Leo Monthly Stars June 2015

seminar, LeoLeo (23 July – 22 August)

Are you ready and raring to go, Leo? The planets certainly think you are as your sign of Leo intensifies. This is where the drama and action’s at over the next few months.

Plus what’s important is that the two key planets in your sign are the best planets in the heavens. They are called the benefics. Jupiter is the greater benefic and Venus is the lesser benefic.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, entered your sign of Leo in July 2014 where it remains until August 2015. Jupiter is the freedom planet, big and proud, urging you to celebrate and make the most of life. If you’ve been craving freedom, wide open spaces, this is the reason why. 

Venus is a faster moving planet and enters Leo on the 5th of this month. Normally, Venus remains in one sign of the zodiac for approximately 1 month. However, this time around Venus remains in your sign of Leo until early October, except for a couple of weeks when she’s in Virgo late July.

When Venus is in your sign, the emphasis is on you. You’re popular, you attract people and luck to you. You become more interested in your image and appearance, how others see you and you want to do more of what you love. Venus rules sensuality and ultimately happiness. So be careful what you wish for whilst Venus is in your sign as you’re likely to attract more of it into your life. Whether you’re dreaming of love or money, Venus has her eye on you.

There is little emphasis this month on your work or career after a few months when this seemed to be the main focus. Now the planets turn their attention towards pleasure, your cue to do more of what you love. If you know that your work/life balance is out of kilter, with too much emphasis is on one side of the scales, this month is all about realignment. It’s about getting the balance right.

Two areas of your charts that are powerful now include friends and groups, travel and adventure. These are two areas which would benefit from your attention. The first area, friends and groups, is slightly more complex. This is because there is conflicting activity here in your chart, which suggests an issue that needs to be sorted out.

You might have fallen out with a friend, you might be questioning your involvement within a group or you might want more support in your life from other people. Whatever your personal situation, this could take up a lot of your energy or time as June begins.

The Full Moon on the 2nd highlights these areas of your chart and this is often when you see your situation with clarity. Full Moons can be emotional but it’s time to trust your intuition. If you’re looking for love, someone might well rush in on or around this date. Love and friendship are linked too and you might have to make an important choice. You can only have one thing or the other but not both.

This decision keeps you busy until Mercury, the communication planet, turns direct on the 11th. This is the key turning point. New information comes to light or you hear the news you’ve been waiting for. It’s a key date to make up your own mind. This is the equivalent of a green light and you can start to make progress swiftly.

This is confirmed because the New Moon on the 16th also falls in the sign of Gemini. This is a brilliant date for new beginnings, to start over, to launch a project. More importantly it resolves a friendship or group issue that’s been dragging on for some time. You can speak with confidence.

The first two weeks of June are also a key period to reconnect with your friends and to put energy into your thriving friendships. Be around the people you love, arrange some fun times together and organise a group social event or celebration.

The star of the show this month however is a stunning Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect which takes place on the 22nd. This is the third and final meeting of these two planets which first got together in September 2014. They met again in March earlier this year and this is the final and most important connection.

Jupiter is in your sign of Leo calling you forth to play big, to find your truth, and to expand who are you are and what you want out of life in any way imaginable. Uranus is also in a fire sign, Aries, and this picks out the travel and study sectors of your chart.

Again it’s a big picture theme. This is the month to visualise, to look to the future, to be inspired. Whether you want to see the world or save the world or whether you’re seeking a deeper meaning in life, this aspect is for you and the time is now.

This is not the time to hold back but instead to take risks and to embrace life fully. Whatever your personal dream, this is your opportunity to say yes to it. The personal planets are calling you out all along the way.

Mars (action) connects with Jupiter and Uranus on the 5th and 9th, the Sun (identity), your ruler, connects to Jupiter and Uranus on the 8th and 10th and finally Venus (love/relating) connects with Uranus on the 29th.

Whether you receive little nudges along the way or the universe is shouting at you loud and clear, listen up. New opportunities like this one don’t come along very often so make the most of it. Wherever in life you want to break through or break free, here is your opportunity. Grab adventure and new experiences. It’s your turn to play, have fun and be majestic.

Finally, it’s important to note Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, leaving one sector of your chart and returning to another on the 15th. This relaxes love, issues around children, creative activities as Saturn departs Sagittarius ruling these areas of your life for three months until September 18th.

Yet Saturn has to go somewhere and he returns to your home and family sector, your past and where you come from. This is a chance to tie things up from the past, to complete the project that was all consuming in 2013 and 2014. Go back to the past, make your peace, find closure. This is all the more important with so many new beginnings that currently on your horizon.

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  1. Hi Sally, Having read both Scorpio for myself and then Leo above for my hopefully future better half I am very pleased with what the next month has in store for both of us. Maybe things will be working out at last and I get to move back to Ireland and into the arms of himself!!!!!
    Take care and thankyou.xx

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