Leo June 2020

Leo, Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

A new eclipse cycle begins this month cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. The first eclipse is a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the 5th. Eclipses are powerful for you because they involve the relationship between the Sun, Moon & Earth. And, the Sun is your ruler in astrology.

This eclipse cycle highlights the social axis of your horoscope. It’s about your friends and group activities, your involvement with society, politics, communities or humanitarian goals.

Also, it’s about the things you give birth to, i.e. your creative urges. This includes your children, your lovers, your creative projects, your skills & talents.

This eclipse is highlighting how you express yourself out in the world. These areas of your life may be shifting or changing as new lessons or learnings emerge.

It’s wise not to act on the date of the eclipse but wait and see what occurs. Once the shadow lifts, a new landscape is revealed. Then, you can decide where you need to step in or take action.

Venus & Mars

Venus and Mars also play a pivotal role in this month’s events and especially linked to the Lunar eclipse. Your ruler, the Sun, unites with Venus on the 3rd. This is the moment in Venus’ retrograde cycle where she has her audience with the Sun and changes from being an evening star to a morning star.

You may be helping someone close during this phase as you’re represented by the Sun. Who can you help, lead or guide? With Venus retrograde, there may be a theme of unrequited love or a love relationship unravelling. This isn’t necessarily in your own life but perhaps for someone close whom you care about deeply.

Venus remains in retreat until the 25th and this date can be a significant turning point for all concerned. If you’ve been mulling over love & relationships, this would be an ideal time to speak up or reopen the lines of communication.

Mars is active during this phase and clashes with Venus on the same day as the Sun/Venus conjunction, the 3rd. This combination is heated and emotional. Mars is currently in Pisces and your joint finance sector, also sexuality and taboo issues.

Primarily, this flags up a conflict over money although perhaps sex is involved too. Where finances are concerned, you’re wise to tread lightly. Neptune is in Pisces and Neptune is a slippery influence. Mars and Neptune are in cahoots on the 13th.

With personal planets retrograde throughout June and the first half of July, the best advice would be to delay major investments or spending until a more timely opportunity arises. Some of you could do well now, but this is a time for humility rather than showy or over-the-top gestures.

Mercury Retrograde

When planets are retrograde, it can feel like a stop-start month so pace yourself accordingly. The planet of communication, Mercury, turns retrograde in June on the 18th and remains on go slow until July 12th.

Mercury is currently in Cancer and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Try not to wear yourself out, especially if you’re dealing with personal issues. As Cancer rules the hidden sector in your horoscope, sometimes this flags up a secret enemy or someone working against you. 

This is not the time to make a major decision. Instead, shift things around and change your routine so you get a chance to look at your life from a different angle. You could reconsider a personal issue or rethink your work and lifestyle.

Mercury makes only one major planetary aspect this month to Uranus in Taurus and your career and vocation sector. This takes place on the 5th & 30th. Plus, there’s a final, culminating aspect on July 22nd.

This suggests that you’re mulling over your long-term path, your career, your vocation & goals. Uranus favours freelance work and craves freedom. It’s also about moving your business online. The key time for setting something new in motion is mid-July onwards.

Cancer rules rest and retreat in your horoscope, so create more space and quiet time for yourself this month. Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to take time out and be by yourself. Listen to your natural instincts and slow down so you can hear your inner voice. 

Solar Eclipse

Caring for yourself and others is a key theme of the current eclipse cycle which comes to a close in July 2020. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about being of service, sacrifice and surrender and this eclipse cycle began in July 2018.

You may choose to put your life in the hands of G-o-d or follow a spiritual path and let go of outer achievements or success. That’s the most radical outcome of this current cycle. Yet, in some way, large or small, you could find yourself shifting your priorities.

This month’s Solar Eclipse falls at 0 degrees Cancer so it’s punchy and powerful. This takes place on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, a day when we honour the Sun, your ruler.

Take note of what occurs or what you decide on or close to this date. It feels as if it could be a pivotal turning point for you.

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