Leo Monthly Stars January 2014

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January is an unusual month as it contains two New Moons, the first of which falls on New Year’s Day, an auspicious date indeed. This is a New Moon with a difference as it not only involves the Sun, your ruler, and the Moon but Mercury (communication) and Pluto (loss/power) are involved in the line up. So words have power and you may feel ready to either commit or quit. Whatever you undertake when Pluto’s involved is final.

All of this takes place in the sign of Capricorn ruling your work, your everyday routine and lifestyle and your health and diet. This year the New Year resolutions you make relevant to these areas of your life have extra oomph.

Here’s your chance to organise your daily routine so it works well for you. Capricorn is the sign of order and responsibility. Draw up some new rules and regulations that benefit not only you but your family as well. Your sign of Leo has a special affinity with the sign of Capricorn as you both appreciate getting things organised. This is when your ‘boss’ and leadership tendencies can come to the fore, helping you streamline your life at home and your place of work or where you volunteer.

Early in the month, the Sun conjuncts Pluto on the 1st and opposes Jupiter on the 5th. These two mighty planets often bring what’s hidden to light; they’re about finding buried treasure and delving down deep into life to discover the nuggets amongst the ash. This is perfect symbolism for transforming the place you work or wherever you spend the majority of your daily hours.

This may indicate a change of lifestyle as Pluto in Capricorn highlights your work, your everyday routine and your health. This may be a time of soul-searching when you’re interested in the bigger questions in life and you feel inclined to follow a spiritual, philosophical, politically motivated or socially aware path. What you discover now may also bring key changes to the way you choose to live your life.

Jupiter and Pluto oppose one another across the heavens on the 31st and this powerful opposition played out in August 2013 and will meet up once again in April 2014. January is the mid-way point when you can go a long way towards transforming or revitalizing your health or your place of work. Pluto isn’t a planet for the faint-hearted however so often this comes about because of a message that’s urgent or difficult to hear. If you have any health worries or any addictions you’re ready to let go of, here’s your chance to reform your lifestyle and do things differently.

Venus, the planet of relating, is also in Capricorn and remains retrograde, i.e. on go slow until the end of the month. In fact, Venus turns direct on the same day as the Jupiter-Pluto opposition on the 31st. If it’s your partner or someone in your family who you’re worried about then expect a turn of events by month’s end and one way or another, you will know what you’re dealing with.

You may find with Venus on go slow that someone you rely on is out of the picture throughout January whether this is a work colleague or someone you employ, e.g. a cleaner. Be patient as the end of the month will reveal clues or change your situation for the better.

It’s not all about work and health this month however because on the 11th and 20th respectively, first Mercury (communication) and then the Sun, your ruler, move into your opposite sign of Aquarius. This highlights relationships and you can expect plenty of action in this area of your life throughout the rest of January.

Note in particular the 17th and 29th when Mercury and the Sun team up with spontaneous Uranus and your love life turns lively. Uranus in a harmonious aspect often brings surprises that you like and unexpected events that put a smile on your face. The second New Moon of the month also falls in your opposite sign of Aquarius on the 30th, a great date to initiate a fresh start in love or to meet someone new.

Uranus suggests that your love life will be unconventional in some way but if it makes you happy that’s what matters. There’s a lot of passion in the air for you this month with Mars, planet of energy, in Libra and your communication sector. Expect lots of relationship gossip, your own and other peoples’ and a desire to talk to others about love more than usual.

Mars in Libra suggests a busy month to-ing and fro-ing and catching up with old and new friends alike. However with Jupiter in your previous sign of Cancer, it’s also important to find time for you, to slow down the pace and not overdo things, especially if you are changing your diet or you want to look after yourself well as 2014 begins. Don’t forget that Libra is the sign of balance and this is what it’s wise to aim for especially with regard to your work and your lifestyle.

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