Leo Monthly Horoscope December 2015

snowflake, LeoLeo (23 July – 22 August)

If you’ve been involved in any situation where you’ve felt trapped or blocked, you’ll be more than ready to break free as December begins and do things differently.

There’s strong fire sign energy around at the start of the month with your ruler the Sun in Sagittarius along with communication planet Mercury plus change merchant Uranus in Aries.

Sagittarius is the sign which rules all the good things in life such as love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects and your self-expression, entertainment and play. This is all well and good but another key player in this area of your chart is Saturn and somewhere in some part of your life he’s clamping down on the fun.

Yet Saturn is out of the way now and he doesn’t come into play at all throughout December. He’s replaced in fact by Uranus, the lover of freedom, in a big way. So if you find yourself swinging from rules to rebellion, sensible behaviour to impulsive actions, you’re already veering from one planetary energy to the other.

This is not a time when you will be bowed down, held back, restricted and boy, are other people going to know about this in the weeks to come. So hoorah for good times: commit to play, romance, partying. Line up some social get-togethers, make sure entertainment is high on your Christmas hit list, hang out with the kids and let your inner child out of his/her box.

The 1st is dynamic and the 9th is filled with go-getting energy. Spontaneous impulsive gestures make a difference and delight you and other people in your life. Plus the New Moon on the 11th also falls in the fire sign Sagittarius, a perfect date for initiating action, fresh starts and more delicious opportunity to enjoy yourself and have fun.

You might already know or suspect that living life on the edge or embracing freedom with open arms cannot continue indefinitely and there’s a more sober feel to your stars once both Mercury and the Sun enter the earth sign Capricorn on the 10th and 22nd respectively.

This turns the focus towards your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health and as Christmas draws closer, you’re aware you have a lot to do if you’re going to be ready for the big day. Yet there’s a lot of support to hand and if extra work means extra income, then even more reason to keep yourself busy.

Don’t overdo it though and wear yourself out otherwise you might end up feeling poorly over the holiday period and that would be no fun at all. So monitor your stress levels closely and delegate tasks and chores to others. Don’t forget that your sign of Leo makes a wonderful boss, whether you’re busy delegating at work or at home. Your Christmas mantra: I won’t do everything on my own!

Plus it’s also helpful to decide who’s easy in your life and who’s difficult and to avoid the people who press your buttons or trigger strong reactions. If you can already name individuals who increase your stress levels when they’re mentioned in conversation, do yourself a favour and steer clear.

This is especially pertinent from the 6th-11th as action planet Mars is in your communication sector throughout December and during the period mentioned, Mars clashes with the Uranus-Pluto duo. This is a volatile energy and as Mars rules anger as well as passion, this can indicate an argument or falling-out.

It’s good planetary energy if you want to tell someone exactly what you think of them or use this opportunity to reject the past and move on from any relationship that’s outdated or outgrown its purpose. It’s your shout but it can be difficult so choose your battles wisely.

Christmas itself is intriguing for you this year because there’s a Full Moon on Christmas Day, the 25th December. This Full Moon takes place in the sign of Cancer, the sign previous to your own. It’s the home and family sign but for you it suggests a private or intimate affair which isn’t always your preference.

If you do want to be radical this year and spend Christmas on your own or go away on a retreat or holiday, the stars are backing you all the way. Yet the Full Moon in Cancer also brings out your compassion so caring for others or looking after vulnerable people is another possibility which will prove fulfilling.

Don’t forget the spiritual side of Christmas or let commercial factors dominate. This won’t suit you at all this year if you don’t at least make room for both in your life.

Plus Uranus, planet of spontaneity, turns direct in the heavens on Boxing Day, 26th December and this is another reason why you might be tempted to jump on a plane or go off and do something different. Uranus is in Aries and your travel sector.

This too suggests that when it comes to love, spontaneous actions are on the cards whether it’s you or the one you love who springs a surprise. Generosity abounds over the festive season and the giving and receiving of gifts and love blesses everyone.

Finally New Years Eve is special as love planet Venus moves into Sagittarius and your romance sector on the 30th. It’s perfect for a party and for ensuring that love and romance are high up your New Year agenda.

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