Leo Monthly Stars August 2013

Leo SyrylynLeo (23 July-22 August)

When the Sun’s in Leo, it’s not only your birthday month but your chance to shine. The Sun is at its best in the royal sign and in whatever way, shape or form, it’s time to put yourself first and focus on your personal needs.

You may be more concerned with your appearance simply because when you look good, you feel good and it’s a great month to try out new styles in clothes and hair. Your name is important too whether you’re launching a website or have a desire to see your name in lights.

Some Leos love the fame game and don’t stop taking centre stage for the majority of their lives, Madonna and Mick Jagger to name two famous Leos. If you’re keen to be seen and heard this month then go for it especially on or around the New Moon in Leo on the 6th and when Mercury, planet of communication, joins the Sun in Leo from the 8th-23rd. With Mercury in your sign, use your voice, get your message across and speak up. It’s a brilliant time to promote your services, write your memoirs or be loud and proud.

The New Moon heralds new beginnings and when it falls in your own sign, it’s a brilliant opportunity to make new resolutions and initiate a fresh start. Create intentions about what you want to achieve over the next year and this is especially important as the seeds that you sow now will grow and blossom into their full glory come next summer when Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion, enters your sign of Leo on July 16th 2014.

So the impetus is on you and who you are this month and this energy will continue into September as Mars the planet of action and passion moves into Leo on the 28th of this month.

However, there’s a quieter more secretive side to your stars now and all this ‘see me, love me’ attitude may feel off key or wrong. This is because as August begins there are three planets in Cancer, the sign before yours, and the hidden sector of your chart. This is classically a time of retreat when you appreciate silence above noise and want to slow down the pace of life. Rather than going too far to either extreme, it may be wise to balance the busyness of life with some quieter time and relaxation. Trust your intuition and use your inner wisdom to guide you in helping you make the big decisions.

One of the planets in Cancer is Jupiter, the planet of blessings and new opportunities. This month, Jupiter meets the Uranus-Pluto square, the ongoing clash of the Titans, which symbolises getting rid of what’s old and replacing it with what’s new. This can happen in a radical or unpredictable manner when you encounter the unexpected in your life but it’s also a chance to get rid of anything that’s no longer working for you, especially people or situations which have a negative or destructive effect upon you.

Jupiter’s the powerful player in this clash – Jupiter is opposite Pluto on the 7th and Jupiter is square Uranus on the 21st – as this is the planet of protection in the sign of nurturing. So this is about the feel-good factor too and doing what’s beneficial for you. This may mean a change of lifestyle as Pluto in Capricorn highlights your work, your everyday routine and your health. You may find this is a time of soul-searching when you’re interested in the bigger questions in life and if you feel inclined to follow a spiritual, philosophical, politically motivated or socially aware path, what you discover may also bring key changes to the way you choose to live your life.

Some of you will be starting a new adventure or be keen to embrace new experiences in life and to do things differently. Travel or learning can be part of this process and the 4th and 15th are key dates to say Yes and make the most of life.

Another powerful turning point this month is the Full Moon on the 21st which falls in your opposite sign of Aquarius. What’s unique about this Full Moon is that it’s the second Full Moon in two months in your opposite sign and the first took place on July 22nd. So it seems as if you need to look again at a relationship issue or a situation that involves a key individual in your life.

The Full Moon is traditionally a time of completion, of things coming full circle and a decision is often required. This month’s Full Moon coincides with the Jupiter-Uranus square which means there’s a theme of freedom and breaking free. Whether you end a relationship or start a new one with someone different to yourself, what you decide may shock or surprise people close to you.

Finally this month, the Sun moves into Virgo and your money sector on the 22nd swiftly followed by Mercury on the 23rd and you’re wise to focus on finances. Both these planets meet up with Neptune on the 25th and 27th so ensure you keep a tight ship financially and balance the books. With the Sun in Virgo, you’re wise to read the small print of any financial deals and be thorough when it comes to cash and money matters. Neptune can represent a person or institution that tries to pull the wool over your eyes so engage your common sense and keep your trust antennae finely tuned in order to keep your money safe. September’s going to be an important month for you when it comes to earnings and making more.

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