Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

As May begins, there are a host of planets at the top of your chart in the sign of Taurus. This puts the focus on your career and vocation and it’s a time when you can work hard and enjoy what you’re doing. That’s the theory at least.

Certainly this is a time when there’s a lot that can go your way and the first two weeks of May are especially powerful in this respect. It’s a good time to be ambitious, to step into the public eye, to be seen, to make your mark. If you’re a typical Leo, you’re one of life’s leaders and right now, life is calling you forth to play big.

On May 6th, the New Moon takes place in Taurus and your career and vocational sector. This is always a highlight of the year when the New Moon lights up the top of your chart like a beacon. This is a brilliant date to set your intentions for work, to decide what next, to show you mean business.

Plus this New Moon links in to two other powerful planets, also in earth signs like Taurus. The first is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, in Virgo and your personal money sector. The second is Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn and your work and lifestyle sector.

During the New Moon period, there’s a fertile and productive Grand Earth Trine in the heavens and as this links the work and money sectors of your chart, there’s a lot that can happen. It’s a real go-for-it period and whether you’re looking for work or you’re rising to the top of your chosen profession, aim high.

The 1st to the 9th are brilliant dates for you to shine bright and on the 9th lucky Jupiter turns direct in the heavens. This has got to be good news for you financially and for money matters in general. Jupiter is back on your side and the planet of abundance will now continue in forward motion in this sector of your chart until early September.

Trust and faith come into play as does a desire to take risks, to think big. Jupiter is one of the planets linked to entrepreneurial activities, thanks to its connection to vision, big picture thinking and a positive attitude. This is the time to sow seeds in your life as you reap what you sow.

Yet there is one planet that’s not as easily placed during May’s activity and this is Mercury, the planet of communication. Mercury is also in Taurus and your career sector but up until May 22nd, Mercury is retrograde or on go slow in the heavens.

So even though your working life is in flow and there’s a lot going well, you still have to pay attention to the trickster planet. Sometimes this means that you’re not thinking as clearly as you would like, sometimes it means that things go wrong more than usual or there are misunderstandings or delays.

What’s really important when Mercury is on go slow is to read the small print and to pay attention to the details. Double check everything, especially any important meeting or interview. Enlist other people to help you and with Venus in Taurus until May 24th, this favours teamwork and finding the right people to assist what you’re trying to do.

Plus with Mercury retrograde, ideally you put off the big decisions until the date when Mercury turns direct, i.e. the 22nd but that certainly doesn’t mean doing nothing. This is not the case when you have a lot going your way with regard to your career, your vocation and your next steps in life.

Two-thirds of the way through May and you might detect a shift, a desire to do things differently. If you’ve been overworking or focused solely on career and ambition, it’s time to change your perspective. This begins once the Sun, your ruler, enters Gemini and your friendship sector on the 20th.

This is about other people and socialising on the one hand but also building community around you. Gemini rules not only old and new friends in your life but groups, society, alliances. You need to work alongside others now to further your own goals or you might simply find that you want to put the focus back more onto play than work.

The Full Moon on the 21st cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart and this highlights your social life and other peoples’ input into your own life. This is a challenging Full Moon however, because it pulls in the planet of passion and anger, Mars, which is currently retrograde, i.e. on go slow in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius,

Mars retrograde can throw up frustrations or irritation around others. This might be with a lover, children, people you’re involved with in a creative or artistic project. It’s combative, argumentative and it flags up a difference of opinion.

This theme continues after the Full Moon because the love planet Venus in Gemini opposes Mars in Sagittarius on the 25th. If there’s someone in your life you don’t get on with, this is when swords are drawn and you might have a battle on your hands.

For some, this might light up news of an affair or a love disappointment; it could mean having to put down new boundaries with a child or in a family situation. This is where the challenges are most likely to arise and this is confirmed because Mars retreats back into Scorpio and your home and family sector on the 27th.

This is where you have to work harder than usual to keep the peace and there might be times when this is impossible if other peoples’ behaviour is out of order. So bear this in mind, especially during the period from the 20th-24th.

This is when you can clash with others and discover where you disagree. Keep money out of the equation and keep a tight hold of your emotions. Decide carefully which battles are worth fighting and when it’s best for everyone that you let go and move away.

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