Leo Monthly Stars October 2013

Leo KitschensyngkLeo (23 July-22 August)

You hit the ground running as October begins with Mars, planet of action, in your sign of Leo until the 15th adding passion and aggression to the mix, plus the Sun your ruler is caught up in a Cardinal T-square on the 2nd/3rd.

This involves Sun Libra opposite Uranus Aries and square Pluto Capricorn and in some respects this encounter/challenge is nothing new. You’ve been here before late August and mid-September and this may not be the last time that you have the same or a similar conversation. The Sun in Libra is in your communication sector and it’s up to you in some respects whether you want to keep the peace or start a conversation that you know is going to ignite a fire.

You may not see eye-to-eye with your other half or be cross about what’s happening at work. Trying to create the lifestyle you want for yourself could also be an ongoing issue as the Uranus-Pluto square continues on its relentless journey. Uranus in Aries wants the freedom to travel, study and be a free spirit whilst Pluto in Capricorn is putting the pressure on to sort out work and everyday concerns.

This month there may be help at hand which coincides with the key phases of the Moon, the New Moon on the 5th and the Full Moon on the 18th. Alternatively you may find that you can no longer put up with a situation that’s holding you back or events conspire to turn the wheel of fortune and you have to change the way you’ve been doing things and move on.

The New Moon on the 5th is a good day to initiate a conversation and to set a new plan in motion that helps you work towards a long-term goal or dream. There’s a sense of now-or-never with impulsive Uranus in the mix asking you to be spontaneous and grab life by the scruff of its neck. Wherever in life you want more adventure and less predictability, here’s your opportunity to travel, study and follow a path of action that can only expand your world and help you see things from a new and different perspective.

The Full Moon on the 18th is also a lunar eclipse and the first eclipse in a cycle that cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart. This is about learning and education, it’s about your beliefs and your philosophy on life and more than anything it’s about the bigger picture. We all need inspiration and hope and dreams to keep us connected to the wider source and life is going to be asking you more than once over the next couple of years what you’re going to do about it, i.e. what you believe in and what you really want.

Don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a plate however and you are going to have to work hard and show that you mean business. Other planets are rooting you right now, holding you firm and making it more difficult for you to move and create the time and space to get away from home or family commitments or in some cases the past.

Mercury moved into Scorpio and the sign at the base of your chart on 29th September where it remains until early December. Here it joins Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, and in addition Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st. This feels slow and heavy although it can act as an anchor but more importantly requires persistence and patience from you.

If you’re not happy about any aspect of your home or family life, keep asking the questions, keep searching for solutions and see how you can find a way forward. Major decisions are best left alone during the Mercury retrograde period (21st October-10th November) but come late November/early December, you will know what you need to do in order to fix a problem or solve an issue regarding your domestic situation.

Money matters may be part of the problem and the solution especially when Mars moves into Virgo and your cash sector mid-month. Expect muddle and confusion on or around the 20th/21st when Mars opposes Neptune in the heavens and Mercury turns retrograde. Don’t even try to sort things out then but wait a few days. The Sun your ruler also enters Scorpio on the 23rd and two days later makes an easy trine aspect to Neptune. This is by far a better day/opportunity to look at ways of making ends meet, making your money work for you or improving your cash situation.

Finally and the best news of the month is the fact that Venus enters your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius on the 7th and your children, new romance and creative pursuits all get the green light. It’s these areas where you can find the most joy and happiness in your life and looking at life through a child’s eyes or in the glow of new love can make a huge difference. Circle the 16th for taking a risk and fun of the romantic kind.

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