Leo November 2016

Leo November 2016, autumn

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Your ruler the Sun is in Scorpio until the 21st, the sign down at the base of your chart. Scorpio rules your home and family, your past and where you come from so consider how you can root yourself a little further into life, settle down, create strong foundations.

The other planet in Scorpio as November begins is Mercury, the communication planet. Mercury remains here until the 12th so start those all-important conversations, connect with your loved ones and do so on a deep level. Scorpio’s not about idle chit-chat but instead it represents a soul connection, getting to know someone on an intimate level.

This is also an important month to make any key decisions about your home and family and to engage with these areas of life directly and honestly. The best date to do this is the 14th when there’s a Full Moon in the sky that cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

The Moon in Taurus is a safe harbour, stable and nurturing. This month’s Full Moon is about finding your feet, taking time to stop and steady yourself. Consider the balance of your life, what works and where it’s out. If you’ve been too busy of late, actively slow down the pace. If you want to find a deeper purpose for your life, move off the couch and out into the real world.

In fact, this month is all about rebalancing your schedule, finding an easy flow in life and doing more of what you love. Action planet Mars is in Capricorn and your work sector as November begins but it’s less troublesome than October and Mars soon moves away from Capricorn, on the 9th.

This is another indication that you need to pull back and focus on other areas of life. The planet of relating, Venus, picks up Mars’ baton on the 12th when it moves into Capricorn until the end of the month. This means that help is at hand, find ways to delegate what you do, share responsibilities, focus on team work rather than being the boss or the one in control.

Draw people around you who you love and make your regular routine a joy not a burden. Invest in your work but in a way that inspires others. This doesn’t mean financially but instead channelling positive energy into your work place, your everyday environment. Value who you stand alongside, support one another.

This is especially important because of what happens towards the end of November. On the 24th, there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Libra and your communication sector and Pluto in Capricorn and your work and health sector.

This is about the things you can’t control in life and the period from the 24th to the 29th could be choppy. You might be up against peoples’ opinions that clash with your own, you might be drawn into a political battle or find that your own beliefs are challenged.

This combination between Jupiter and Pluto can be a test of faith and sometimes you have to reorient your own moral compass. Notice if you want to go to extremes to get your point across or if you’re willing to pursue success at any cost.

It’s important to recognise what this combination means in your own life because this theme will reverberate throughout 2017. These two giants of the universe, Jupiter and Pluto, clash twice more in the coming year. For you this is linked to the way you communicate, your network, your community.

Love and relationships, fun and play are also highlighted throughout November and as the personal planets move through your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, this is another reminder to do whatever makes you happy.

Love planet Venus is in Sagittarius until the 12th lighting up your romance sector and passion planet Mars enters Aquarius and your relationship sector on the 9th. So the love and romance sectors of your chart are stacked throughout November, indicating an important month ahead for your 1-to-1’s.

If you’re looking for love, Saturday 5th is gorgeous as is Saturday 26th. Love can come your way out of the blue and you’re most likely to attract someone new when you enjoy yourself and have fun.

If you’re in a relationship or married, this is a positive time to spice up your love life and arrange some fun dates or social get-togethers together. The more you put into your love life, the more you receive in return.

Money or finances may prove unsettling in love and it’s wise to put off major money decisions this month where possible.

If you want to start a family or add a new addition to the family, this is a good month to do so and the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th is perfect for new beginnings.

Plus Sagittarius rules your creativity, your skills and talents, your hobbies and entertainment. The Sun, your ruler, enters this part of your chart on the 21st so sign up for some good times and focus on the playful side of life.

Make sure that you tap into your creative source and this is especially important if you haven’t recently engaged with the side of your nature that wants to be artistic, make music, perform.

It’s through doing more of what you love that you come alive fully so focus your energy and let this feel-good vibe run through you. Be inspired by others and use your own creativity to inspire others in return.

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