Leo Monthly Stars December 2013

Leo Kitschensyngk 2Leo (23 July-22 August)

As the month begins, the Sun is perfectly positioned in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius where it remains until the 21st.

The Sun has virtually a free run through the heavens until that point and as Sagittarius rules all the good things in life such as romance, creativity, children, entertainment, it bodes well for a joyful lead up to Christmas.

If you’re a typical Leo, you’ll love this time of year as it brings out your child-like qualities and your fun-loving nature.

It’s also good news for those of you who are looking for love so don’t miss out on a chance to kiss under the mistletoe and meet your sweetheart.

In fact, there may be a few surprises on the love and romance front this month as Uranus, one of the planets that rules your partner, is very active. Uranus brings the unexpected and fits well with being spontaneous, outrageous even so don’t hold back if you’re looking for love.

The key dates for romance are the 3rd when there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius, perfect for new beginnings and initiating action on the love front. The 10th is also perfectly lined up for a conversation that steals your heart. Call someone out of the blue and listen up for some good news.

In addition the Full Moon on the 17th is powerful as it cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart and this makes it a great day for partying with friends or finding love. Add to the mix Uranus turning direct on the same date and there’s a punchy, sparky feel to your astrology. Uranus may well bring revelations and a sudden turnaround in your love life. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, you may be on the receiving end of a surprise or why not do something special for the one you love.

The other factor to take into account with Uranus is that it does bring the unexpected but Uranus is currently in the third fire sign of Aries so it is in a positive aspect to your own sign of Leo which suggests good news rather than an upset.

Another reason why you may find that this month is especially busy and social is Mars the action planet moving into the sign of Libra on the 7th. Mars will remain in this sector of your chart until late July 2014, an exceptionally long time for the planet of passion and energy to remain in one part of the zodiac. This is because Mars will turn retrograde next year but for now it’s full steam ahead and as Libra is one of the most social signs of the zodiac, it’s an excellent month to make new friends and to try out new activities.

Communication may become more urgent with Mars in this sector of your chart and you may find that you’re rushing around to meetings or need to talk to people on the phone more than usual. Getting hold of the right kind of communication technology or mode of transport could also leap up your wish list whether you suddenly need to update what you already own or you have a strong desire to facilitate an easier flow of communication with the people in your life.

As Christmas nears you will find that work or health issues move up your list of priorities and for some it could be quite a dramatic end to the year. The Sun enters Capricorn and your work sector on the 21st and on the same date Venus, planet of relating, turns retrograde in the same sign.

Venus often represents the women in your life so it may be that you lose someone in your life on or around this time who’s an important support or influence. Whether it’s a work colleague who’s changing jobs or you hear that someone you look up to is moving on or moving away, there’s a sense of a door closing and for whatever reason this person’s support will be lacking from your life for a while at least.

Venus turns direct again on the last day of January 2014 but until then you may have to do the work of two people or look elsewhere for someone to help you out.

Christmas and New Year have very volatile energy this year as Mars clashes with Uranus on Christmas Day and Mars squares up to Pluto on New Years Eve. As Mars is in your communication sector, the best advice would be to avoid any conversation that you don’t want to have. If you sense that someone is angry or trying to provoke an argument, play the diplomat and do your best to calm things down.

News that you hear on or around the 29th may also mean you have to act fast to sort out a situation that impacts on your work or your routine. It’s not an easy end to the year or to the start of the 2014 to be honest and with the Sun your ruler in Capricorn, you’re wise to sit tight, hold firm and play by the rules. Don’t try and push your luck especially where work’s concerned and if anything you’re wise to be conservative or cautious rather than go out on a limb.

Trust that if changes take place as the year comes to a close that something better is around the corner and you need to clear out the dead wood in your life to allow new growth to emerge as January begins. Look after yourself at year’s end, don’t take on too much and rest up a little too. Wherever you are and whatever your personal situation, here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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