Leo Monthly Stars May 2013

Leo KitschensyngkLeo (23 July-22 August)

This is an important month for you, Leo, for a number of reasons. Firstly the personal planets are stacked together at the top of your chart as the month begins.

Mercury (communication) joins the Sun, your ruler, Venus (relating) and Mars (action) in Taurus on the 1st and the spotlight’s on your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is about being in the public eye, being busy and making some key decisions about what next.

The situation is complicated somewhat because Saturn opposes the planets in Taurus down at the base of your chart. This suggests that there may be another person involved, either your other half or a boss or a business partner.

They have their own needs and agenda and may want to slow down your progress for whatever reason. Saturn tends to answer No rather than Yes so you’re going to have to fight to prove your determination to achieve your chosen goals.

For some of you, there are factors to consider that tie you to home and family; an elderly parent, childcare to negotiate, issues to do with where you live. These are some of the possibilities but Saturn may play out in other ways in your own life, connected to your family, your home or your connection to the past. You can pursue a career goal but not without taking certain home or family matters into consideration.

Whether you’re in work or out of work, this is a big month for your career and the tipping point comes on the 10th when there’s a solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus. Being ruled by the Sun this is a powerful marker for you. Eclipses are often dramatic as someone or something may be eclipsed from your life or new information or a new situation comes to light. A New Moon eclipse suggests you need to close one door in order to begin a new chapter. You have to let go or move on in some way in order to create a sense of renewal and a chance to start afresh.

With Saturn in the mix, you may have to compromise what you want; you can have this, but you can’t have the other. However, as so many of the personal planets oppose Saturn on this date, this suggests the right move is to put your ambitions first and make a new job or role your starting point. This is one of your best months this year to move your career or vocation in the direction you choose.

As the month continues, the planets begin to move into the sign of Gemini, ruling friends, groups and the wider community. Venus is there from the 9th, Mercury from the 15th, followed by your ruler the Sun on the 20th. Where work’s concerned, this is about spreading your net wide, networking, making new connections and turning to others for support and advice.

Venus and Mercury are sociable planets together so hang out with your friends and make new friends as this is where inspiration and opportunity lies. This month there’s a real possibility of good news, an unexpected offer or an exciting opportunity you can’t resist. On the 18th and 21st, first Venus and then Mercury connect with the planet Uranus in your travel and study sector. These dates are brilliant for being spontaneous and adventurous. A weekend away with friends, expanding your horizons via a talk, being inspired at a museum or gallery: anything that’s fun and different.

The best dates, however, are the 27th/28th when first Mercury and then Venus team up with lucky planet Jupiter. Jupiter’s been in Gemini and your friendship sector since June 2012 and will move on at the end of next month. Before it does so, it connects with Mercury and Venus this month and your ruler the Sun next month. For you this may involve a celebration, a school reunion, reconnecting with friends or making new friends.

Luck comes via other people and in particular a group or community in which you’re involved. Jupiter rules spirituality, travel and the greater good. Become involved in a charity, link up with like-minded people and do something that’s either purely joyful or deeply meaningful. Jupiter’s on your side.

The only wobble at month’s end is the weekend of 25th/26th when there’s one more eclipse, a lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. In addition, this Full Moon squares Neptune making this a potentially emotional couple of days. With Neptune in one of your money sectors, avoid anything financial on or around this date and don’t be swayed by a sob story or be sucked in by a get-rich-quick scheme.

On the other hand, if you’re invited to a glamorous event or you’re attending a charitable, creative or spiritual workshop, then Neptune’s on your side. Neptune is the planet most closely associated with fantasy, and if you want a hedonistic escape from reality or to tap into your compassionate, generous-hearted nature, then go for it. Just don’t sign away your millions in the process!

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