Leo Monthly Stars November 2013

Leo Rankin MissLeo (23 July-22 August)

There are a slew of planets down at the base of your horoscope as the month begins. Cast a glance at the chart for the solar eclipse on the 3rd and you’ll see what I mean. A solar eclipse is effectively a New Moon with punch as your ruler the Sun and the Moon connect with the nodes, the karmic points of the chart.

In addition to the Sun, Moon and north node in Scorpio, Saturn and a retrograde Mercury are in the pack. So something’s holding you fast, rooting you to the ground or the past. Scorpio’s the sign that rules your home and family, your ancestors and where you’re from.

With Mercury retrograde, i.e. on go slow until the 10th, it’s important to ask who you’re not talking to or who’s gone quiet. If you’re burying your head in the sand with regard to home, family or a domestic issue, it’s time to start peeking out over the parapet and see what can be done.

The solar eclipse is the first chance to initiate action and eclipses often bring what’s hidden to light, a similar theme to Mercury turning direct after three weeks retrograde. If you’ve been stuck in a cycle going nowhere, circle the 3rd, the date of the solar eclipse and the 10th, the day Mercury turns direct, for new information or to get the green light on a property move, family issue or hear the news you’ve been waiting for. It’s also a powerful time to reach out the olive branch of peace, to reconnect and work towards reconciliation.

Mercury is after all the planet of communication and Mercury makes loads of aspects this month, a lot of which are helpful. So once Mercury turns direct, get talking and sort out any problems or matters pronto, especially those ones you’ve been avoiding or putting off.

Events this month turn the wheel of fortune and when you look back on what took place, you’ll realise it was a major turning point in your own life. The key areas to note are your home, family, parents and your past.

It’s also a good month to get to grips with money matters and your work, especially the stuff you do on a regular basis which fills your daily routine. Mars, the action planet, is in Virgo and your cash sector throughout November encouraging you to get organised with money matters, read the small print, do your accounts and work hard to make ends meet or make more, wherever you’re at personally.

Virgo is one of the earth signs that likes to pay attention to the details but if this is not your forte, then get someone else on board who can help you and ensure that your money is safe as houses. It’s the perfect time for a financial review especially with the potentially expensive festive season just around the corner.

Venus, the relationship planet, also enters one of the earth signs this month when it moves into Capricorn on the 5th where it’s going to remain until early March 2014. This is an unusually long time for Venus to remain in one sector of the horoscope as it too turns retrograde just before Christmas. This is your cue to focus on your work, your routine and your health and to ensure that everything’s working in tip-top condition.

It also suggests that for some of you work’s going to be more about doing a job or job-hunting rather than being able to play on a bigger field for now. Keep your grand ambitions in check and instead work towards smaller goals that ensure you’re taking good care of you and helping to keep you safe and secure.

The people you work with can be especially helpful with Venus in this sector of your chart so focus on team work, delegating where necessary and have fun with your work colleagues. Sharing experiences and bonding together will help you weather the more difficult challenges around your work or your health.

The most challenging date in this respect is the 15th when Venus clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square which has been hanging around for what feels like for ever. Pluto in Capricorn is inevitably changing the way you work or do business and with Uranus, the break-away planet, in the freedom sector of your chart, some of you will be undergoing big changes on the work front. This is still in process but keep chipping away.

The Full Moon in Taurus and your career sector on the 17th also picks up the work/lifestyle theme when you may find yourself juggling the home/work life balance one more time. Have faith that you’re moving in the right direction and know that some of the changes taking place will prove beneficial in the long run.

Finally, love and romance take a turn for the better on the 22nd when your ruler the Sun moves into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. This may feel as if it’s much needed especially if you are one of those Leos who is dealing with the more serious side of life at present. Throw yourself into good times towards the end of the month, ask someone out on a date, hang out with your kids or arrange some fun-filled entertainment.  December will have much on offer to keep you royally entertained.

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