Leo Monthly Stars February 2014

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I’m going to dive straight in and start with the fact that on Valentine’s Day 2014 there is a Full Moon in Leo – wow! Full Moons are about relationships as they involve the Sun and Moon, the King and Queen of the heavens opposing one another across the zodiac and complementing each other perfectly.

This Full Moon falls across the relationship axis of your chart so it has to be a defining moment for love, especially if your birthday is from 18th-20th August as the Full Moon is exact at 26 Leo.

Think back to August 21st 2013 as there was a Full Moon in Aquarius on that day at a similar degree of the zodiac, 28 Aquarius. It may be that something began back then with regard to love and relationships and six months later, we come full circle and there’s another powerfully emotional Full Moon in the heavens.

This is your turn to shine as the Moon is in your sign of Leo and wherever you are on Valentines Day and whoever you’re with, you will want to be centre of attention. Emotional fulfilment comes through being noticed and being adored and this is what you’re going to want and need. It suggests an important turning point with regard to love, perhaps a proposal for some and for others clarity about where your heart truly lies.

This is a key moment in a month when Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde, i.e. on go slow and on the 13th Mercury retrogrades back into your opposite sign of Aquarius. So you may need to keep quiet about what happens on Valentine’s Day weekend or you may need to be patient when it comes to love.

Mercury retrograde is never the time to make the big decisions in life, rather it’s a good time to reflect on your situation and review what you want. Another important date for love is the 28th when Mercury turns direct and you find that you’re either ready to speak up or the information or news you were waiting for comes your way. If someone makes a promise to you mid-month, wait until two weeks later to discover further developments.

There may also be issues that hold you back in some way now from pursuing a relationship or key partnership in your life. This is due to Saturn down at the base of your chart in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn squares your ruler the Sun in Aquarius on the 11th and Mercury in Aquarius on the 19th so you may find yourself experiencing doubt or find you’re up against an obstacle that holds you back in some way. Perhaps it’s your living arrangements, an elderly parent or parental figure, a child or children or any other factor that makes you feel responsible and where duty lies.

Again take your time and look at ways round any problem that appears. Even though the Full Moon on the 14th is glorious and promises a great deal, it’s advised to proceed slowly and with caution until you feel that you’re right on track. Having said that, everything hinges around the weekend of the 15th/16th and the conversations that you have and the Full Moon illuminating your way forward.

This month it looks as if you require your work to be steady or for other people to help you at work and with regard to your everyday schedule. Reach out to women in particular, whether you need a colleague to step in and help you at work or sharing childcare would make your life so much easier. This is where the steady and stable aspect of your life is right now, through your everyday connections and the people who support you.

Where money’s concerned, there may be times this month when you’re wondering where it’s going to come from. Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces and your joint finance sector on the 6th and then on the 23rd the Sun in Pisces sits next to Neptune. This is wobbly ground financially and you can’t rely on a promise when it comes to money. With Mercury on go slow and the Sun next to slippery Neptune, nothing is guaranteed but have faith and know that come next month your situation will change again.

For now, it’s hard to make something out of nothing and you’d be wise to back off financial matters if you can and realise that you may not receive the best advice this month. In a similar fashion, don’t get carried away with grand ideas around money and ensure that any money-making project is tested against reality. This way, you’ll keep hold of your hard-earned cash and not let it slip through your fingers.

Finally, there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Cancer and your hidden sector and Uranus in Aries and your travel and study sector on the 26th. This is a square aspect and it feels restless as if you’re ready to change your philosophy on life. It could represent an important shift for you so stop and see what opportunities come your way and whether they grab your attention. Jupiter is strong in Cancer so any activity that allows you to retreat a little from life or learn on a deep level is highly recommended.

If you are travelling on or around this date, allow yourself extra time as with Mercury still retrograde until the 28th, your plans may be disrupted or you may find you want to change your schedule at the last minute. Act on a hunch and do what feels right.


7 thoughts on “Leo Monthly Stars February 2014”

    1. hi Erika, thanks for your comments. There’s no connection between the two in my opinion. What’s more significant is that at 7 years, you often get the seven-year itch, which is due to the first Saturn square, Saturn representing challenges/reality. It’s how you overcome these that decides whether you move forward together or go your separate ways. I hope that helps. best, Sally

    1. Venus enters Aquarius, your 7th house of relationships on March 5 2014 plus Mercury, the communication planet, turns direct in Aquarius on February 28th 2014. Both positive for a turn-a-round in love. best, Sally

  1. Thank you Sally. My heart is filled with hope now. I will let know you know the situation after 5th March. So i should keep the faith and be patient until then?

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