Leo October 2020

Leo October 2020, cosmos

Sun Libra

Your ruler, the Sun, is in Libra, the sign linked to balance and harmony until the 22nd. There’s a New Moon here on the 16th and talk planet Mercury and relating planet Venus enter Libra on the 28th.

This is important to note because October is a topsy turvy month when emotions could run high. Not only are two of the personal planets retrograde but there are two Full Moons, at either ends of October.

When in doubt, keep returning to your star, the Sun, in Libra and aim for balance & compromise. Be open-minded, listen to both sides of the story. Libra rules communication in your horoscope and it’s here where balance and harmony are required.

Mars Retrograde

The month starts with the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st. This highlights the travel and study sectors of your horoscope and both travel and education are under conflicting stars. Be realistic and pragmatic about what’s possible and what’s not.

Action planet Mars is retrograde in Aries until mid-November. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel but it is important to have plans B, C and D up your sleeve.

Mars in Aries wants and needs to be active but clashes with the slower-moving planets in Capricorn indicate obstacles or stumbling blocks to overcome. The trickiest dates to navigate are the 9th, 13th and 19th.

You may find you need to work extra hard during the days either side of the New Moon in Libra on the 16th. There’s an imbalance during this period, whether you’re over-worked or under-worked.

This could be a pivotal time for negotiating a job or contract but take care of your stress levels too. For some of you, this is a month to prioritise your health and put your well-being first.

Mercury Retrograde

Communication planet Mercury is in Scorpio until the 28th and your home and family sector. You may want to dive in deep to these areas. Perhaps you’re working from home or having heart-to-hearts with the ones you love.

Mercury is the second inner planet to turn retrograde on the 14th. This Mercury retrograde phase is great for retreat and inner work. It’s a good time to reconnect with people from your past or take a trip down memory lane.

If you’re moving home, there could be delays while Mercury’s on go slow. Alternatively, someone could go quiet on you. Don’t push too hard if this is the case but do keep close tabs on the ones you love.

The Sun’s move into Scorpio on the 22nd confirms that home and family are the areas to prioritise. This is especially important if juggling home and work feels at times like walking a precarious tight rope.

Full Moon, Blue Moon

The final Full Moon in October is a Blue Moon and an important Full Moon for you. This is because the Full Moon falls in Taurus and pulls in spontaneous, unpredictable Uranus in your career and vocation sector.

The theme is freedom, whether it’s your choice or not. Certainly, this Full Moon is a time to consider your options and what next. It suggests a reverse move or doing something completely different.

You do have to pay attention to money, work and routine matters this month. In fact, this could bring you comfort or solace, keeping things ticking over, returning to basics, caring for your self and others.

When in doubt, revert to the slow life, eat well and channel your energy into nurturing and nourishing yourself and the ones you love.

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