scar tissue, second on 31st March 2017 to correct this). I was told on 17th March (the day before my 37th Birthday) that the cancer was quite advanced -stage 3 and I am now nearly half way through chemo.

    I really feel that I will be a survivor and that my heath now is part of a transformation in my life, to go in new directions that I don’t even know about yet!.

    I was born at about 9.55am, 18th March 1980 in London.

    I’d really love to know your thoughts.

    Lots of love


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Dear Jude, I was very touched by your comment and wanted to reply to you. You have Mars at 28 Leo conjunct the North Node at 29 Leo so this is an important eclipse for you. It’s a solar eclipse so it’s a really potent New Moon and New Moons symbolise new beginnings. I think this is part of your healing and by October of this year, you enter a new stage. I believe that you will be empowered by what’s happened in your life and next year look at ways to teach and gain wisdom from your experience. The Nodes are karmic points and they are about your destiny so this does feel powerful for you. I would say however that you focus fully on healing especially in August of this year, the eclipse month, and perhaps even through to October 2017. Be at home, with your family, prioritise your emotional security, find your place of retreat and comfort, rest well. Don’t take on too much too soon, especially work or career stuff, and allow yourself to nurture and be nurtured. Hope that helps. Sending best wishes, Sally

  17. Hi Sally, I am Leo sun, Cancer ascendant and Libra moon (8/11/56). I was in a past-life love relationship back in 1999. It is a relationship that I will never forget. I have been going through a major spiritual awakening over the last 4 years. It has helped me to connect more deeply with myself and I am making major changes in my life this year and next. I am leaving a long-term job and relationship and moving cross country. I am excited about the changes. It has been so hard for me emotionally but I am learning to let go and let the universe. I am finding that I need to make new friends who are more in line with who I really am. I have been a part-time Reiki practitioner and spirit medium to my clients for the past 16 years and this is where I will be focusing my energies once I leave my full-time job. I also have Leo uranus and Leo pluto so I know that BIG changes are coming. I welcome them. I have been so used to taking care of other people but I am finally learning to put myself first. Thanks for a great article.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Carey. The solar eclipse in Leo is most powerful for you and you have Jupiter conjunct your natal Libra Moon at the same time. So there’s the wanderlust, the new home and beginnings. I don’t know whether it will bring in a new relationship for you but it feels an exciting period for you. Sending best wishes, Sally

  18. Dear Sally,

    Thank you so much for the lovely article! I was born on August 8th 1994 at 11:09 am in Muscat, Oman. I am writing 2 important exams in August 2017. What do these eclipses mean for my education? My exam results are most likely to come during the 7th and 21st August eclipses.

    Eclipses scare me and I know they change a lot of things in your life. Will I be able to pass my exams or is it a bad time for education?

    1. Eclipses are power points and especially when there’s a solar eclipse, August 21st, this is often a sign of a powerful new beginning. Do your best and know that if it’s meant to be, you will pass and start on a new path in life. These exams feel important for your future career/vocation, especially as they take place during the eclipse month.

  19. Hi Sally. First of all, thank you very much for all the information you provide and the horoscopes, one of the very few which keep it real. I am a Pisces sun (anacoretic degree), Leo rising and Virgo moon (anacoretic degree too). Since the march eclipse in 2016, I was fired, had a breakup, established a business that went downhill, moved houses and countries 3 times and it’s all been as if I were living in a movie. During the previous cycle, in August 1999, I moved abroad for the first time and decided to pursue the career, in different companies, from which I was fired last March in 2016. My question is: what can I expect this time? I am open to anything because the truth is that, despite all the inconveniences and setbacks, I always ended up landing in a much better place (although it wasn’t too obvious at the moment!) But it’s also true I’m finding this cycle very challenging and I feel morally and physically very weak. Thank you!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Siliva! Blimey, quite a lot goes on for you during the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycles. I presume you mean the anaretic degree for the Sun & Moon, i.e. 29 degrees of the sign? Well, the simple answer is that these are peak changeover times for you in your life. The nodes are linked to your destiny, your future path and as the nodes play an integral role in the eclipses, they are now at the same point they were back in 1998/1999/2000. So it’s a chance to clear out what’s old and start what’s new. I guess you have other important transits taking place now too, so take good care of yourself. As you say, big changes often lead us down a path that ends up being bright and fulfilling. Trust your way.

      1. Thank you very much Sally! Yes, I meant anaretic 🙂 “Trust your way” I know, without a doubt, this is true. It’s so simple and so hard at the same time.

  20. Hi Sally!

    Great article, I am also a Sun scorpio, 1st decon, and a Leo rising. I have my north node at 29.07
    in my 10th house and south node 29.07 in my 4th house. I’m 46 soon to be 47, I do remember back in around 1999, and 2000, major changes with new job and new home. Can I expect similar changes this time around? Also I had my daughter in Feb 2000, now she’s 17. I know this time around we also have Jupiter transiting Scorpio in 2018, which I have Jupiter in Scorpio natal as well. Thanks so much!

    Colin Riedel

    1. Yes, I see similar themes playing out now to the last eclipse cycle. Either that or you feel as if you’re full circle and it’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. That’s very clearly happening in my own life. Looking forward to Jupiter in Scorpio too! best, Sally

  21. Hi Sally!

    Thank you so much for this. I’m a little on edge about the upcoming August eclipse season. I’m a Sag, Libra Moon, Leo North Node, Gem rising (27 degrees, 10′). I know the solar eclipse is at 28 degrees, so only one degree off of my rising sign (plus I have a Leo north node). If you have any thoughts on how the eclipses might show up for me, given my chart, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much!

    1. Don’t be on edge about it. It’s making a sextile aspect to your Ascendant which is supportive rather than challenging. It may be about communication for you, how you express yourself, getting your name known. Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moons and can be great for new beginnings. Always wait a couple of days after the exact date of the eclipse before making any big decisions.

  22. Hi sally I was born 1st nov 1978 female in August 97 I lost a baby then in August 2009 I was 10 weeks pregnant. My partner born 21st Aug 1979 and decided to try for a baby. There’s a pattern fingers crossed for us

    1. You’re Scorpio and you have expansive Jupiter entering Scorpio later this year, 10th October, where it remains for almost 13 months. This often brings good fortune Scorpio’s way and Jupiter can show in pregnancy too. Your partner’s birthday is the day of the Solar Eclipse, often a turn-around time. Hoping it brings exciting new beginnings for you both. Sending best wishes.

  23. Hi Sally. I came to your site by way of searching to find out what it might mean for me that I have ascendant Scorpio 27 degrees in my natal chart (8/11/75). Is this significant? Or am I missing any other areas of significance?

    Thank you for taking the time to personally answer these questions.

    Kind Regards,


    1. hi Lisa, I’m not sure whether your date of birth is November 8 or August 11. We write dates differently in the UK and US. It could be a powerful eclipse for you – the one on 21st August – because it squares your Ascendant/Descendant and this can be about a relationship that has a feel of destiny about it. The Ascendant is the sign that was rising when you were born, how you come across to other people. Scorpio Ascendant is the classic dark glasses scenario, creating an air of mystery! Hope that helps. best, Sally

  24. Hi Sally – thank you for this very informative post! A lot of upheaval emotionally happening in my life right now – internal vs external at this moment. I am a Capricorn sun, Leo Ascendant birthdate is 1/8/75. Those previous Leo/Aquarius eclipse dates coincide so exactly with uprooting and moving to another city on my own and a very tumultuous but very creative time in 1998/2000 that ended with meeting my husband and moving away very abruptly. In 2008/2009 we were married and right now we are actually living again in the city where we met with our kid. Our external lives are very stable but my internal emotional state is really energized/going crazy with this lunar energy. I always find August a really hard month for myself most years anyways. Im really concerned about what the upcoming weeks have to reveal for me. Unfortunately he doesnt know his birth time so we dont know his rising sign, but hes also a capricorn sun born in 1970. If you have any insights on how this pattern and this set of eclipses may show up for me it is greatly appreciated!!!!

    1. It’s true that when the Sun is at the opposite side of the zodiac to your natal Sun sign, you often feel weakened in some way. So this coincides with the summer months for you, although more specifically July. The Sun rules your vitality and you shine brightest when it’s in your own sign. This set of eclipses isn’t powerful for you personally. I think it’s more to do with a major Neptune transit that you’re feeling out of sorts. However, you are obviously linked in to the nodal pattern, which accompanies the eclipses, so focus on your relationship now and your love life. Capricorn is happiest when you feel secure and have work that fulfils you. Bear this in mind now and do whatever you can to ground yourself/selves, as Capricorn is an earth sign. best, Sally

  25. Dear Sally,

    I was impressed and amazed by your article. I was looking for information about this eclipse on August 21, 2017 and i find it! Thank you for all information. I follow astrology and I was asking me precisely how this eclipse will affect and influence my destiny? I am at a decisive moment in my life, for my creative job.
    At the same time in 2009 I remember i had another decisive moment of my career. A great disappointment make me my abandon my job on theatre for which I had devoted 9 years (when I started in 2000). After a period of depression however I opened a new opportunity that brought me great luck: a new job in cinema production.
    Now from february 2017 (with lunar eclipse), the same thing happened: after my disappointment with past collaborators I left them and now I decided to focus on my projects as director about creativity.

    I was born in Parma (Italy) 3 august 1977 at 2.35 AM. and I have in natal chart Sun and Saturn in leo and near the degree of this eclipse (28°), the MOON:26°34′ 5″ and Jupiter: 26°46’56”, MC Midheaven: 28° 34′, 26″.
    Then what do you think? How will eclipse impact on me and my destiny?

    thanks in advance

    1. hi Monica, thank you for telling me your story. The solar eclipse on August 21st falls close to your IC, the point at the base of your chart representing your home and family, your past, where you come from. So it’s about your roots, a new move perhaps. It would also be a good time to return home, to reconnect with your past in some way. This is also about your career in some way as the IC/MC are connected. Maybe use your past connections to find work or resolve/heal any difficulties from your past so you can start afresh. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  26. Claudia Sarmiento

    Hi Sally , I was born 8-22-1962 Bogota Colombia . Extremely challenging year , mother passed suddenly back in February , health issue with positives results for me. NOw going thru many economic uncertainties. Many many things going on for me now. Obviously born August 21 , I read eclipse may be good or really bad. very confused. i appreciate you comments

    1. Hi Claudia, I am sorry to hear you have had a tough year. My experience working with eclipses is that they often change the situation and the solar eclipse is a symbol of new beginnings, although often dramatic. So hopefully it can unlock some new options for you. It might however take until the end of the year to feel as if you are starting over. Hope that helps. Sending best wishes, Sally

  27. Hi Sally! My birthday is on this upcoming solar eclipse and my rising sign is in Aquarius. I am turning 20 years old 🙂 I love astrology and I have been very into learning about it the past couple of years. I have been recovering from a series of events that had happened and I feel a big change coming. I have recently talked to an aura reader/psychic and she told me things were about to get “really, really good” for me and that something was going to happen that made me feel special. She also told me a few other things, one of them being that I need to ask my spirit family for help next time I need it (she was very specific with events that had been happening to me) Anyways, I had not really looked into the whole “spirit family” thing until she had mentioned it, and since she said I could ask them for help I was curious if I could ask them for a sign. So while I was at work (I work as a security guard at an outdoor arena) I asked if a particular event was going to happen, that I would see a female wearing a green scarf. It was close to 100 degrees so I knew if I saw this it would be a sign. I was absolutely amazed whenever I came to work the next day to see a coworker I had never met before wearing a green scarf (we aren’t even allowed to add to our uniforms.) I felt like this was a big sign considering all of the factors (like how hot it was, for example.) Also, yesterday I got my tarot cards read and they seem to coincide with what the aura reader had told me. I was wondering if you think this change will come with the solar eclipse since it is so powerful. I would greatly appreciate you getting back to me if at all possible 🙂 I was born August 21, 1997 at 19:13 in San Diego, CA. My Sun is Leo; Rising is Aquarius; Moon is Aries; MC is Sagittarius; Venus Libra; Mars Scorpio; & Mercury Virgo. Also, if you don’t mind me asking a million questions, I’ve heard of some astrologers speaking of people having a ruling planet. I am really confused on this though because multiple of my planets are resting in their ruling planets, So I was wondering if you could help me know which planet is my ruling (if it’s not too inconvenient to ask) Thank you Sally 🙂

    1. Hi Erika, thank you for sharing your story. Yes, your ruling planet is the planet that rules the sign on your Ascendant. You can only find it if you know your time of birth. As you have Aquarius on the Ascendant, your ruling planet is Saturn. Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius so you can look at this planet too. The solar eclipse is about relationships for you, someone new coming into your life. It might not happen straightaway but latest October. Let me know if this is what happens. Best wishes, Sally

  28. Dear Sally,

    Thank You for the fantastic article.

    I have been interested in how this eclipse will impact my year. I was born on August 21, 1979 at 4:21 PM. Over the past year, I have been working on learning mindfulness, meditation and general self help. I am hoping that these practices continue to bring me success this year.

    Do you have any advice for those celebrating birthday’s on the 21st?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Wendy, eclipses tend to bring what’s hidden to light or they throw a shadow to reveal a new picture. My best advice is find where you can shine in life. Be bold, take centre stage, celebrate being you. That’s what Leo does best. Sending positive birthday wishes, Sally

  29. Sandra Robison

    Hi thank you your article is very informative. My 51st Birthday is August 21st how will this eclipse effect me?

    1. Hi Sandra, eclipses are game-changers. Look for the blind spot in your life & uncover what’s holding you back from being the best you can be. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Sally

  30. Hi Sally,

    Thanks so much for this. I have Leo in my 5th house at 29.47 degrees. I have a Scorpio and Taurus ascending. I’m recently engaged (he’s a Libra) and I have been out of work since the end of May. Hoping for a big career boost or something with regards to the eclipse on the 21st as work/creativity has felt a little stuck. I work in film and write/direct/produce…finished a feature earlier in the summer but now feel the lazy, hazy days of summer taking hold.
    Any insight on what to expect would be incredible – thank you!
    All the best,


    1. Congratulations on your engagement. You don’t say what planet is in Leo at 29 Leo? 5th house represents children & pregnancy, creative projects, your skills & talents. This might be about an unexpected opportunity for you. Sending best wishes, Sally

  31. Hi Sally, great article, as usual. Think this eclipse will be a humdinger for me (dob 22/3/50. Lanark scotland 0120). I have Venus. 16 Aquarius opposite Pluto 16 Leo!!! Now living in Spain(Alicante) retired. Last eclipse 1998-2000, big promotion at work meaning more money. Keep up your great work. Xx

    1. Hi Moira, It feels like it might be about work & money for you again. Love is also a possibility with Venus involved. What will be revealed? Sending best wishes, Sally

  32. Hi Sally! I love your articles and look forward to reading your work. Those 2 periods of 98-2000 and 2008-09 we’re major life changes for me I lost my father and grandfather and I moved clear across my vast country of Canada and 2008 moved back and literally have had the most hellish experiences. I was diagnosed with cancer last March and whilst on Chemotherapy I got pneumonia 8 weeks later….I am a tough cookie but I’m very grateful for these experiences but I have one question as I’m a newbie in Astrology I’m a Taurus Sun, Aries Ascendant and Leo moon and I’m wondering if these eclipses will affect me because of my moon sign? Thanks again Sally! Xo from Canada.

    1. Hi Marty, I am sorry to hear things have been tough for you. It depends what degree your Moon is in Leo. The Moon represents your home, your inner needs so put yourself and what comforts you first before anything or anyone else. Sending best wishes, Sally

  33. Hi Sally,
    I was wondering how this solar eclipse could bring.DOB 21/09/1977 15:07 United kingdom.Sun Virgo 28,asc Sagittarius 19,Moon Capricorn 15,Venus in Leo 28,Saturn Leo 25.Venus and Saturn conjunct in 8th house natal.I have been unemployed for 11 years,single for 11 also.A relationship started 2015 but has been put on hold due to a third party leo refusing to let go.Have an exam coming up.Would be interested on any ideas you have.regards lucrezia

    1. Eclipses are notorious for triangle situations, who or what will be eclipsed? So I guess it’s time to make a decision about your love relationship especially as a Leo is involved. Let it go or take a stand. My feeling is that it’s time to let it go. Your exam will go well thanks to a great Jupiter transit. Best, Sally

  34. Hi Sally, thank you so much for this article, I was born 12 February 1990 South Africa, somewhere after midnight. I’ve been able to get a natal chart using my birthplace longitude & latitude (24°56’South / 26°37’East) & I have Sagittarius on my ascendant, Aquarius on my IC, also north node & Leo on my midheaven & And I really don’t remember any major events during the ’98-’00 eclipse as I very young lol. And the only major events in 2008 would be my aunt’s sudden death & as for 2009 it would my graduation. And I really don’t know what to make of it. I’m just hoping to get a new job this.

    1. Both August eclipses are powerful for you. As you have Leo on the Midheaven you have every chance of finding a new job. Could family help you in some way? Take note of what opportunities come in after the solar eclipse on August 21.

  35. Hi Sally, brilliant post as always. I’m a Sun Libra 16/10/78 with Cancer ASC at 28 degrees! Nearly 20yrs I left home to start uni for 3yrs. It was incredibly tough – maybe because the others I encountered were so crystallised and fixed in their opinions and personalities, whereas I was almost typically Cancerian, picking up and absorbing people’s energies and vibes, and being very diplomatic about it, Libra Sun! As it’s almost exactly on my ASC could you give some pointers on what to look out for? Many thanks Sally.

    1. Your chart shows strong psychic energy which is why you pick up other people’s energies easily. The eclipses are in Leo so not especially strong for your Cancer Ascendant. Enjoy Jupiter transit over your Sun Libra early September. Embrace new opportunities!

  36. Hello,
    In 2008 I was dying from a very rare, painful crippling illness that was misdiagnosed by the top medical centers in the country for over 5 years. In 2009 I met a brilliant Rheumatologist in NYC who worked carefully to diagnose me properly with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). He put me on high dose IVIG medications which helped but then I plateaued. So he helped get a famous Oncologist in NYC to get me two rounds of nonFDA approved chemotherapy which after the second round worked to save my life and get a blood level antibody remission. The SPS damaged my muscles badly, so for the past 7 years I have been doing an intensive regimen of treatments to recover and heal. I’m a Leo, born at 6:11AM on August 21st and was told I also have Leo rising. There is no meduvsl foundation to support SPS and I have no family to help so have been alone u safely fighting for my life to survive and make this recovery. So I am praying that this eclipse with help bring full healing, money to help my basic life and health, good people, and friends around me for social support. Ironically I’m a physical therapist and have helped my team in NYC create a way to heal. Over the years I was robbed, abandoned by many people, have been trying to get support to make it through this and stay safe. I’m hoping this eclipse on the 21st my birthday will give me a much needed boost I need to greatly improve and heal all areas of my life, and bring in peace, love, money, full healing and company of great people. Curious to hear your thoughts about this as my whole life has been on the line, can’t make it alone, need to keep healing to make full recovery and be positioned to move forward for the much better. Trying to stay positive for good things coming. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kelly, I am sorry to hear things have been tough for you. I often think eclipses are an opportunity to turn your situation around. You don’t say which year you were born so can’t elaborate. Sending best wishes, Sally

  37. Thanks for the article. My sun is in Leo in the 6th house at 26 degrees, my boyfriend is an Aquarius sun in the 7th house at 29 degrees. We just moved in together this month. How might this eclipse effect us?

    1. You are opposites. You might need to find where you meet and what it takes to make each one happy. If there are big differences this will be where the challenge lies. Try to meet in the middle.

  38. Bayleigh Varnel

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you for your post!

    My birthday is August 22, 1986. I have Sun and Mercury in Leo and Midheaven in Aquarius. I am wondering how the eclipse will affect me with it being so close to my birthday and with the corresponding signs. Thanks so much!

    1. This could be a powerful month for you as both eclipses trigger your natal planets. If u have a Gemini Ascendant Mercury is your ruling planet. So it’s about you, perhaps moving away from your family or your past in some way. Think about what u need to do or say in order to shine brightly like your Leo Sun.

      1. Bayleigh Varnel

        Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Your thoughts make perfect sense seeing that I am in the middle of starting a business, am walking away from a long term toxic relationship, and my parents (whom I am extremely close to) are moving overseas in the next month. I actually have a Taurus ascendant. Does that change anything?

  39. Hi Sally. Thanks so much for your wonderful article! I was born 9/9/55 and have Leo rising at 17 degrees, conjunct Jupiter at 18. Pluto is at 28 degrees Leo. It’s been an eventful year so far, and I’d love to hear your insights regarding the August 7th and 21st eclipses in terms of how they might impact my chart. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Helen, they are both powerful for you and the whole combination feels transformative. Change is most likely in areas to do with your family, home or past or to do with your image & profile, the way you see yourself or the way the world sees you. Your ability to see the glass half full will help you.

      1. Thanks so much, Sally! I’m curious about the timeline. Are events triggered right away or could the effects of the eclipses last all year?

        1. hi Helen, good question. They are not always exact as sometimes an eclipse is a catalyst for change so the big events can take place later, even a few months after.

  40. Hi Sally
    My birthday is 8.8.79, with Gemini rising and moon in Aquarius. I’m wondering about the lunar eclipse on the 7th August. Will it bring big changes as it’s so close to my birthday? I’m actually a little fearful for some reason as I don’t cope well with change! It’s been a particularly difficult last 7 years and I’m physically and mentally worn out with ‘life’.
    Many thanks for any guidance😊

    1. Try not to be fearful. You were born on a Full Moon and the eclipses are about relationships for you. I think it’s about meeting people who are good for you and bring new opportunities your way. You have Jupiter next to the Sun so stay positive. This is a lucky influence. Best, Sally

      1. Thanks very much for your reply. That’s really helpful to know, I will try not to be too apprehensive! Thanks again 🙂

  41. Hi Sally
    I am rather new to your website and just starting to learn more about astrology. I have felt a really intense amount of emotion and pull around self-discovery, life change, and my current relationship. Learning about the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is leaving me with so many questions!

    I am a Leo Aug 16th, 1985 4:46 am/ My sun, moon, ascendant, mercury, mars and II house are all in Leo
    and Jupiter, VII & VIII house are all in Aquarius.

    My partner is an Aquarius 1/22/79 10:13 am Sun, Mars, and 12th house in Aquarius, Jupiter Lilith and VI house all in Leo and Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant in Aries

    I am curious what this eclipse cycle could have in store for me personally as well as this relationship.

    Thanks for all the great information on your site!


    1. Hi Lauren, the right astrological language is to say that you have Leo on the cusp of your second house, Aquarius on the cusp of your seventh house, etc. The eclipse feels more powerful for you. This may be about asking for what you want or getting the balance right in your relationship. Mars is strong in both charts which rules desire and anger. If you argue a lot, how can you shift this in your relationship, is it an issue? Hope that helps.

      1. Sally,
        Thank you for the reply as well as help with the language! I am still learning so that was perfect.

        Outside of the relationship I have been doing a lot of soul searching. In the relationship we definitely lack balance. We love eachother very much but arguing is a massive issue for us. I feel I am at a crosdroad with him and unsure which way to go because I am not sure it will stabilize. So yes that does help!


  42. Hi Sally, I see that my Saturn is at 15 degrees of Aquarius, which is exact to the Solar eclipse on August 21, I believe. Will that have some additional significance? Also, I have met someone (end of June) that I will be seeing quite a bit of in August (he currently lives in another city). I have not dated anyone seriously for a few years. I understand I could meet a “twin flame” this month. Who knows? I am born Feb. 18, 1963 at 1:39 pm EST.

    1. Yes, I think this eclipse could be powerful for you as it looks as if Saturn is linked to your relationships. Events could escalate quickly. Saturn often represents someone older and it’s about commitment, long term relationships.

  43. Thank you for such a wonderful article! My bday is Nov 12, 1985 at 9:57 pm. I’ve heard I was born during a solar eclipse.
    I have Leo on the ascendant at 5 degrees and Nessus at 26 degrees. I have Jupiter in my 7th house Aquarius, and my MC is at 26 degrees Aries on the 9th. My north node is in the 10th with Taurus almost conjunct a retrograde Pholus, Lilith is there at 18 degrees as well.

    The last few years of my life have been real awakeners. Diagnosed with Complex PTSD after a sexually and mentally torturous relationship, career as a massage therapist ended via being over worked with torn rotator cuff and Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder. Ended engagement with fiancee (a psychic said he is my twin soul), lost my job and had to move in with my disabled mothers who turns out is a part of my childhood trauma. I’m in a workers comp case with the massage place, who had the most popular therapist arrested for sexual assault on a client two weeks after I left. I’m also applying for disability due to the PTSD. I have a service dog now.

    I wouldn’t be a Scorpio if I didn’t see all this happening as major old issues coming up and being delt with, no matter what. During the worst of the ptsd, my body was refusing sleep and food. Fiancee and I split because I’ve never lived on my own and loved myself and my own life without a man. We both hope to reconnect at a later time. I’ve also battled drug addiction off and on my whole life, made complicated now by the medications that are helping me stay alive and sane.

    All that being said, the thing I want most in my life right now is me. Happy, healthy, confident in my being, and knowing I’m on a path to joy. My creativeness has been activated but don’t know how to express it. I love to write, decorate, music, fashion, makeup (how very Leo of me lol). Problem is, I don’t want to be a blogger or you tuber chasing followers. I want to express myself to the world, but not get wrapped up in the rat race. I want to create regularly. But not obsessively and painfully. (And I want to stop thinking that my fiancee may read my posts at any time). I want to find and be me, unabashedly, healthily, for a good while.

    That was a novel, sorry. It’s just been a nearly unreal experience of life and death and I just want to be happy, grounded, and on my way to doing what I love that can at one point become successful and self generated.

    Thanks a million for any comments/advice

    1. Wow! What a story. Scorpio is the survivor of the zodiac. Yes, you were born on a solar eclipse which often indicates a powerful destiny. Plus, you have 5 planets in Scorpio all in the 4th house – home, family, past – so you are right to be delving deep to release any old pain or trauma. Jupiter, the liberator, will be in Scorpio from October 9/10 for 13 months so a positive time to focus on you. I hope you reconnect with your fiancée in the future. An equal relationship can help you counteract the difficulties you are facing. Maybe in a few years time. Sending best wishes.

  44. Hi
    Things are crazy for my partner and me. Don’t know if it will work out. He seems to be confused about us now. I am aquarius 10/02/86 and he is pisces 27/02/1986.

    1. The solar eclipse on August 21 is most powerful for you and a major aspect a few days later for both of you. There has to be renewal in your relationship otherwise it could end then. You are very different as he is an emotional Pisces and you are a systematic Aquarius. You need to meet in the middle somehow.

  45. Hi Sally,

    Thank you so much for this insightful article! Interestingly back in 2008 I was having one of the most amazing summers of my life. I was living in Geneva, working for a humanitarian organization, meeting people from around the workd, playing soccer and falling in love with an Italian man. When the summer came to an end I had to return to the US to finish my senior year at Duke. However before I left I remember quite vividly standing in my supervisors office (who actually was a Serbian man and I considered still do to this day as my second father) and telling him “Goran I will be back here one day. I will launch my career here.” Fast forward to now, 9 years later, and here I am about to return to Geneva to start a Masters in International Affairs. Part of me is disappointed it took me so long like I’ve lost so much time and the people who once were there (like Goran among others) have since moved on to bigger and better things. I feel like I have to forgive myself for this gap period and trust it was meant to be like I needed to live freely, explore, and go on som really crazy and fun spiritual adventures but then I’m like wow I could’ve been on my track and working towards something more meaningful contributing in some way? Anyway here I am leaving in a few weeks and I’m riddled with doubt. I keep asking myself is this me trying to fulfil a promise I made in his office on that day that maybe no longer is relevant or is it me finally committing again to my path my destiny, something to give me that sense of purpose and community and connection to the “greater good.” I hope it’s the latter and interestingly the solar eclipse on August 21st falls on my birthday and I plan to be in Geneva celebrating….
    (Wish me luck)!

    1. What a great story. It feels as if you are in tune with your stars. Wishing you a wonderful revival on your solar eclipse Leo birthday.

  46. Hello My Dear,

    I share a story similar to yours. I too had a miscarriage in July 1998 and then a successful pregnancy. My elder daughter who was born in Sept 1999, will go in college in Fall. I also had started by first job in USA, in Nov 1998. In Feb 2008, as you say a similarity of eclipse cycle, a big decision again. We decided to go back to Home country India, to be with family but we returned back in the USA, in 2014/15. An Aries born on April 8th, 1969. at 00:30 am in Burhanpur, MP, India. This eclipse I’m waiting to turn my life for good. Jobless since 2013, but finishing doctorate with all the hurdles, in the world. I really need a job to survive.

    I am a regular at your website. I really appreciate your writing, I like the way you explain and keep touch with your readers.

    Keep doing it. I see that you are on vacation. Enjoy the nice break!
    Love & Regards.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You may find that this eclipse month brings in a new work opportunity. Follow up whatever comes in and be proactive. Can family or past connections help you in any way? That might be the answer. Best, Sally

      1. Hey Ma’am,

        Thank you for the reply. I hope, pass connections help. I have given all state exams for government job and trying since long in private but nothing has materialized since two years here. I wish to finish my doctorate too, now that I have invested my time, energy and money in it.

        Much appreciated your response.


  47. Hi. I was born February 10 1976 in East Texas. I am an identical twin. Life has been in much disarray for most of our lives. Will this eclipse & full moon be a Huge turn around for us?

    1. The eclipses aren’t close enough to your Sun Aquarius. However you do have some challenging transits behind you so hopefully you can start to turn things around.

  48. Hi Sally

    Great post: it has changed my thinking about possibilities.

    This lunar eclipse is conjunct my Aqua ascendant with the moon trining my 14 Gem sun and the leo sun sextile my sun. The previous periods in your article 1998/2000 and 2008/2009 were challening as I changed jobs to something new for me and moved interstate or overseas. There was a bit of an emotional outburst re the work side, and I am learning to play these situations with more wisdom, but the emphasis is on learning, as this is something I have noy yet mastered.

    I’ve been looking to move house again but have been thinking across town to near the beach…and also feeling a desire to reposition my career. I am now pondering this may be more extensive change than I had in mind!

    1. Certainly it seems as if the eclipse cycle is about change for you. Hope it goes well. Do what feels right.

  49. I’m Aquarius with moon in cancer and Scorpio rising. I’m very curious to know what these eclipses will bring as I’m starting a new business and getting divorced. I’m in a very vulnerable place but am excited for the future and a new start. Over the past two years I lost my mum and became estranged from my only sibling, so I really am alone to deal with life apart from my children. I was in a similar place in 1998, a very significant relationship had ended for me and I had just completed my degree. I worked so hard to train myself and get a job in those two years. It felt like a struggle and I was a little lost in direction but I got there in the end. I’m now looking for stability and opportunities like to travel and find my soul mate 😊

    1. Good luck with everything. You will have Jupiter over your Ascendant in the coming year which is often a blessing. A positive attitude works well with Jupiter transits. Best wishes, Sally

  50. Hi Sally! Thanks so much for your response to my first question above. Do eclipse events happen immediately, or can they unfold over the course of the year following? My birthday is 9/9/55, and my rising sign and Jupiter conjunct in Leo at 17 and 18 degrees respectively, and natal Pluto is at 28 Leo. I know you mentioned that this could be very transformational for me?

  51. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for your comments. I love your articles. Born february 15th 1959, sun in aquarius ( 26 degrees 18 ) and leo rising ( 27 degrees 42). Wondering what theses eclipses will bring. Still looking for a job
    Thank you

    1. It feels like it’s time to put yourself first rather than letting other people take the lead. Do something wild, something only you want to do and you don’t care what other people think!

  52. Wow.

    In 1998-2000, Was taken by the government from my mom. I moved 3 times. To my favorite uncle, at the time, house and then to my aunts house (where I am staying currently), a few of her children hated me, then my aunt became pregnant with twins and I had to move, I went to another aunt, none of these women had a good relationship with my mom… I had behavioral issues due to the separation. That was a tough time for me. I got through it. I didn’t view it as tough before.

    2008-2009 my first year of college, my second semester begin and it was the draw to me not communicating well with my mom’s oldest sister, I was “cut off” from having help. I was only 18. Unknowingly depressed and dealing with finical issues, my mom was dealing with sickness she lost a tip of her finger smh… I did gain really great friends during this time. Friends I still love and trust today. Had a lot of attention and romantically I got to know someone I still feel for today.

    Last year eclipse I left from a some what toxic living situation. Not only were they toxic I feel like I was too. The day of the eclipse was the last day I had keys.

    A few days ago I had my first car tow. Money needed for moving on my own.

    My sun is Aries10 degrees in
    And ascendant is in Virgo 8 degrees

    But I also have my mars 15 and Venus 24 in Aquarius in my 6th house..

    I’m wondering if it effects that too

    1. Today’s eclipse is most important for you as it lights up your natal Mars. It feels as if it’s taking back ownership in some way of who you are. Sun Aries is a fighter so put your needs first now, especially as that hasn’t been possible at times in your life. It feels urgent, vital in some way now.

  53. I am wondering what changes I would be looking at? Life has been very slow and unsteady for me this year I am losing hope in everything my dob is aug 12 1986 hopefully the eclipse will bring some positivity?

    1. Your birthday too is twixt eclipses. Not necessarily game-changing for you but even so make the most of this dynamic Leo/Aquarius energy and take charge of your life, your relationships.

  54. I Sally im a Leo (11th of August) Born at 11pm – 1993. Im actually surprised to see all these predictions and how things are working out, seeing how it relates. I have this really big trip on the 21st (the eclipse day), im moving to Barcelona for six months to finish my last year of studies and I just have such a good feeling about everything. Its definitely been a year of big changes.

    1. It’s definitely a good year for you for both travel and study – hope your trip to Barcelona goes well. Focus on healing too, on a deep level. best, Sally

  55. hi – i’m a libra with taur rising and taur moon – north node and venus in 5th house with leo on cusp. 1998-2000 was the most earthshaking period of life ever. here’s a summary: aug ’98 i was just about to return to the usa after 6 months of travel abroad. money, housing problem end of aug… sept death of uncle, travel out of town, oct.= death of father…dec = met someone i thought was romantic but never was, but still figured in my life for years afterward as friend/helper..

    1999: jan = mom’s cousin died…feb=got inheritance, started to make real plans to move abroad… may = got drivers license and car (big deal in my 30’s) aug = moved to europe… dec = got residence permit and started company…

    2000: jan-jun = a lot of upheaval, frustration, stress with company and housing…jun = bought co-op apt in foreign country… very risky – but turned out to be a good move…nov = start a 2-year ordeal travelling back and forth, moving mom to senior living, emptying her old apt and selling it. positives and negatives to this project.

    NOW – 2017: feb= mom died…terrible financial trouble… ex-bf who was still best friend became homeless and lost all contact…april = son of uncle, who died in 1998, died, travel out of town to same cemetery as ’98…july: legal problems with real estate, tremendous activity, wheels spinning, communication stress, court date sept… delays with inheritance, general sense of being overwhelmed with dread, yet hopes and dreams for the future, if i ever survive this period…

    what happens next, according to the pattern? must resolution of real estate problems involve loss, or can something positive happen soon?

    the fall of 1998 was a nightmare, but things got better by the new year. this year’s nightmare is dragging on and on. i’m exhausted – physically and emotionally spent…some new negative thing happens every day. 1999 i felt sad about certain things but mostly in control and positive about exciting changes and adventure ahead. now is different – it feels like being sucked into a vortex of concurrent circumstances. in 1998, i could imagine the future – even if things didnt actually work out exactly as planned. now, relief and new life seems far away and unreal. before i was visualizing, planning. now it feels like escape fantasies of someone who is actually dying. what’s next based on the next few weeks of eclipses/repercussions?

    thanks so much for insight. please dont use my name in your reply

    1. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. What degree is your Sun at, i.e. when’s your birthday? If you’re born after 16th October, you still have some big Uranus transits until next spring, which can be unsettling. You do have Jupiter on your side though if you’re born after 11th October and Jupiter rules good fortune and faith – you have to work Jupiter, i.e. stay positive. I don’t know if the eclipses will affect your chart – it depends what degree you have the north node and Venus. Hopefully, things will start to settle down for you soon. Sending best wishes, Sally

      1. thanks for your wishes. i am early libra – sep 26 – taurus rising and taurus moon. i have north node in leo – very close to the cusp of the 5th house/bottom of chart – venus is early virgo conjunct uranus in leo and pluto in virgo… so, am i affected by these eclipses, without help from jupiter?

        1. hi Susan, hard to tell without knowing what degree your north node is, also your Uranus. You’re looking for a close connection, i.e. within 2 degrees. If that applies to you, then these eclipses are about change, a shift in destiny.

  56. Hello Sally I am excited to write you; plz, enlighten me: I have my natal sun in capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter and Leo ascendant ( moon in Scorpio). My question is being the sun the regent of Leo and at the same time my ascendant. How do you think the sun eclipse in oil affects me?
    I am currently living in a new country, where I moved to study Creative Writing and fulfill my dream – after postponing it for many years because of fear – of being a writer. I also met someone special but he is younger than me and he is shy and I do not know if he is going to make a move or what. I am 32 and the years of 2013 and 2014 were catastrofics for my mental health. It took me 2 years to recover and for spiritual transformations. I feel blessed since last year with a lot more of peace of mind.

    . Plz enlight me! Thx

    1. It sounds as if you are living your dream – Leo is the sign linked to creativity and joy and here you are in a new country studying Creative Writing and with a special love in your life. So enjoy what you have now you are at a more peaceful stage in your life. You also have Jupiter the Protector next to your Capricorn Sun, which is a positive connection too. Sending best wishes.

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  58. Hello Sally! I’m a June 3 1968 Gemini born in Chicago, Illinois. Seems like this eclipse is going to shake my life up. The only thing I can remember from eclipse of 1999 was that I was going to leave my job as an office manager and I changed my mind and continued working there. I ultimately left the job in 2013 after 15 years, but my husband still works there. That business is currently having much difficulty with the office manager . I know this eclipse is going to shake things up, I just hope it’s not bad news.

    1. The eclipse on August 21st connects with lucky Jupiter in your chart. I’m not sure if this is about your career necessarily but more about what you believe in, your dreams, your hopes. Why not write a wish list of things you want next. best, Sally

  59. Hi Sally..my son birthday is 22/11/1994..some say hes a sag others say hes scorpio..he had a bad accident on 20th may this year involving a head and brain injury.it has affected his memory.he was told he has made a few mistakes in work this week that he has to redo.how are the leo/aquarius eclipses going to affect him? Hes an apprentice electrician.

    1. hi Netta, I’m sorry to hear about your son’s accident. You don’t say where he was born so I don’t have his complete data. It’s likely that he’s a Sun Sagittarius with a lot of planets in Scorpio. I suspect that he might have to make some changes at this time so it’s worth looking at what’s possible for him and ensuring that he gets the correct treatment and advice. Once Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th, this will be the start of his healing and that’s what I’d advise he focuses on. Hope that helps.

  60. Hello Sally
    Sun scorpio rising leo 28 degrees born 28th October 1965 00:40 Dunfermline Scotland.

    Please advise the impact

    Thanks in advance

    1. The Ascendant represents your image, your profile, how other people see you. This is what’s highlighted during the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Relationships too are under the cosmic spotlight – what needs to change? Your perception of who you are in some way? You have Jupiter moving into your sign of Scorpio in October where it remains for over a year. It’s an ideal time to shift your attitude, to believe in possibility.

  61. Dear Sally
    The article and the discussions are very informative. Thank you.
    I joined a new work team on Aug 1, 2017. Opportunity came out of nowhere.
    The old team I was in, I worked without recgnition for the past 5 yrs. Managers wanted me in their team and I had good reviews in writing. I was promised to get promotions but they never fruitioned. They fell apart due to restructuring or funding or given to staff under diversity category.
    So this year I have been digging escape tunnel.

    This new team is where I want to stay. I don’t want to go back to my old job.

    With the lunar eclipse, one team involvement came to a closure. Is there a go back?
    Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Eclipses are rarely about going backwards and it looks as if the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is most important for you. I guess if a new work team began on August 1st, then that’s where you need to stay.

  62. Hi Sally i’ve Just had a look into my natal chart! Iam leo sun, scorpio ascending and i have my Mercury at 27 Leo 31 r in my 10th house, plus sun at 23 Leo 15 also in my 10th house and saturn at 2 virgo 34 also in my 10th house!
    So this means that at some extent i should be affected by the éclipse coming next!!! I have been reading all the previous comments and is probably going to change something in my life!
    Back in 1998-2000 everything started with my famíly moving to another flat in 1998! Later in 1999 i started my 1st dégree in university then in 2001 my my twin brother died! Everything was up side down in my family! I managed to keep studying finished my degree in physiotherapy and in 2004 i married with my girlfriend that i was dating since january 2000. I got my 1st job which was very successfull till 2008 and after this there was some other turnarounds, i got dispapointed with my job and some superiors that moved in the company Back in 2007 and from 2008 i could see that it was time to leave! So i left and décided to quite my career! At this time 2008 my best friend died and that was very painfull! Then i started doing english lessons and decided to move to foreign country to do Medicine! I eventually got in medschool in 2010 and iam doctor since 2016! But in between, in 2014 i got divorced. Now i comeback to my country and iam working as doctor and 18 years later i have again the same cycle?! What should i expect now?
    I feel like i want to settle down find a life partner but at the same time i want to do my speciality and this moment feels like What should i do now? Something for sure is going to happen… and telling from the last 18 years, i can only say oh dear they were a lot of changes some of them amazing some of them tough and some very crazy!

    Thanks for your words, somehow it feels a relief to share this in here!
    Best Regards,


    1. hi Sam, you’ve had a lot going on and sorry for the losses of ones you’ve loved. This eclipse cycle seems to coincide with a lot of change in your life but this one in particular feels powerful because of Mercury’s role. Focus on work/career as these are the areas of your chart that are currently highlighted. I’ve replied to your comment on the Mercury Retrograde article too. best, Sally

  63. Hi Sally,

    I found your article incredible. I’m an Aquarius with a Leo Ascendant. During 1998 – 2000, I got engaged in 2000 but never married him. Wedding was called off. Blessing in disguise. In 2008-2009 – moved in with a love relationship. He was cheating and we broke up on June 2011 eclipse. I see the theme for me would be love and relationships. I’m hoping for a more positive outcome this time around as in a lasting love relationship. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Sally,

      My Sun is 22*45 degrees Aquarius. My Ascendant is 3*27 degrees Leo. My Venus is 27*06 degrees Aquarius. I believe my North Node is in Sag. I added this additional information after reading your replies to others. Thank you.

    2. The Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is important for you with regard to love and relationships. The eclipse degrees aren’t exact on your own planets/angles but it’s likely that events now will be the start of a new chapter. Learn from your past mistakes and do things differently this time around.

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thank you for responding. I saw you comment on someone else’s about it’s difficult to interpret without a date of birth. My DOB is February 11, 1970. 4:17 pm EST United States. Please let me know your thoughts.

        1. hi Susan, yes, definitely an important eclipse cycle for you with regard to love and relationships. The theme is always to close a door for a new door to open. Let go of any relationship that’s not serving you and look for new opportunities coming in.

  64. Hi Sally!
    Loved this article, thank you! I am a cancer sun: Leo moon/Virgo ascendant. Born 7/14/88 in NY. Can you tell me how this eclipse may affect me? Have been very emotional the past few days (normal for a cancer ;)) and feel change coming. I have been having issues with my boyfriend Pisces sun/Aquarius moon/Aquarius ascendant and feeling as if it may have to come to an end.

    1. Eclipses bring change so if a relationship is wobbly, this may well be the time when it comes to an end. The eclipse actually impacts your chart in a good way so I guess this is your boyfriend’s decision? Hopefully what happens next will be right for you. best, Sally

  65. Hi Sally,

    I was born January 17th 1957 with 4 degrees of Libra rising {11:46 pm pacific}. I am nervous about this eclipse because I get quite a few hits in my chart. My north and south node will be impacted, and I am wondering what this might mean. Hoping this means a complete new start for me.


    1. You are an earth sign, Capricorn, but you have strong fire in your chart – fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. So harness that fire – fire signs are great for motivation, taking the initiative, being joyful, passionate. Change what’s not working in your life. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally! Thanks for this great article! I’m an Aquarian – born 3 February 1980 (11.38am GMT which i think is Taurus rising). Back in 1998 i was heartbroken over someone and hd no choice but to move on but i moved away and started university. Then 2008/9 i also had to leave a relationship that wasn’t working out but left a toxic work environment too for a new job – i see the patterns!! I was hoping this eclipse might actually bring me a relationship that works! But also a new career!! Any insight? Thx again x

        1. hi Charlotte, the pattern is for relationships for you and with the solar eclipse slap bang on your north node, look out for who comes into your life now or over the next few months. Good luck!

  66. Hello,

    I just read your article, very interesting !!! not easy to find some article in french (i’m from France). I’m born in 12/05/1971, my north node was in aquarius and my south node in leo, so for me this year is the reverse of my node. The solar eclipse of 21th of august, fall on my seventh house of my birth chart. Right now in my life, it’s not easy since 2 years !!!! Everything is falling apart, especialy my marriage!! The divorce is on is way for september. Oh by the way, i also have the transit of venus in cunjunct with my natal moon on my six house natal.
    I will be very interesting to know, what do you think about it. Especialy on the effect of the reverse node with the solar eclipse.
    Thank you !!

    1. hi Anne, the eclipses are bringing in a new chapter by the sound of things and it looks as if you’re nearing the new beginnings stage. The major astrology is to your Venus – love – with both Jupiter and Uranus liberating you. Never easy but hopefully you can feel the excitement of a fresh start too. Sending best wishes.

      1. Thank you for the answer! Like you say is not easy! But I feel like i cannot wait for beginning my new life. We also say that we see the result of the eclipse about 6 months after, is it true?

        Best regards,

        1. Yes, there is an eclipse cycle that is also important. This particular cycle began in August 2016 and completes in January 2019. But what begins now can continue or be revealed in some way over the next few months and up until the next pair of eclipses in Jan/Feb 2018 which are at similar degrees as August’s eclipses. So there’s a pattern unfolding.

  67. Hi Sally! Thank you for the wonderful information! You write beautifully. I was born September 17,1963 11:00 am (birth certificate time) in Glendora, California. What a interesting and exciting past few years. I was a nurse for many years and changed directions in 2008, opening my own healing center. Can you tell me how the Eclipse will affect me? I am really feeling the energies and much excitement. Thank you so much for your contribution and sharing your gifts.

    1. It’s about career for you again – perfect job by the way. Look out for new opportunities coming in. What needs to change?

      1. Sally, Thank you for your reply. I am so appreciative..I can feel the new opportunities, not sure how they will present themselves and in a way that is the fun part. The change part, I can sense that and am hoping for some great insight from the Eclipse energy without being fearful and just knowing its all for the greater good..

  68. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your informative post and for taking time to write this blog 🙂
    I am an Aquarius (28.50′) with cancer ascendant (12:34′), so the eclipse is quite exact on me, opposing my sun and mercury (which is conjunct to my sun and at the beginning of house 9). Being an exact opposition, is it still kind of favorable for me? Will it affect in my relationships -house 7- or more in the 3/9 axis? I had a difficult year with regards family matters, my grandmum passed away the day after the Feb eclipse, two days before her birthday. My dad has been ill since Jan more or less. As for love and work, I feel like I am moving on this year, but I feel like I want to change my career path, even if I’m afraid to do so.
    Also, I checked the next eclipse dates an my moon is at 3.17′ so the July eclipse of 2018 will touch my moon and the Feb one will conjunct my sun too?
    Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice summer 🙂

    1. Btw, back in 2008 I started my relationship with my current partner, I also finished my degree that year and lived abroad for some months. Did not mention below that my moon is conjunct by 2 degrees Jupiter in house 8. Just wanted to specify this, what can I expect from the next year eclipse? Different theme, isn’t it? Thanks a lot

    2. hi Maria, it’s not easy for me to interpret without your date of birth. I guess you need to consider what you need/want to do differently in your life. Travel, education are 9th house themes.

      1. Hi Sally!
        Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for not writing my birth date! It’s 17/02/85 born at 2:30 pm in Estivella, Spain. Thanks again.

        1. hi Maria, this does feel like an important eclipse cycle for you as it triggers two key planetary bodies, your Sun and Moon. So the theme of endings and new beginnings is strong in your chart, especially around money and what you value and where your heart lies. Look for an outlet, something to focus on that inspires you. If it’s linked to travel/education, so much the better. best wishes, Sally

  69. Meghna Chotaliya

    Hi Sally
    I am of Gemini ascendant
    have a stellium of 5 major planets in leo in my natal chart . and my sun is in 11 house exalted 8n aries and in magha nakshatra.
    Birth details 26th april 1980 place mumbai india time 11 30 am
    I am nervous and anxious as to how this solar eclipse wud impact my life
    around 2008 -09 i had enrolled for 3 major courses for study which i cud complete successfully n which has impacted my career positively for lifetime
    pls advise

    1. hi, I use a different astrology system than you are used to. Having said that this is an important eclipse for you, the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. It’s very much about your career and vocation, so look out for new opportunities, especially if one door closes. Be assertive and go for what you want.

      1. Meghna Chotaliya

        Hi Sally
        Thanks for the reply
        whatever you said seems to be true
        today i got a warning letter from my workplace which has shaken me deeply and made me think seriously of switching jobs.
        But m very uncertain where i will land up in the near future and m anxious abt my career . Dont have any new opportunities on hand at present. so very much in trouble.
        will i get another job opportunity during this eclipse period suddenly out of the blue or will hav to put efforts and wait
        pls advice

        1. hi Meghna, I’m sorry to hear about what’s happened. That does seem very eclipse-like, so yes, start pursuing something new. Being pro-active is always a good idea on the back of eclipse events. Good luck with your job search.

  70. I wonder what is the overall purpose for Mercury and Mars to both go back over the Solar Eclipse degree? This isn’t coincidental and Mercury over that degree for many days. Mercury and Mars conjuncting in Leo, disposed of by Sun as the Solar Eclipse is ruled by Leo, too. All of that Leo. Saturn stations Direct August 25th along w/ this medley of activity, too, which stirs the pot further.

    1. Nancy, you’re right. This is such a powerful Solar Eclipse coming up. I’m hoping to find time to write about it over the next day or two. Yes, the eclipse degree gets triggered throughout September by Mercury, Mars and Venus, so lots of opportunity for change, doing things differently. If you want something new in your life, there’s plenty of opportunity to reach out and grab it, also moving forward over the next few months. Certainly, it’s not a time to do nothing.

  71. Hi Sally, I am an Aquarius who broke up with my Libra Man in May. Within weeks he was seeing someone else. We then came into contact with eachother after 2 months of not talking at the end of July. We saw each other twice, his idea, and each time he walked away in tears. He is with someone else now and told me he thinks/thought of me everyday, even when he is with her. I told him 2 weeks ago that I forgive hime and he said hopefully that it would be a start, but didn’t say to what. Just 2 days ago I told him I couldn’t communicate with him anymore as I realized I am in love with him and he agreed and wants to see this new relationship through. He did tell me 2 weeks ago, at that time he hadn’t told her he loved her but the minute it doesn’t work out with them, I would be the first to know. I told him to forget it as I am not second choice. I do miss him however do you think we have a chance at reconciliation?

      1. hi Jackie, are you sure you’re an Aquarius? You might be Sun Pisces unless you’re born in the early hours on the 19th. The eclipse lights up your chart rather than the Libra’s chart so it’s got to be your decision. My hunch looking at the astrology is that it’s time to break free and move on. Hope that helps.

        1. I actually got my time wrong. I had my charts done and I was born at 6:17 AM. However, if that information doesn’t change anything, in regards to your advice, I very much appreciate it. Also, can you tell if there is a new job on the horizon or better financial stability with the eclipse that is coming?

          my best,


          1. The reply stays the same, that it’s your decision. Sorry, but I don’t have an answer to your question re. work/money without further information.

    1. It depends a lot on the finer details of your birth charts. I often think eclipses are more of a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over rather than second chances. Libra is a sign that often needs to be in a relationship but think carefully about what you want. Take care, Sally

  72. Hello Sally,
    Glad I found your site….. just in time….. read your article with much interest. Birthdate 8-21-46 11:18 PM Burbank Ca.
    It this an end or a beginning for me. I have had an interest in Astrology for over 50 years…but I find I am still in the “physician heal thyself position”
    I would so like to know why this Eclipse seems to be bringing people out of the wood work asking me when I am going to retire..but am in no position to retire…I have had my own business for over 40 years, feel like I’m at the top of my game…but have had questioning going on from others since January regarding my longevity…I don’t feel old but … please if you see a clear path through this..I would really like to know.
    Thank You Sally….

    1. Good for you! Age is just a number. Powerful astrology for you this year, with the eclipses and other transits. I guess it’s about looking at what’s right for you and whether you have any dreams you still want to fulfil? This might be linked to family, living somewhere new, a creative project. Sending best wishes, Sally

  73. Hi Sally,
    I am Leo Ascendant (Leo 10 till Virgo 9) and my mars is in leo (15 degree) and Saturn in 1 degree Virgo, both in first house. My moon is in taurus 29 degree. How this eclipse will effect me? I quite like a guy I met in 2015-2016, but single (39+). My sun is in Capricorn (0.45 degree) and jupiter in Cancer ( 1degree). All these planets hang very close to 29 degrees! Will it bring love or any luck to me?


    1. hi Eva, difficult to tell without a birth chart to look at. The powerful eclipse for you was the one on August 7th triggering your Mars. Did anything happen then, something happening suddenly? best, Sally

      1. nothing happened, other than I started a 10 day crash course! my DOB is 22/12/1977 and place of birth is alwaye, india. I currently live in London. Eclipse on mars will trigger exactly which aspect of life? man or power

        1. Actually looking at your chart, the Lunar Eclipse was too wide from your Mars. It needs to be a closer orb – 2 degrees maximum. So no, this isn’t a major eclipse for you but look at it from a solar perspective, i.e. it’s about money, values for you being a Sun Capricorn. What changes are needed or coming in these areas?

          1. thanks sally! well I kind of lost my job one year ago and struggling to find another job (in between I went back to studies and did some job but not as I expected or capable of). Moreover I am single at 39:(…so yes financial sector needed to be straightened. I hope all my obstructions (Saturn-1.5degree virgo) will be eclipsed on tomorrow’s new moon!!

  74. Hello,

    Thank you for this article! I have moon in Leo at 28 degrees, 59. And an Aquarius rising at 6 degrees, 59. I would really appreciate any thoughts you had on the eclipse in relation to this part of my chart.


    1. The Moon is the mother in astrology, also your inner needs, what gives you comfort. If you don’t feel safe or you’re feeling vulnerable, what can you do to help this? Consider too how you want to shine in life.

  75. I am an aquarius sun, aquarius moon, Gemini rising (with many of major planets and asteroids in Aquarius and libra). I just noticed that I have Uranus in 28 degrees Scorpio in my 6th house and Mars 28 degrees Aquarius in my 9th house. I’m unsure of how they are aspected in my natal chart. I also have Neptune in 24 degrees Sagittarius in my 7th house and Pluto retrograde in 24 degrees Libra in my 5th house. I’m unsure of how I will be affected by the eclipse. Any ideas as to what I need to pay attention to or what might be revealed or hidden?

    1. Mars and Uranus make a square aspect in your chart. They can be volatile together as Mars rules action, Uranus rules impulse. Beware of acting suddenly is probably the best advice especially if someone angers you. You are very Aquarian so you may hold strong opinions and become positioned easily, yet react strongly if pushed.

  76. Hi,
    Thank you for the article! I just found it, and it was really interesting. I’m a libra, born 22/10/68 at 13:35 p.m. (Norway), ascendant in capricorn. For the past couple of years life has had its ups and downs. I really feel the need for a change at the time being. I have startet to think about applying for a new job, but at the same time what I really feel that I need is time to reflect, and to write. Back in 1998/1999 I changed jobs, bought a new appartement and met two guys that I sort of had to choose between. Of course, I made the wrong choice.. In 2008/2009 I met another man but I didn’t dare to go for it (I always try to make a safe choice, and probably therefore make the wrong ones..). Apart from that, I remember those years as challenging in different ways.
    So I wonder – what can I expect from the eclipse the 21 of august? I would really love to get your input since I feel there will be choices to be made pretty soon.

    1. Well, the eclipse is lighting up your 7th house, so perhaps this is a time to be bold in love and not play safe! Yes, next year is a good time to consider a career change too.

  77. The Aug 2017 solar eclipse conjuncts my natal Saturn at 29 Leo in the 8th house, and Saturn rules my 6 Capricorn Acsendant. Natal Saturn also textiles Uranus at 29 Gemini, trines 4th house cusp at 29 Aries, textiles Midheaven at 29 Libra. I jointly own a house with my adult daughter & her finances are unravelling. I have lent her what I could but it doesn’t look good. I cannot pay the mortgage or the rest of the bills myself. The house is worth less than what we bought it for & our equity is about $3000 at this point. I am retired & concerned as I thought this was my retirement home. The 8th house rules joint finances among other things, so naturally I am thinking the eclipse may highlight this. Anybody have any insights?

    1. My immediate guess with the astrology is that it’s time to put some clear boundaries (Saturn) in place with regard to your joint finances (8th house). I think you have to be tough and do what’s right for you moving forwards. See what the eclipse opens up for you and take action early September. Best of luck.

  78. Hi Sally!
    Just found you- Fabulous website and great article on the current eclipse cycle!
    Ascendant 04Leo53 1st house
    Sun 06Gem02 11th house
    Venus 17Gem24 11th house
    Saturn 11Sag24 5th house
    Uranus 03Leo49 12th house
    Pluto 28Leo00 2nd house
    A 6 year on and off relationship started another off cycle August 13, 2016. Things remained off until May 2017 when we joined up again. I initiated a surprise final bow-out and declaration that I was changing my behavior and ending the on and off relationship on July 15, 2017. Unknown to me on that very day, the other party was having a first date with someone else that evening. Then they announced 6 days later that they are entering an exclusive dating relationship with the person they just met.
    Have Geminis been having difficulty in the relationship sector for the last several years?
    Please… can you help me understand what the eclipse astrology means for me?
    Thank you Sally~ Thank you!

    1. hi J. Interesting question – yes, Geminis have had Saturn in their relationship sector since December 2014 but it moves on in December 2017. So this has been a tough time for Gemini as Saturn tends to be where you learn your lessons in life, often the hard way! Sorry to hear about what’s happened, but perhaps it’s for the best. The eclipse in July 2018 will be powerful for you with regard to love, maybe bringing in someone new?

      1. Thank you Sally~ And… if I may specifically ask… what does my natal chart reveal about how the 2016-2019 eclipse cycle is affecting me? I soooo have been trying to figure this out. I KNOW something is happening. Ever with thanks~

        Ascendant 04Leo53 1st house
        Sun 06Gem02 11th house
        Moon 13Ta00 10th house
        Mercury 12Ta43 10th house
        Venus 17Gem24 11th house
        Mars 14Cn24 12th house
        Jupiter 21Vg57 3rd house
        Saturn 11Sag24 5th house
        Uranus 03Leo49 12th house
        Neptune 00Sc20 4th house
        Pluto 28Leo00 2nd house
        Midheaven 23Ar20 12th house

  79. Hi Sally, thanks for the reply and my DOB is 22/12/1977 and place of birth is alwaye, india. I currently live in London. Eclipse on mars and Saturn will trigger exactly which aspect of life?

    I am Leo Ascendant (Leo 10 till Virgo 9) and my mars is in leo (15 degree) and Saturn in 1 degree Virgo, both in first house. My moon is in taurus 29 degree. How this eclipse will effect me? I quite like a guy I met in 2015-2016, but single (39+). My sun is in Capricorn (0.45 degree) and jupiter in Cancer ( 1degree). All these planets hang very close to 29 degrees! Will it bring love or any luck in love to me?

    On the 7th 7th August, nothing happened, other than I started a 10 day crash course! and was busy doing it:)

  80. Hi Sally, Just found your site today as I’m wondering how the eclipse will affect me. DOB is 9/12/75, 4:16am, and place of birth was Michigan. Thank you for your article, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for any insights you can give.

    1. I am presuming you are a Sun Virgo? Numerical dates are written differently in the USA and UK. If yes, these eclipses are about love for you and this is where change is likely.

  81. Hello, Sally
    Can you please tell me how the solar eclipse is going to effect me, I am born on 18th of august 1989, 8.10am bulgaria

    1. You have a 12th house Sun Leo so this is about how you see yourself, your connection to the inner. A new step on your spiritual path would be helpful for you now.

  82. Hi Sally, Thank you so much for your insights. My dob is 4 Sept 1975 @ 0:32 am in Phoenix AZ (Virgo sun, Cancer rising, Leo moon @ 19 degrees). My Venus is in Leo @ 29 degrees, which i think is my 3rd house. Can you explain how the eclipse affects my Venus and give some context as to the impact I could possibly experience? Thank you!

    1. This might be about your relationship with your children if you have them or your girl-friends. Having people around you who are positive and learning more about how you are with others and how they respond to you. It could also be a time to consider your sibling relationships too if they are important in your life.

  83. So the solar eclipse is at 28 Leo 53? LOL

    I’ve got Pluto at 27 Leo 50 in the 4th House. That’s part of a stellium that includes Moon at 25 Leo 42, Mercury 2 Virgo 28 and Jupiter in 6 Virgo 0. This stellium is also a “leg” of a yod that includes Neptune 27 Libra 52 in the 5th as the second leg and 23 Pisces 34 on the 10th/11th House cusp at the top not far from my Aquarius 20 midheaven.

    Interesting, to say the least! I’m just going to take whatever the universe gives me, make the best of it and pray for protection and guidance. Wish me luck!

    1. Quite a stellium there. It feels like leaving something behind from your past, a chance to let go of old stuff? Good luck wishes sent your way!

  84. Hi! Thank you for this article and all your replies! I have read through and do not see something exactly like mine. I have sun in Scorpio at 26 and Moon in Leo at 28 and Jupiter at 28 Libra. The beginning of the month was a revelation about a secret my mom was keeping. Now I am wondering what else might be to come. Thank you!

  85. Kristine Mullins

    Hi Sally! Love the article, very helpful indeed. If you are still checking these comments please can I ask if you can help me to clarify these energies for me personally too?
    DOB 16/1/1984. I’m a 12th House Cap Sun 24* , Aqu Rise , Gemini Moon 18*. I have Chiron in 4th house 28* Taurus and all other major planets close together in 9th/10th/11th houses.
    I have been going through major psychological changes (shadow) and feel like I have really set myself back after not dealing with the stress and shaving my hair off! My work was focussed too much on beauty anyway tho now I’m jobless and feeling quite vulnerable and ashamed about my new ‘look’. I’m working on self love like crazy along with a myriad of other ego integrations but it is hard to see the bigger picture right now and I don’t know how easily I’ll find self love when I can’t even look in the mirror let alone leave the house! Any news if u think these transits are Causing this and if there is light at the ens of tunnel? Feeling hopeless x

    1. I don’t think this is about the eclipse for you. Probably more to do with Saturn over your Venus ruling beauty. It is moving away from your Venus this week so find something beyond yourself to focus on. Find a philosophical perspective on your life. Sending hope your way, it’s always there if you dig deep enough 🙂

  86. Hi Sally, it’s the eve of the eclipse and I’m a 1 Gemini rising with 4th house Leo sun at 14 and Leo moon at 26 and Pluto in Leo 27! I just came out of a 10mo horrific time financially and professionally and the future of my new co now looks very promising. I feel changed forever in a positive way having gone thru time. Do you think this conjunction of sun/solar eclipse 1 degree off my natal Pluto will show me more of the same? Or should I be. Every cautious with these 2 powerful planets joining tomorrow !!??

    1. hi Gayle, hard to say for sure without a date of birth. Moon/Pluto suggests needing to change psychologically so any kind of self-help, analysis might help? Either that or a change of scene, a literal move in your life, changing your surroundings.

  87. Hi Sally,

    I’m a Leo, July 28th, 1964, Libra Rising and Pisces moon. Can you tell me what to expect in the coming months? It seems I am feeling like I don’t want to continue the work path I was on. Last year I started a Holistic Nutrition education really just for me, but I am beginning to think I may love doing this, maybe even becoming a Natropathic Doctor. Will this eclipse help me get there?

    Thank you!


    1. The eclipses in August aren’t especially close for you. Your Moon Pisces is linked to your career so you need to be in a caring role. Either that or tap into your creative or spiritual source.

  88. Neil Alexander Yeo

    Hi Sally, fascinating reading all these comments. I am a Virgo with Virgo moon and Scorpio Asc, plus Leo in Venus. In 1998-2000 I finished a relationship in the first eclipse and got promoted in Sept 1999 and moved away from my childhood home. That job was not right so by July 2000 I was moving again to an even better job. It seems the eclipse triggers my Scorpio side strongly. I have just been through a dramatic 2 years having met my Leo ex in 2012, moved to Spain in 2014, left him and my job again in March 2015, but now i returned to Spain and bought a flat around March 2017! My ex has a Leo sun Leo moon so he will be going through a lot of change. I feel we are at the end but I still have very deep feelings. On the plus side my career is taking off again and this was very successful until 2014 when I cane to Spain. So any advice on firstly the love life, is it time for a fresh start and second is my current job going to be part of a process which probably sees me leave Spain again by the end of the series?

    Private; my DOB is 11-9-1969, 1325 BST Swindon uk, my ex is 3-8-1972 Córdoba time unknown

    Many thanks for your column, I love it


    1. It feels as if the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is/was most important for both of you. For you, I do think this is about a fresh start, both with regard to your love life and moving countries. Good luck with your next steps.

      1. Dear Sally

        Thank you for your comments and time, yes something significant happened after the lunar eclipse earlier this month between us both, it did feel like an ending. Fresh starts are good, I hope happier times lie ahead.


  89. Well, today’s eclipse has turned out to be quite something in my life!

    A relationship that started shortly after a total eclipse in Feb 1998 is now ending in divorce, with negotiations to sell our house bouncing back and forth literally as the eclipse was in full force today.

    I’m born August 5. 1972, in Ottawa Canada around 8 am, just wondering what other calamities or (hopefully happy?) surprises you see in store for me these next few rocky months and into the future.

    Thank you!

    1. Classic astrology – a nodal return – 19 years and a new chapter ends/begins. The end of the year is the turning point for money/house sales. Good luck moving forwards.

  90. Very informative post Sally! Thank you!

    I am personally excited for the total solar eclipse that just happened. It conjuncted my natal NN at 29 degree in my 7th house Leo. Feel it’s gonna bring some quite positive personal growth — new beginnings, as you said. It also opposed my natal Venus (2 degree Pisces) in my first house.

    Seems like the coming couple of years are gonna bring lots of purging and renewal my way (I think I am already dealing with them)… The transit Pluto is gonna meet with my natal mercury, sun and moon (24-28 degree) in my 12th house Capricorn and trine my natal Saturn at the 8th house Virgo in the years to come, and at some point meet my AC in Aquarius (5 degree). oh boy!

    1. Nodal connections are often karmic and this eclipse seems to be focused on your 1-to-1’s, either personal or professional, repeated early next year. The Pluto transit is a long way off yet as it moves so slowly.

  91. Hi Sally, thank you for an interesting read.
    I’m an aquarius sun and rising sign and a leo moon sign. I’m guessing this eclipse will effect me quite a lot but I was wondering in what ways? Looking back at 2008-2009 the only big change I can think of is the depression i entered in 2009 that I’m still struggeling with today. A lot of it is about identity and relationships (mostly with friends and family) and a disillusionment i felt started happening at the time (i was pretty young then, 12). I’ve noticed my emotions have been all over the place these past couple of months especielly early august, does this have anything to do with the eclipse effecting my aquarius/leo signs? What do you think I can expect from these eclipses? I’ve been feeling like a change is coming for the better but I dont know if it’s just wishful thinking. Thank you

    1. hi Diana, quite a potent eclipse cycle for you as it connects with the big three of Sun, Moon, Ascendant. It’s maybe about how you see the world or the world sees you. Also your role within relationships, especially if you’re born on a Full Moon. Yes, eclipse months are often emotional as they highlight the ups and downs in life. Good that you’re seeing this as change for the better. Focus on the positives. best, Sally

  92. Hi Sally, I’m Aquarius sun, Leo North node, bday 1/24/81 defiance OH birth place. First in 1998/2000 got married .. by Manipulation on his part. Tough marriage for 10 years. Separated Nov 2008/2009 divorced. Met my soulmate in May 2009 and fell in love first time and broke up in that time frame in to early 2010 after relocating with him from Hawaii to Colorado. I moved to the west coast to start my new life. Moving along.. I haven’t fallen in love or had a committed relationship since. Now Aug 13, 2017, out of blue he returns and wants the world but we live in two different states and I love where I live I’m Cali. I can’t imagine moving again or out of state. So I’m at this point again… Go with love and give this a true shot or stay away…please help me navigate.

    I read there thru many of the comments and I had no idea eclipses had such impact like this. I am ready for a real and loving relationship.

  93. Hi Sally, So happy to have found your website and this insightful article on today’s eclipse. I have 24 deg 36 Leo Asc and 9 degree Aquarius sun in the 6th. Like you in 1998 – I was in a new relationship which I abruptly ended in January 1999 only to meet Almost Mr. Right by May 1999 and pregnant with my first child by April 2000 (giving birth the next January 2001). In those few years my dearest goals were made manifest. With this eclipse, I have a stellium of Leo transiting planets around my ascendant and the eclipse is in square to natal Venus in 7th in Aquarius at 28 degrees & Mars at 25 deg Taurus in 10th house. Natal Jupiter is 28 degree Scorp in 4th house and natal Pluto is in Virgo at 3 degrees. I wonder if I can consider this eclipse conjunct my ascendant (I read the eclipse orb is just 4 degree) and what these significant aspects to my natal planets might mean as far as a new beginning theme … xoxo

    1. I use a tighter orb for eclipses – 2 degrees – but the eclipse is triggering your T-square so it feels powerful for you. As the planets are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, it seems as if it’s going to be about love for you again. That’s quite a dramatic trio of planets, perhaps competitive, perhaps OTT in some way? It could even be related money or abundance for you.

    1. The planetary pattern is actually a Grand Cross and sometimes you have to ask ‘what’s my cross to bear’ with this combination. The eclipse is trying to break it open in some way. Does that make any sense to you? It might also be related to your own career/vocation or family.

      1. Hi Sally, Many, many thanks for your replies. I really appreciate your insight … I am in a rather frantic search for a job/new career path. I took 9 years off to raise my kids and after spending 25+ years in the wonderful adventure travel field. I did not mean to take such a break, but Mom got cancer and I devoted my (our) lives to keeping her alive, nursing her in home for 3 years. My eldest brother Shanghaied Mom’s estate, ghost-wrote her will & we ended up with a fraction of what was expected. I’m a single Mom & I guess ‘my cross’ is getting back on solid financial footing & finding a great job I love with financial reward without sacrificing my health/kids’ wellbeing. I’m facing a lot of ageism in the marketplace – I have an otherwise strong resume, went to Berkeley, etc. I’m about to enter my Saturn Return (the second one) and am hoping the eclipse coupled with the Saturn Return means a return to work & abundance. I like to work and I like being ‘out in the world.’ I would love to work in travel again. I would also welcome a new romance; it has been 9 years since my b’friend & I broke up in 2009. I would not mind the new fella being abundantly well off – perhaps that is the OTT element – Jupiter, Mars and Venus T-Square/Grand Cross. My boyfriend who came from the 1998 eclipse is a Taurus (my Venus is in my 7th house = him) and my Mars is in Taurus (= him) and Jupiter (in my 4th house) brought him to live with me in my new home for about 2 years. Since the 1998 eclipse was in nearly the same degree Leo as August 22nd, perhaps it will unfold in a similar way. One can only hope … Again, thank you a 1000 times for your insput. I’m thrilled to have found your incredible website. xoxo Julie

  94. Dear Sally,

    I have 2 Pisces sons with Ascendent less than 2° from Regulus, but on opposite sides. Older son has its Ascendant in Leo at 27°03′ and the younger one in Virgo at 0°54′. As the solar eclipse happened so close to Regulus and my son’s ascendent can you see any significant meanings in that. I have had extremely difficult time with the older son in last 2 years and it seems it’s getting better, but would like to know if this eclipse brings any change, either good, or bad.

    DOB Vincenzo – 27/02/2002 at 16:24, Nottingham, England
    DOB Nikola – 10/03/1009 at 16:02, Nottingham, England
    my DOB 21/12/1966 at 19:15, Novi Sad, Serbia

    Thank you.

    1. I can’t look at all the information you sent me here. It’s too much for a comment reply. An eclipse on the Ascendant is about changing the way you see the world or the world sees you. Sometimes Pisces struggle with self-esteem or being able to see themselves objectively? So hopefully the eclipse will act as a kind of wake-up call, a way in to the self. Hope so.

      1. Thank you very much Sally,

        your comment is just what I was hoping to hear and hope you are right, like so many times in your Grand Slam tennis predictions (it helps me a lot not to have too high expectations from Novak Djokovic, when his stars are not in the best positions).

        Sorry for too much information, I just was not sure what you may find useful, so thought you can use what you need.

        Best wishes

  95. Hi Sally! My birthday is August 21st (1978). I don’t know how to find which house the eclipse falls under in my chart but I would love to understand how this eclipse will affect me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Cheers,

    1. It’s in your 3rd house so it could be about how you communicate, your relationship with siblings, neighbours, your local community. It also suggests a big year ahead as the eclipse falls on your birthday. It could also be about children for you and how you make a difference in a child’s life.

    1. Unless your Moon is near the eclipse degrees, the eclipses aren’t that close for you and therefore not triggering change. Having said that, it’s a good time to consider your close relationships and work on those. best, Sally

  96. Hi Sally,

    I just came to your site to see if you have US OPen 2017 predictions, but this article caught my eye.

    I am a scorpio, I left my job (IT) & stayed home after my kids were born, never thought would return gain. But since the start of this year I want to get back to work, but since this eclipse my motivation has increased 100 folds. But getting back a job seems soo difficult since IT industry changes so fast, some times I feel dejected.

    In the abv article for Taurus/Scorpio you mention career/vocation ,
    Can you kindly tell me its significance, is it helpful in my case???
    When do you see me getting a job.

    THANK YOU !!

    1. Not sure what rules your career in your brith chart without a time of birth but you have the planet of opportunity Jupiter conjunct your Sun mid-October so that must help. Once Mercury turns direct on September 5th, start looking. best, Sally

  97. Dear Sally,
    Love this website! My date of birth is November 10, 1959, Westmoreland KS USA . Sun sign scoripo, acendent Leo/decendant is Aquarius . The solar eclipse was Leo same as my acendent . Haven’t had any changes come yet. What can I expect, needing something big to happen in my life.
    Thanks for your help

    1. Thank you Debra. Is your Ascendant/Descendant degree close to 15 or 28 Leo/Aquarius? It needs to be a 2 degree orb to act a a catalyst for change. I guess changes will come once Jupiter enters your sign of Scorpio in October this year where it remains until November 2018. That’s a good time for you to spread your wings, travel, move home, create movement in your life. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  98. Hello Sally, Thank you for sharing this text and your experience.
    I a Scorpio (5*, 5th house), with ASC in Gemini (18*) and with a natal Moon in Aquarius (27*, 9th house). The upcoming solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th falls the same degree as my natal moon in Aquarius.
    I am 26 years old (almost 27), so to be honest I do not really remember many events from 98, 99.
    While 2008 I definitely remember! In 2008 I moved away from my parent’s home, started university in Italy and it was the first time I experienced a life on my own. A lot of mixed feelings, but mostly I felt that i was slowly growing up and building my own life. First period of time i just wanted to move back home, I would question my desion (my then boyfriend stayed in my home country and we were trying to do the long distance relationship), but as time passed, and with support of my loving family, I realised that moving away was the best thing that ever happened to me. For many reasons. It is almost 10 years that I live in this beautiful country, Italy.
    I really hope that this upcoming eclipse (that seems to be important since it is in Aquarius, like my natal moon) will bring more new and exiting changes!!! (maybe a baby?:) )
    Have a great week!
    All the best

  99. Hi Sally! Your text was very insightful, thank you. I am very interested in astrology, but still do not understand much 🙂 I am a Scorpio, but I have a Jupiter in Leo 10° in my 3rd house, and Moon In Acquarius on 26° in my 9th house. Will the Leo/Acquarius eclipse affect me even if I am a Scorpio and not Leo or Aquarius? Thanks!! Regards from Lara

    1. Yes, this particular eclipse cycle is important for you, especially the dates that line up with your Jupiter/Moon placings, i.e. August 2017, January & February 2018. Changes at home, work, your life path are most likely for you.

  100. Hi Sally my little girl was born on the eclipse…. August 21 2017 @ 23.18 would be interesting to see what this means.thanks

    1. Hi Rosie, often people born on an eclipse have a greater sense of their own destiny. By the time your daughter was born, the Moon had moved into Virgo changing the dynamic of the eclipse slightly, so it may be experienced more as a New Moon birth – i.e. leadership qualities, a strong sense of self. Hope that helps.

  101. Hi Sally
    I was born Dec 10, 1954 when Saturn was in Scorpio. Saturn just changed signs for Sagitarrius, so would that mean that Saturn is in my 3rd house, or as a Sagitarriun, my second house?

    1. Horoscopes are based on your solar horoscope, i.e where the Sun is in the zodiac, so Saturn is now in your 2nd house, ruling money, possessions, values. best, Sally

  102. Hello thank you for this great website. I’m a Leo sun with a moon in Aquarius – I’m wondering what all these eclipses in Aquarius and Leo this year will mean for me?

    1. The Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle began in August 2016 and completes in January 2019. It depends which eclipses are closest to your Sun/Moon but the general theme is change in relationships and your personal growth. Also depends which areas of life your Sun/Moon influence in your birth chart. Home move/family shifts could also be on the cards. Hope that helps.

  103. hello Sally!
    thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on eclipses-i am sure it helps and reassures many people, just as it does myself..:)
    in your experience-if the eclipse falls on progressed sun, are the influences equally strong in outer manifestations of events?
    this LE is conjunct my natal Jupiter and am hoping for renewal..the eclipse that fell on my Saturn last year was devastating so i hope jupiter will help (in leo in 12 h) squaring ic mc…
    on another note – i am drawn to vedic astrology simultaneously as well as western and learn both…do you thing one should comit to a specific system? i have uranus in scorpio on ic and it affects me a lot so was thinking that maybe its my path to be spiritualy eclectic but then again i feel scattered at times and in need for structure…sorry about the ramble..just seeking an opinion as i feel lonely on my astrology path..

    thanks a lot and happy new year:)

    1. I haven’t looked at eclipses on progressed Sun, although I know some astrologers do. Most important I would guess if progressed Sun is connecting with your birth chart. Yes, the nature of the planet being ‘eclipsed’ has a big part to play in how the eclipse plays out. Jupiter in the 12th is very spiritual and so is Uranus cnj IC. The 4th is another spiritual house and Uranus rules the New Age. I would guess this is where change would be most beneficial for you. I like some aspects of vedic astrology too and the best advice is to use what works for you.It’s always been western astrology that works magically for me. Hope that helps. Sally

  104. Hi Sally,
    Congratulation on a great article. I loved reading every bit of it. I have sun in leo at 11 degrees, with cancer moon at 26 degrees and libra rising at 18 degrees. My husband has sun in aquarius at 23 degree born on February 12, with Sagittarius rising 26 degrees and Pices moon29 degrees . I am wondering how will this affect us, I don’t know much about astrology but I believe it might be important since I have lunar eclipse and February there will be a solar eclipse in my husband’s sign. Will this bring a breakthrough in our lives or a break down?
    Thank you

    1. When you know eclipses are going to trigger your chart and your husband’s chart, you know it’s time to engage actively with your relationship. My advice would be not to sit back passively and wait for change to come. Instead, address any issues in the relationship or enliven your relationship before eclipse season. Traditionally things cannot remain the same when eclipses are active, so be the instigator of change and take responsibility for your part in the relationship and encourage your husband to do the same. Hope that helps.

  105. Thanks for the article. Wonderful insight while searching for 2018 eclipse. Am a sun 22 leo 21′ 8″, moon 17 aqu 20′ 36″, AC 22 sco 17. Lost my job in July 2017. Looking for new job since then. Will this eclipse bring the good changes with respect to my career. Have been hoping every month if would get thru an offer. Should I be able to get new job soon. Also while reading for horoscopes should I be looking for leo, aqu or sco in my case. Every month I read horoscope but not sure which resonates more with me. Despite horoscope predicting new offers and jobs, doesn’t seem to resonate with mine. Am I reading it right? Thanks in advance. P.S I see reply for all the comments posted. Great !!! To write a reply to every comment.

    1. I always read my Sun sign first, my Ascendant sign second. I don’t personally read my Moon sign. The eclipses are all about change in your career – think about how you can reinvent yourself. There’s a theme of renewal that needs to take place and it will be hard to go back to what you did before? Eclipses accelerate change in your life. I would guess the most important eclipses for you will be the ones in the summer, especially the Solar Eclipse on August 11th – that’s the reboot eclipse for you, new beginnings.

  106. Hi Sally,

    I am sun gem 00 43′; moon cap 22 12′; ASC aqu;

    1998-2000 finished uni; got my first job, ended relationship but fought to keep it alive, at the end of this period started a new relationship;
    2008-2009 moved continents, moved jobs, ended relationship with husband, fought hard to keep it going, eventually had to give up, papers came later.

    started and finished a new degree, hopes to tranistion to this new vocation by the last eclipse in 2019; is this possible?
    met a man at Feb 2017 eclipse but resisted to fall into this relationship; felt really strong about him and vice versa at August 2017 eclipse; I might see him again in Feb 2018, is this more likely going to end any future prospects or will we go with it? Curious to hear what you think.

    1. This set of eclipses is very much about your relationships as it cuts across your Ascendant/Descendant, representing your 1-to-1’s. You would need to look at the degrees of your Ascendant/Descendant and whether any other planets are in Leo/Aquarius to consider whether the relationship is more likely to be on or off. It may well continue to unfold until the last eclipse in this cycle in January 2019.

      1. My descendant in at 3 11′, no plantes in Leo, Jupiter in Aqu at 12 00′. I would think I would need to really look at his chart as well but interested to hear what you say.

    1. That’s what an astrology consultation is for 🙂 With a Solar Eclipse in your star sign Leo close to your birthday (exact August 11, 2018), this is when you’re gearing up for new beginnings. Use the power of the eclipse to take a leap forward.

  107. Hello Sally! I am an Aquarius with a Pices Ascendant, my first marriage began to deteriorate from 1998 and in 2000 was a final separation, now with these new series of eclipses t appears e same thing has happened. Sept 2016 my SO of almost 15 years abruptly ended our relationship although we had been struggling for a few years. What am I to make if this recent series? Should I expect break ups every 18 years?!! Please say it isn’t so! Thanks 🙂

    1. Astrology repeats patterns as the planets move in cycles. This is how you can learn to predict with astrology but more importantly to be in flow, in sync. It sounds as if the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is going to be an important one for you with regard to relationships. Remember too that, when you understand astrology, you are able to combine fate and free will and work with the patterns in your life. This helps bring insight and understanding moving forwards. Learn from your past relationships and take what you learn into your new relationships. Sending best wishes, Sally

  108. The Feb. 16 Eclipse at 27 Aq is an exact opposition to my 8th House Pluto at 27 Leo conjunct 22* Jupiter. It is the polarity point . Any ideas welcome.

    1. Keep close tabs on your money. I find the conjunctions are more powerful with the Solar Eclipse rather than the opposition and as it’s lighting up your 2nd house, your personal money, this is where to take charge, take advantage of change, keep your money safe. Look too at your money mindset, your attitude towards money and what you value highly. This is where the eclipse can shed light.

  109. Hi Sally! I love your site: So informative:)
    I would so love (and appreciate) your feedback relating to my Natal Nodes and the current Transits…
    Natal NN 18Leo 6th House (SN 18Aqu 12th – obvi;)
    I noticed there is an upcoming partial solar eclipse in August (11, 2018) That conjuncts my NN …. Any thoughts as to what this could express/any significant importance of this transit that I could expect ?
    Thanks SO much! I just “landed” on your site, and just subscribed- looking forward to scouring your website 😉

    Astro Details: 9.9.1980 dob
    – Virgo 7th H Stellium (Su/Ju/Mo/Sat/Mer/ Pluto by House)
    -ASC: Pisces

    1. Hi Casey, the nodes are karmic points and you would expect the eclipse to be connected to 6th house areas of life, such as work & routine, lifestyle & health. As you have a strong Virgo stellium, look out for an opportunity to be of service to others. It could also be a time of spiritual awakening for you.

      1. Thank you for your reply! So sorry, as I did not notice it until now 😉
        I am pretty up-to-date astrologically of all points you had made, per house and sign meanings, but what did intrigue me was the last sentence: “It could also be a time of spiritual awakening” : this is what I have been curious about …If this will perhaps “Be” or “Not-So-Much Be” a significant transit….Looks like only time will tell! 😉 😉

  110. Hello Sally,
    I am an Aquarius sun with a leo moon AND an Aquarius ascendant. Now during the eclipse in February I lost my home my job and my best friend of 20 years! While I have since recovered from the trauma of 6 months ago and life has returned to a manageable state I’m reaching out to you now because given the astrological climate of the 27th of this month I wanted to seek your counsel on whether or not I should be worried about the approaching lunar eclipse?
    Thank you for your time and insight!
    Forever grateful,

    1. Dear Romeo, I’m sorry for your loss. The eclipses are at very different degrees in July/August so it depends whether you have key planets/angles there. That sounds like enough change for now but if you want to bring about change in your own life, this is a good time to make it happen or at least set the intention.

  111. Hello Casey What suggestions or advice for Scorpio ascendant 3degrees and Midheavan 15degrees Leo then Sun in Virgo 2degrees with Moon in Scorpio 23degrees. Certain eclispe on 27 July 2018 at 4degrees Aquarius will def not go unnoticed. Father lives abroad and Saturn 18degrees in 4th house. Thoughts on any month or week to be more alert? Thank you

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Quite tricky to work out where the eclipses are going to be in your chart without seeing it visually. You do have a lovely Grand Earth Trine going on right now which might bring stability amidst the eclipse season?

  112. Great read 🙂
    My ascendant is 18 degrees leo, so right where the aug 12 solar eclipse will be. What could I expect?
    Im also cap sun (28 deg h8) and moon (02 deg h5) so I’m bracing myself for a long period of changes *sigh

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Out with the old and in with the new! A change of identity, questioning who you are or how other people see you – all key themes of the August eclipse as it’s conjunct Mercury retrograde. Saturn conjunct the Moon feels limiting rather than being about change. Caring for yourself and others.

  113. The full moon lunar eclipse July 27th 2018 taking place in Aquarius is where my South node is. The house it’s affecting is my 3rd house which is where my North Node is. How is that going to affect me. I have no other planets in natal chart in either sign.
    Also I’ve researched until I was blue in the face and came across PRENATAL And POSTNATALE eclipes. To the date and degree and the type July 27th 1980 a LE took place 4°of Aquarius. I was born 5 months later. I know these happen every 19 years….my life changed drastically at 19. I’ll be 38 in 5 months…. which is exactly 19 years later.
    I didn’t check eclips dates for 1999 so I don’t know when that eclips occurred and if if was exactly the same as my prenatal eclipse.
    Can someone please help me with this?

    1. The eclipse on July 28th 1999 was also at 4 Aquarius, so there is a pattern emerging. Once you see the pattern, then you can work out how to try and use it to your advantage. It looks as if this could yet again be a year of change and the nodes are closely linked to fate and karma. 3rd house/9th house is about education, travel, discovering your purpose, also your community, your siblings. Think along those lines. Hope it helps.

  114. Dear Sally,

    Great post, thank you.
    I am sun Leo 21°41′, Aquarius Moon 28°01′, Sagittarius ascendant.18°27′

    I am moving internationally and might need to sign a contract for my flat later this week or next week – the logistics and financial aspect has been very stressful so far.

    any thought on the next eclipse…..

    1. Not the best time to be signing a contract, especially once Mercury turns retrograde on July 26th and there’s an eclipse the following day on July 27th. So be aware that things could change suddenly. Try and second-guess what might happen, know there could be delays or unexpected turns. Stay open and be flexible. Things begin to settle later in August. best, Sally

  115. I am from 14.08.1990. I am Leo with ascendent in Aquarius.
    I don’t recall too much information about August 1988 to July 2000. But I remember were good years. A lot of traveling and happy memories.
    February 2008 to August 2009. August 2009 I met the love of my life… August 2010 We broke up, september 2010 my grandpa died, my parents got divorced.
    2014-2018: Shitty jobs…
    Fast forward to 2017: I got married (different person from 2008), I moved out to Europe… Still with a shitty job. I don’t seem to be able to find a good job.
    2018: I am enrolled to start my master in university in September. Currently in a shitty job…
    (I don’t get it, I am reliable, good worker and smart)
    Will I be able to find a good job or at least my path in life? Or what can I expect?

    1. The solar eclipse on August 11th can help you. This is still a waiting period in the heavens though (retrograde planets, i.e. in reverse) which means you have to be patient until September. For now, chase up old contacts and turn your attention inwards. Work on yourself during August – personal development work, learn more. 2019 should be a better year for you. Good luck.

  116. *Hi Sally,

    Had a Lunar Eclipse opposition my natal Pluto in the 8th, house. exact,. Good for negotiating lawsuits
    or not? What am I supposed to tearn?

    1. A lunar eclipse would fall exactly on your natal Pluto as the Sun and Moon are at opposite sides of the zodiac. It depends on what’s happening in the rest of your horoscope whether this is a good time to negotiate a lawsuit. Pluto rules loss, however, in your 8th house of joint finances and both Mercury and Mars are currently retrograde in your money sectors. All in all, this would suggest waiting until late August at least, if not September to negotiate with more success.

  117. I haven’t looked at Astrology for years but then when I saw that the latest Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius, my Sun sign I thought I’d have a look to see what this would mean to me & hope, like most people, some things will change for the better.
    So I’ve not seen your site before but it looks very professional & interesting. I understand some basic things like aspects, house systems, planets etc but not enough to interpret this lunar eclipse, which is the longest this century, on Friday 27th July 2018.
    I have only looked at the Equal House system & here is my birth chart details.
    Houses: (Equal system)
    Ascendant 25° 50′ 45″ Saggitarius
    Medium Coeli 02° 12′ Scorpio

    SUN 01° 13′ Aquarius 02nd House
    MOON 09° 17′ Scorpio 11th House
    MERCURY 28° 19′ Capricorn 02nd House
    VENUS 23° 58′ Saggitarius 12th House
    MARS 05° 57′ Capricorn 01st House
    JUPITER 23° 12′ Saggitarius 12th House
    SATURN 11° 56′ Capricorn 01st House
    URANUS 19° 46′ Leo 08th House
    NEPTUNE 09° 02′ Scorpio 11th House
    PLUTO 05° 41′ Virgo 09th House
    NODE 27° 36′ Virgo 10th House
    CHIRON 25° 41′ Aquarius 02nd House
    FORTUNE 17° 46′ Pisces 03rd House

    1. Hard for me to visualise your horoscope without your birth data. The lunar eclipse that has just happened is slightly wide of your Sun Aquarius. The most important eclipse will be the last one in this cycle on January 21st 2019 – your birthday – as it falls at 0 Leo 52? Eclipses bring change and a lunar eclipse for you is about yourself, image & profile, personal goals versus your relationships, both personal and professional. That’s the solar perspective, but it’s also about money, possessions, values on a personal level as your Sun is in the 2nd house. Needing to earn more or letting go of stuff. Lovely Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, by the way. That will be a great Jupiter return next year. best, Sally.

  118. Hi Sally, thanks so much – so much key insight/info! Your roller coaster ride of 1998 rang true for me too, so I loved reading your story… was so sorry though, to hear of your loss.
    The 1998 series was totally pivotal for me. I finally set aside a 10 yr relatiionship/breakup & multiple deaths, & basically learned to love myself. Everything aligned support & careerwise & I got the courage to announce major changes @ the Aug 99 eclipse & moved to a different country in 2000. Dreams came true – not all easy, but a magical time. I returned by end 2000. I started my dream business in ’04 but by ’08 I had financial trouble & had to go back to my day job for a couple yrs. Things have been erratic to seriously rough since, processing family traumas since 2014, & going into serious debt just getting by. On the upside, I’m far more secure in myself & confident in my abilities & definitely still intent on the business going big. Still flying by the seat of my pants, but handling my fears well… most of the time.
    My b’day is Sept 6/66 @ 12.3N 75.87E virgo w/taurus rising & ascendent & it looks like my 4th/5th/10th/11th Le/Vi/Aq/Pi might all be at 02° if you have any interest or comments! 🙂
    And if you (& others) could add to this with an addendum to your stories relating to this series, I’d be totally interested! I’m just starting to get hang of all this. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment. You have both Venus and Mars in Leo, the relationship planets, so no surprise that the Leo/Aquarius eclipses are powerful for you. A stellium in Virgo too, which means this could be a great birthday month for you with lots of earthy planetary energy kicking in. Wishing you much luck and fortune moving forwards. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally, thanks so much for your response.
        I landed a temp job, but it’s low paying and I’m behind on all my payments, so I’m now in the roughest spot I’ve EVER been in financially, with only 3x in the past 3 yrs that came close. But they’re good people at work, I’m way more calm and confident than I’ve ever been (both huge improvements from my past), and I know it’s a nudge for me to apply for better jobs AND get on with my passions/business. I know it’s early in the month, and I may finally hear from family overseas (who’d been arguing about an inheritance I still am not privvy to info about – Venus/Mars in Leo/4th lol!), so I’m just trying to keep my cool.
        I’d hoped others would update on their adventures this year, but perhaps this eclipse thing is already old news.
        I hope your adventures have been positive and fruitful!

  119. I am an Aquarius. I believe in the power of the moon and am always wary of the full moon . On July 27 my husband who was a Libra has a massive cardiac arrest and died 3 days later . The lunar eclipse has turned my world upside down and inside out . Just wanted to share that information with you . Kind regards Andrea

    1. Andrea, I am so sorry to hear your tragic news. Sending you very best wishes at this difficult time. Sally x

    2. My birthday was on the solar eclipse of august 21,2017.I turned 11 at the time but I don’t know what it means.But i’m very much happy since it said it will come back on august 21,2034 so yay!

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