Leo Monthly Stars October 2012

Leo MandalaThe first week of the month is pivotal for you as key planets moving signs add a more serious feel to your stars. Firstly, Venus, planet of good things, enters Virgo and your money sector on the 3rd, which is nice for treating yourself but just as important, it’s about budgeting and keeping a close track of facts and figures. Find yourself a good accountant or do your own but ensure you keep on top of finances.

Secondly, on the 5th, both Mercury, planet of communication, and Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, move into Scorpio down at the base of your chart. This turns your attention to your home, your family, your roots, your past and where you come from. It signals the need for a serious conversation whether this concerns caring for a parent, your own security or putting down roots. If it’s money you need to talk about, the 10th and 11th are excellent dates for financial negotiations.

Mercury nips in and out of Scorpio over the next two months so be aware that you may change your mind about the right thing to do with regard to home and family matters and, as Saturn is in Scorpio until 2015, this is about being patient and building for the future. However, this is where the hard work starts as Saturn doesn’t give you anything for free. It is the planet of commitment and self-discipline after all but Saturn often necessitates big decisions and you have to deal with the more serious side of life. Take your time if necessary and consider all the options available to you.

Once the Sun, your ruler, joins these key planets in Scorpio on the 23rd, think about making an important decision. The Sun and Saturn connect on the 25th and there’s a Full Moon that cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 29th. This is potentially an emotional time for you and you may take a trip down memory lane. Essentially it’s about doing what’s best for you and your family to create a more secure and settled way of life.

At times this month, you will want an outlet from the big decisions and there’s plenty of fun to be had as long as you create the time for this to happen. It’s a wonderful month to make new friends and try out some new activities. Attend a talk, accept a party invitation or make new friends online. Do whatever works for you but there’s no excuse not to socialise and get to know people who live close by or whom you see regularly on your daily commute. You benefit from fresh stimulus and new ideas and it’s important to stay curious and listen to what other people have to say as this is where you find your inspiration.

The Sun is in Libra until the 23rd and on the 9th the Sun teams up with Jupiter and on the 15th with the moon at the time of the New Moon. I read a quote recently that said, “if everyone put their problems in a pile, you’d take your own back” and if you do find yourself obsessing about bigger issues, then it’s important to remember this and again to look outwards in order to gain a fresh perspective. Your friends are there for you, to listen to you, to be supportive and to be supported in return.

The best news for you this month is Mars, the action planet, in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. This is about good times, enjoying yourself and ensuring that you have your fair share of fun and games. It’s wonderful for new romance, going out on dates or, if you’re a parent, hanging out with the kids. Many of you Leos have a strong inner child and playful side and you’re often at your happiest when you remind yourself of that fact and actively embrace activities that are free and playful. The 15th is a fantastic day to embrace a new project, especially if it involves travel or study or learning something new. Prioritise pleasure over responsibility whenever you get the chance and you make the best of your life.

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