Leo Monthly Stars June 2012

Leo Ukraine StampLeo (23 July-22 August)

This month signals the end of a potentially successful but hard slog period in your life. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, has been up at the top of your chart since last summer sending new career opportunities your way, more freedom at work or a new outlook on your current vocation.

Jupiter’s been in Taurus, one of the earth signs, and another key planet in an earth sign is Mars still in Virgo since last November. Virgo’s your personal money sector and you may by now be aware that hard work and graft bring in the pennies. Earth signs are about slow and steady progress rather than get-rich-quick schemes.

Mars leaves Virgo at the beginning of next month and Jupiter leaves Taurus this month, on 11th June. You’re entering a new phase when connections and networking create new opportunities. It’s about who you know more than what you know, so sign up to social media sites or join a group, club or society and mix with like-minded people. Jupiter is in Gemini from 11th June 2012 until 26th June 2013.

Gemini is in fact the sign of the moment and with last month’s solar eclipse in Gemini on 20th May plus a lunar eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on 4th June, the spotlight turns to friendships and groups. Eclipses sometimes symbolise endings and new beginnings, and they’re shadowy and dramatic. What’s hidden comes to light and external events beyond your control move your life forward.

Whether you’re saying goodbye to a friend who’s moving away or you’re ready to move on from a group or club, the emphasis is on closing one door so another door can open. This may be any group in your life, whether it’s social, political, spiritual, environmental or a leisure activity so be ready for a shake up in the bigger scheme of things, whether your own or someone else’s doing.

Venus too is in Gemini and on the 5th/6th June there’s a much heralded Venus transit of the Sun. This is quite spectacular so expect some big news for a friend on or around this date. Venus is the Goddess of love, so this may be connected to a relationship, a new start, someone falling head over heels in love and it could be you. If you’re going to find love and it’s very possible now, it’s via a friend’s introduction or by joining a new group or network. Other good dates for finding love are 21st and 27th June.

If you’re in a relationship or married, then love may feel as if it’s on go slow. If your other half spends a lot of time with a certain set of friends, this could become an issue and if you need a heart-to-heart to get your relationship back on track, then choose the same dates, the 5th/6th, 21st and 27th June.

Behind the scenes, you may feel as if big change is brewing in your life connected with travel, moving or perhaps studying a new subject, that’s unusual or different. It’s about making the most of new opportunities and shaking up your own life to invite new experiences and people in. Too much routine weighs you down and your desire to live life to the full may shock but you know you have to follow your heart. See what happens on or around 29th June, a key date in the month for you, when you’ll want to expand your life or break away from convention.

Finally, it is important to keep a close eye on investments, debts, savings, mortgages, insurances and the like. On 25th June Jupiter in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, the part of your chart that rules money you share with others. Don’t let money slip your fingers due to bad judgement or over-speculation on your part. Jupiter and Neptune are Pisces’ planets and together they’re boundless, so great for having a big vision and big plans for the future but not so great when it comes to nailing down the details and being realistic.

At its most extreme this aspect is about giving money away to a charity or religion or taking a huge risk in a friend’s investment/get-rich-quick plan. Either way, take your time with your decision and make sure you know what you’re doing. There’s a lot to be excited about this month and you don’t want to blow it all by putting your trust in an idealistic or impractical venture.

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