Leo November 2019

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Leo (23 July – 22 August)

The Sun, your ruler, is in Scorpio and your home and family sector until the 22nd. This may be a time when you’re involved in home or property matters or family need your time and attention. Scorpio is one of the emotional water signs and it’s important that you trust your intuition when it comes to home and family decisions.

Diving In Deep

Yet, there’s another factor here intensifying the Scorpio energy. This factor is Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in Scorpio until the 20th. This adds an extra dimension because Mercury dives deep into Scorpio when it’s in retreat.

You could be being pulled back to the past, whether you’re visiting your childhood home or remembering loved ones who’ve passed on. Scorpio season is the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. You might be acutely aware of people in your life who’ve left the earthly realm. Or, you may be dealing with an inheritance or legacy.

The Mercury retrograde phase makes things particularly emotional. You could be handling some challenging emotions linked to your family or past. Notice your motivations and what stirs you on a deep level. You may be very aware of the ties that bind you, your blood relations. 

Also, you could be fact-finding or doing research as you try to help someone in your family for a personal reason. This is a great way to use the Mercury retrograde phase. Seek out some quiet time or solitude while Mercury’s in retreat too. This is helpful to tap in to your natural instincts, your knowingness.

A Powerful Full Moon

There is a peak period during the Mercury retrograde phase, when there may be revelation or insights that can guide you. This is the period from the 8th to the 13th which includes a Full Moon cutting across the Scorpio/Taurus axis of the zodiac on the 12th. Full Moons shine a light on your situation and bring clarity your way.

It’s not necessarily the time to make a big decision about home/family or career/vocation. Yet, do listen in and pay attention to what life’s telling you. There may be an event or synchronicity that takes place during the Full Moon period, which helps you make sense of your current situation. 

Also, there’s a stunning Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio on the 11th. This is when Mercury retrograde is in the heart of the Sun, your ruler. Someone may come to you during this time for advice or guidance. Alternatively, you might recognise what you need to say or do with regard to a home or family issue. Trust yourself during this period and make the right moves.

This mid-month period is about work and money too and how home and family link in to this. You could recognise what needs to happen to secure your finances moving forwards. You might have a dream to work from home, set up a retreat or help someone in your family make progress.

Dreams & Decisions

Dream big this month as there’s magic in the air. The weekend of the 8th-10th would be ideal for planning and using visualisation to come up with your next steps. Invite your family to get together to work on a plan. Find your close allies if you have a black sheep in the family or someone who needs extra care and attention.

The definitive turning point comes on the 20th when Mercury turns direct. This brings what’s hidden to light or news comes your way which helps you decide what next. And, the day before, on the 19th, action planet Mars enters Scorpio, where it remains until early January 2020. This combination is direct and forthright and a good time to get ahead with property plans and family business.

Mars does clash with Uranus in Taurus on the 24th. You may already realise that the bigger picture in life is shifting with Uranus in your career and vocation sector. This favours freedom and freelance work, being an activist or doing things differently.

The last week in the month is the time to sort out any arguments that kicked in on or around the 5th. This might be linked to your work place or people you see on a daily basis, perhaps a sibling or neighbour. 

Once Venus, the planet of relating, moves into Capricorn on the 26th, then you can work at finding an agreement. You may find that someone else steps in to help out during this period. If so, listen to what they have to say.

Venus Joy

Finally, the best part of your month is Venus’ move through Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign. Venus is here from the 1st to the 26th. This feels playful, joyful and colourful. It’s the perfect antidote to the more emotional or serious side of life.

Venus in Sagittarius boosts your love life as this is your romance sector. It adds warmth and vitality to your relationship with your children, your creative projects, entertainment and the social scene.

The last week of the month could be glorious in this respect for two reasons. Firstly, there’s a stunning Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius on the 24th followed two days later by a New Moon in Sagittarius, a symbol of new beginnings. 

This promises the birth of something special, perhaps a baby, a new romance or love affair. It’s also an excellent time in the month to launch a creative project or throw yourself into a hobby or leisure activity. Do whatever brings you joy and trust your luck. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith if you want to make the most of your life when the stars are in alignment.

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