Leo Monthly Stars August 2012

Leo Zodiac StampThe month starts with a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius, linking the Moon in your opposite sign with your ruler the Sun in Leo. It’s an important emotional marker for a key relationship and the planet Jupiter’s involved in a positive way.

This suggests a chance to make new goals for the future as a couple, and sharing similar beliefs or opinions unites the two of you. Find common ground between you, plan a holiday or book a course you can take together. It’s a bold Full Moon that requires risk-taking and an open heart to benefit to the full.

Another important date is the 8th when Mercury, planet of communication, turns direct after three weeks on go slow (since July 15th). This is important for you as Mercury is in your own sign of Leo so whether you’ve experienced delays or frustration, communication chaos or any other aspect of Mercury retrograde, you have your voice back. The 8th is a fabulous day to initiate an important conversation, a meeting or interview and to speak up. If you have any ideas that have been bubbling way on the back burner, again this is the time to do something with them and share what you know.

Mercury remains in Leo all month and on the 18th and 22nd meets up with the planets Uranus and Jupiter respectively for the 3rd time. Travel, friendship, study and broadening your horizons are key themes on these dates. You hear good news or are invited to do something exciting and different.

There’s a theme of second or even third chances so think back to late June/early July and see if you can remember what you talked about then which hasn’t materialised as yet. Here’s your chance to be spontaneous, take a risk and be back in touch with someone who can help you achieve your goals, especially in an area that widens your world and your network.

Another key date for you is the 17th when there’s a New Moon in Leo. This is a wonderful time to make a fresh start and create new beginnings in your life. With the spotlight on yourself, it may be about your name, your image, a website or any other vehicle that demonstrates who you are and what you’re about.

When the New Moon takes place in your sign once a year, think of this as the start of your personal new year and look at the goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Make some resolutions or simply decide to enjoy yourself more and put pleasure and entertainment top of your list. The Sun in Leo loves to shine so think about how you can be centre stage, where in life you want to perform and how to attract the adoration and attention you crave. A happy Leo is a Leo who’s loved and adored, whether by one specific individual or by a whole audience.

The period between the 17th and 20th is also a good time to get your message across. The Sun teams up with Mars and Saturn in Libra and your communication zone and if there’s anything serious you want to say, make it happen on these dates. You may have a sense that there’s something that’s unsaid and it feels important for you to draw a line under a certain situation.

Mid-month, there is a theme of endings in your chart. It may be a job or work that’s finishing or a course of study that’s coming to an end. Try not to rush your goodbyes or thank yous but take your time savouring what’s been achieved and accepting your situation. Take time to reflect and consider where in life you need to move on and let go.

When it comes to love, you’re playing a waiting game as Venus, planet of love, is currently hidden away in your chart in the sign before yours. This often speaks of a secret affair, a private infatuation or not being with the one you love. Be patient if this is the case and once Venus enters Leo early September, your love life is back centre stage. If you’re single, you’re more likely to meet someone who’s available once Venus enters Leo next month.

On the 22nd, the Sun’s on the move into the earth sign Virgo and the following day the 23rd, action planet Mars moves into Scorpio. This puts the spotlight on more practical matters, finances and home and family issues and if you’re looking for work, the 30th and 31st look promising. Your financial situation may be changing too and it feels emotional.

Family or someone from your past are linked with your financial situation and this is a time when you can find a way to work together. This means someone lending you money to put a deposit down on a house, an inheritance, joining the family business or renting out a room. The key is to understand that your financial wealth is linked to people close to you and past connections. Your own generosity helps those close to you as well and kindness and caring are greatly rewarded.

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