Leo September 2020


Money Matters

Your ruler, the Sun, is in Virgo and your personal money sector until the 22nd. Virgo is one of the earth signs and works best when there’s order and structure in your life.

Pay heed to Virgo’s call to sort out your finances, work out your budget and pay attention to what goes out and what comes in. The Full Moon on the 2nd cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. This is about money ties, emotional connections too.

It’s a good date to make a key financial decision. Or, perhaps you’re trying to get money back that you’re owed. Either way, focus on on these areas of your life this month as you can get things moving.

The other key date is the 17th, the day of the New Moon. New Moons are great for initiating ideas or projects as there’s fresh energy, the chance to turn to a new page. If you want or need to earn more money, this is the time to go for it. Be thorough too.

Get Talking

Communication is the key to your success as talk planet Mercury is in Libra from the 5th to the 27th. Your ruler, the Sun, enters Libra on the 22nd, the day of the Equinox.

Therefore, use your gift of the gab and work your connections. This is a successful month to reach out to other people, do your PR and find the right networks.

This doesn’t only have to be about work, as Libra rules your local community, your neighbourhood. It’s a great time to meet new people, create alliances close to home, catch up with siblings and get to know your neighbours.

There could be more arguments this month, however, especially from the 17th to 24th. Hopefully, this is a chance to clear the air and say what needs to be said.

A Lucky Opportunity

When it comes to your working life or lifestyle, you may feel hemmed in or trapped. If you’re in an impossible situation, unemployed or under the cosh at work, things have to change. Notice what happens on or around the 13th when Jupiter, the planet of freedom, turns direct in Capricorn.

Is there a chance for you to spread your wings and fly free? A few days earlier on the 9th, there’s a gorgeous Sun-Jupiter trine aspect, which is lucky for you as the Sun is your ruler and packed with opportunity. This would be a great date to apply for a job or release yourself from a difficult situation.

Adventure & Future Plans

One area of your life that is now foreground is adventure because action planet Mars is currently in Aries and the sector of your horoscope which rules travel and study, the bigger picture in life.

You need plans to look forward to when you have Mars in Aries and you want to be striding through life with forceful optimism. Get things moving and fire some arrows high into the sky to see where they land in 2021.

Yet, there is a shift in pace this month. On September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and remains on go slow, i.e. in retreat until November 13th. Ideally, this is a time to rework your strategy and be aware that some plans could take a backward step.

Decide where your priorities lie and know that with Mars on go slow, you can’t always get ahead as quickly you would like. Sometimes, you’re immersed in an activity that takes up all your time while Mars is retrograde.

Perhaps, you decide to study and shut yourself away or you might be abroad working on a project. Even if you can’t get directly from A to B, you’ll still want to be working on your next steps. Once Mars turns direct later in the year, then you can get things moving more easily.

A Loving Vibe

Love can be part of the picture this month too as love planet Venus moves in to your star sign Leo on the 6th, where it remains throughout September. The trickiest date for love is potentially the 15th when Venus and Uranus clash.

You may be loving someone from afar or find that you and someone close are separated by distance, culture or background. Yet, ultimately, love and partnership can strengthen your life and it’s here where pleasure can be found.

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