Leo Monthly Stars February 2013

Leo Greek StampLeo (23 July-22 August)

The Sun rules Leo and until the 18th of the month, the Sun is in your opposite sign of Aquarius. The Sun rules the ego, the self but in your opposite sign, the balance is tipped in the favour of others and you can’t shine as brightly as usual.

Often when the Sun is in your opposite sign, your energy’s weakened. Conserve your energy now and consider your well-being. Remember that you can’t please everybody and put your own needs first when it’s sensible to do so.

The opposite sign rules your relationships and this is definitely a key month for some with regard to love and relationships especially as Venus, planet of love, is also in Aquarius from the 2nd-26th. It’s an excellent month to enjoy all that love brings and being spontaneous and allowing each other the freedom to lead your own lives enhances and expands love.

It’s an excellent month if you’re looking for love especially on the 6th and 7th when Venus teams up with Uranus and Jupiter respectively. Uranus is a live-wire energy and things happen quickly when Uranus and Venus connect. Jupiter’s joyful and abundant so do something special on or around these dates either with your other half or to meet someone special.

Completing the picture, there’s a New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th, an excellent date to start afresh in love and to create some new intentions to improve your love life.

The only difficulty is a square from Saturn to Venus, which takes place the day after the New Moon. Saturn’s the get real planet and makes you aware of the limitations or obstacles in your path. Saturn is currently down at the base of your chart so it may be your family or a matter related to your past that stops you and holds you back or your home life and where you live.

The good news is that Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th and any problems start to weaken after this date. If there’s any specific issue that is putting the brakes on love, it gets easier to fix it and find a solution once Saturn is retrograde and on go slow. Other dates when help is at hand include the 12th and the 15th and 16th. This may be connected with work, your routine or your health. The ability to find solutions and to be constructive is emphasized on or around these dates.

On the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces where it joins Mars (action) and Mercury (communication). Pisces rules other peoples’ finances and resources in your chart. It’s about money but not your own. This may concern debts or investments, an inheritance or insurances. It’s important to focus on the financial side of life this month and to do so with a keen eye and attention to detail.

Part of the problem is Neptune, the planet that rules inspiration but also scandal and confusion. Neptune is now in Pisces and connects closely with key planets on the 4th (Mars), the 6th (Mercury), the 21st (the Sun) and the 28th (Venus). Neptune clouds the issue, it draws a veil over what’s occurring and you’re more susceptible to other peoples’ games and deception. In your financial and business dealings, ensure you keep everything above board and think twice before signing up to a new scheme or plan that sounds wonderful. Scratch the surface and you may find its all gloss but no substance.

Mixing friendship with money is also a risky strategy this month as Jupiter is currently in the sector of your chart that rules friends, groups and clubs and Jupiter squares up to the planets in Pisces. You have a big vision when Jupiter’s in action and it calls out your caring and altruistic nature and if you’re a typical Leo, you’re naturally generous and giving. Do be enterprising and charitable but beware of impulsive gestures if they’re not thought through or fully researched.

Jupiter squares the Full Moon on the 25th which looks especially dramatic and overly exuberant. Jupiter tends to expand what it touches and as Full Moons tend to be emotional, this signals fireworks regarding a financial matter. Another potential spanner in the works is Mercury turning retrograde in this same sector of your chart on the 23rd. Mercury remains on go slow until the 17th March and you’re wise to bide your time when it comes to financial and business decisions.

It all adds up to a chaotic picture so do your research and check things out but put off any important decision if you can until mid-March. There’s too much uncertainty and it’s likely that the situation will change and new information come to light once Mercury turns direct. Feel your way along this month and retain your generous and compassionate nature without losing out in the process.

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