Leo October 2017

Leo, pumpkins

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

October is a big month for communication and getting from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is because your ruler the Sun is in Libra until the 22nd, the sign that rules communication and connections, transport and community matters.

This represents your life close to home, short trips, commuting and using your network of social and professional contacts to improve your life. Add to this the fact that communication planet Mercury is also in Libra until the 17th and it’s here where the action’s at.

So this is an excellent month to find your voice, to speak up, to start a website and to use social media to good effect. Get out and about to learn new things, meet new people, study and enjoy life to the full.

There are times this month, however, when you will have to be extra patient or flexible with regard to your schedule. Not everything will go according to plan and any areas of discontent might be flagged up during the Full Moon on the 5th.

This highlights the travel and study sectors of your chart and you often see your situation clearly at the Full Moon. This would be a good date to get on top of your diary and sort out your schedule as best you can for the weeks ahead.

The period from the 8th to the 10th could be troublesome because both Mercury and the Sun clash with Pluto during this time. Pluto’s in Capricorn and your work and health sector so changes might be necessary due to problems at work or a colleague’s ill health, for example. This isn’t a promising picture for winning a contract or finding work easy. Take your time and be patient.

The next tricky phase takes place between the 15th and the 19th when it’s Uranus’ turn to oppose both Mercury and the Sun in Libra. Uranus is renowned as the planet of the unexpected and in your horoscope, it’s linked to relationships, both personal and professional.

So be ready for anything during these few days and if you’re going away, allow yourself extra time to get from A to B. Other people could throw a spanner in the works and you’re going to have to think on your feet to sort things out.

The 19th heralds the New Moon in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. So there’s fun to be had on or around this date and it’s a great time to embrace adventure. Just ensure that you have plans B and C up your sleeve, incase events change last-minute.

Two more planets enter Libra this month, Venus on the 14th and Mars on the 22nd. So this social and busy period in your life is not going away any time soon. Make the most of it as best you can but don’t expect everything to work like clockwork.

Libra also rules neighbours, siblings and close associates so be in touch with people, especially if you owe someone a call. Someone close to you might need your assistance or help.

Events early in the month highlight money matters for you as both Venus and Mars unite in Virgo and your personal money sector on the 5th, the same day as the Full Moon. Love and money are connected during this time so perhaps someone helps you out or you want to be there for the ones you love.

This completes what you started last month in September. New rules or guidelines might be necessary now with regard to money, perhaps in relation to a child or lover in your life. Don’t be overly generous, especially between the 8th and 11th when it’s wise to adopt the mantra, ‘less is more’.

The big news this month however is Jupiter’s move into Scorpio. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune, it represents expansion and luck and it spends one year in each sign of the zodiac. On October 10th, Jupiter leaves the air sign Libra and enters the water sign Scorpio.

Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign; it’s focused, wholeheartedly committed and extremely determined. Jupiter in Scorpio waves the wand of transformation and when it boosts your home and family, your foundations and your links to the past, magic happens.

On a simple level, this means you might be ready to expand your home or family. It’s here where opportunity and growth lies and this is good news for family celebrations, healing past wounds and property deals.

Together you’re stronger with this combination so focus on getting together with your family or the people closest to you, to help one another and make life easier both financially and emotionally. You might decide to share resources or live together as a community. You might want to take in someone close to you, to care for them or spend time with someone you haven’t seen for years.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and return to your past whether you have cherished memories or you’re ready to let go of past difficulties. Clear out what’s old and no longer needed, to make room for what’s new.

One of the luckiest dates of the year is October 26th when your ruler the Sun teams up with Jupiter in Scorpio. This is perfect for a family get-together, a celebration, reconnecting with your roots, reaching out to long-lost family. You might decide to look into your past through a family tree or reunite with childhood friends. What you discover in the process could benefit you in more ways than you imagine.

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