Leo May 2017

Leo May 2017

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Communication planet Mercury turns direct in your fellow fire sign Aries on the 3rd. This puts travel and study plans back top of the agenda and you can start to make key decisions with confidence.

When Mercury is retrograde, the three week phase can turn plans on their head. It’s helpful to know that once Mercury is direct the waiting period is over and information that was hidden finally comes to light.

Mercury turns direct close to Uranus so there’s a surprise factor involved. You may be able to use technology now to further your own plans. Aries is not only about travel and study in your chart but also lights up publishing, the media and legal affairs.

If you found that one door closed to you over the last couple of months, now’s the time to try again. Uranus is linked to risk-taking and experimentation although there are no guarantees when Uranus is active.

You do have people on your side however as the other key planet in Aries is Venus, the planet of relating. Like Mercury, Venus was retrograde or on go slow from early March to mid April. There’s a theme of second chances this month so perhaps try again where you failed once before. A contact who turned you down may be more receptive this time around.

Plus there’s a stunning major planetary aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries on the 19th. This creates a triangle in the heavens with your own sign of Leo, all three fire signs activated.

Sagittarius rules all things creative. This includes children & pregnancy, creative projects, love affairs, entertainment. It’s what you birth or bring into the world, what you create and give life to. So focus now on your talents and skills, where your passion lies, what you love.

Saturn is renowned as the taskmaster of the heavens but the Saturn-Uranus connection brings something new to the mix. These two planets first got together at the end of 2016 and they meet one more time in November 2017.

This is about reinventing yourself, turning something old into new and there’s a sense of renewal about this combination. So wherever you’ve been unable to make progress, this major aspect indicates that it’s worth trying again. Look at any problem from a new perspective, do things differently, try an alternative or modern approach. Be resilient and refuse to give up on a project that matters to you a great deal.

Friends can be both a help and hindrance in this respect. Action planet Mars lights up your friendship sector throughout May and is in the thick of the action. Yet there may be resistance from a particular friend or group of friends and here too it’s important to get the balance right.

Some people will be willing to help you out, will back what you want to do whereas others might try and talk you out of your plans. Be careful you don’t get sucked in by negative talk, especially around the 11th and 29th.

The best date for new beginnings with friends is the 25th as on this date, the New Moon takes place in Gemini and your friendship and group sector. This would be an ideal time to surround yourself with people you love, especially people who boost your confidence and are happy, outgoing and positive.

So there’s potential now both to make progress and have fun socially and creatively. Love too could be a blast especially if you’re enjoying a holiday romance or you’re on a romantic trip for two. Although there may be times when you feel as if you and someone close have a different agenda and it can be hard to find the time to be together.

Yet if you’re looking for passion, a love affair, some flirtatious action, then you are than usually blessed in the month ahead. Love and relationships are moving into a pivotal phase now and you may already sense this because of recent events, linking back to August 2016.

The current eclipse cycle cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac and eclipses often coincide with drama or life-changing events. Plus this month on the 10th, the karmic nodal axis also lines up with the eclipses as the nodes shift from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius.

This adds the destiny factor to your 1-to-1’s and it’s your birthday month, August, that will prove most significant.

For some, this will be a busy period work wise. The Sun, your ruler, is in Taurus and your career sector until the 20th and on the 16th, communication planet Mercury re-enters this same part of your chart.

The Sun in Taurus makes no difficult planetary aspects this month so this suggests a steady time, when you can get ahead and be organised. You do have to be persistent however and there will be times when you feel as if work is relentless. Yet if you’re on a roll, keep moving forward as this will help boost your finances and your reputation.

The Full Moon on the 10th could be a stand out date for work and career but it also highlights the foundations of your chart. Scorpio is the sign that rules your home and family, your past and where you come from so you may have to dig deep if your ambition and career goals take you away from the ones you love.

Keep on keeping on and trust that in time you’ll be able to give back to family or the people closest to you. For now, if the opportunities are there to earn well or create more security in your life through a regular job or shift, take the sensible option.

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