Leo Monthly Stars November 2012

Leo Oil PaintingLeo (23 July-22 August)

When you’re positive and enthusiastic, your energy is infectious and with first Mars, the planet of action and passion, and then the Sun, your ruler, in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, this month you’re leading the way.

Think about where you find your joy in life, whether it’s through romance, your children, your self-expression or entertainment and when you decide what it is, do more of it. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into fun experiences.

Life is better and you feel better when you put a positive spin on things and view a glass half full rather than a glass half empty.

New people also brighten up your life this month with Venus in Libra until the 22nd. New encounters warm your heart and reaching out to other people has a beneficial effect on you and the others concerned. Sharing what you do and what you love is also powerful.

There are certainly bigger issues for you to deal with now and you may already know what they are. Saturn’s move into Scorpio last month on the 5th October was significant acting as an anchor down at the base of your chart. This puts the focus on your home, your family, your past and where you come from. You want to get things right whether this is about caring for a parent, ensuring long-term security for you and your family, building a new home or whatever else it is for you personally that focuses your attention on the structure of your life.

The Sun is in Scorpio and this part of your chart until the 21st and most importantly there’s an eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th. This is the first in a series of eclipses that will play out over the next couple of years and they’re powerful turning points for you as they focus on the IC/MC axis of your chart, in others words your past and your future. It’s about getting the foundations of your life right from the structure and security at the bottom to the career and vocation at the top. This is your chance to hone what’s working and what’s not and to begin a new chapter that will take you forward to 2015.

When you look back on eclipses you often see them as markers or major turning points in your life. You don’t know exactly what they’re going to be about beforehand, however, as the symbolism of an eclipse is that it’s something that’s hidden that then comes to light. It may be a new opportunity, a possibility to move home or move away. It may be a key person moving in or moving out. It’s often something you didn’t know beforehand and this theme is especially powerful now as this eclipse takes place as Mercury retrogrades back into the same sector of your chart on the 14th.

Mercury retrograde is also about shadow, things that are hidden and unclear and often, all you can do is wait until Mercury turns direct again, which this month happens on the 26th. Until then, review and revise your ideas and plans concerning your home, family and the basic structure of your life but be aware that new information may come to light, firstly on the mid-month eclipse and secondly when Mercury turns direct. In all honesty, it may take until late November before you know where you stand and you can start to make some key decisions.

Venus joins the party on the 22nd moving into Scorpio and on the 27th Venus and Saturn connect in the heavens. This brings love into the equation and Saturn is always about making a big decision, whether it’s an ending or making a commitment. Whatever you decide with Saturn, be aware that it’s for the long term and you need to work hard to prove your commitment.

At month’s end there is a second eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart and this means that a friend or group will play a key role in your life. Step in to help with a friend’s drama or crisis or allow yourself to be profoundly influenced by a friend or group in your community. Don’t forget that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is in this sector of your chart and this is where growth and expansion lie for you. You may be asked to step up and take on a new position within society or your community, perhaps through someone close who decides to step down.

November is a big month with some key decisions to be made and new events coming in. The more you can look on the bright side and inspire and help others the more powerful the month will be.

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