Leo June 2019

Moon, Leo

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Friends & Group Connections

The Sun, your ruler, is in Gemini until the 21st. Gemini rules your friends, social connections, your networks and group interactions. It’s a time when people matter to you and you’re wise to extend your reach and make the most of the people in your life.

This will mean different things to you depending on your current situation. Know that this is a good time to engage with other people, whether you’re expanding a business or you’re ready for more fun and laughter. You could be embarking on a social mission or want to have your say in politics, the environment or humanitarian concerns.

The New Moon falls in Gemini on the 3rd, a symbol of new beginnings. This would be a great date to consider joining a group, club or society. This might be an influential step for you, helping you meet people who can help you make progress in life. Or perhaps, you’re doing this for social reasons and want to pick up a hobby, skill or talent that you’ve lost in recent times.

Jupiter Joy

On the whole, this month’s astrology is urging you to do more of what you love in life and to consider how you spend your time. This is also the theme of Jupiter in Sagittarius, a key feature in this year’s astrology.

Jupiter is the big planet, expansive and linked to good fortune. Sagittarius is a fellow fire sign, lucky and fortuitous for you. It rules romance, children & pregnancy, entertainment and creative projects. Most importantly, it’s what makes your life fun. As a fire sign, play and joy are integral parts of your life.

If your life has been out of balance recently, it’s time to realign the scales. You may have been working too hard or spent too much time alone. You might be single and realise you’re keen to meet someone new. This is one of the best months of the year for dating and meeting new people. 

Also, you have Venus, the planet of love and relating, in Gemini and your friendship sector from the 9th onwards. Another nudge that suggests love and friendship are linked in your life. A great opportunity to ask for introductions and make new connections.

Big Dreams

Back to Jupiter, which isn’t acting alone this month. Jupiter is currently in cahoots with Neptune in Pisces and these two planets make a square aspect on the 16th. This is their second meeting this year. They came together on January 13, 2019 and meet one last time on September 21, 2019,

Wherever you find these two planets in your horoscope, this is where you can take a leap of faith, where dreams can come true. Both planets are strong in their sign of rulership.

Allow yourself to be romantic this month, in all senses of the word. It’s about love, on the one hand, but it’s also about tapping into something greater and finding inspiration out in the world. Allow yourself to dream big and see what emerges.

Work & Money

Money is part of the picture as Neptune is in Pisces and your joint finance sector. This is about shared resources, so you may be fundraising this month, perhaps for a children’s organisation. Or you might have other charitable goals that tap into the generous side of your nature.

If money’s tight, you do need to consider carefully what you invest in and how you’re going to pay the bills. Be aware that Neptune is the planet of illusion. Keep your feet on solid ground and don’t lose sight of reality as you allow yourself to dream what’s possible.

The Jupiter- Neptune vibe is strong on the 9th/10th, also the 23rd/24th but it peaks close to the Full Moon on the 17th. This time of the month could be hugely emotional for you, even overwhelming. It’s potentially exciting but once again, find a way to stay grounded. If you are in financial difficulty, even more important that you put strategies in place to help you moving forwards.

Saturn is the key planet in this respect as Saturn in Capricorn unites with Neptune in Pisces on the 18th. Capricorn rules your work and lifestyle sector. Therefore, you might be keeping the day job for now or know that you need to boost your physical fitness as a priority. 

Consider what this means for you. Saturn is the anchor that holds the Jupiter-Neptune fantasy in place. It’s the nuts and bolts of the situation that can turn the dream into reality.

Rest & Retreat

There will be times this month when you doubt what you’re doing or where you’re heading. Communication planet, Mercury, joins action planet Mars in Cancer from the 4th to the 27th. This turns your attention inwards and often indicates a key period of preparation. 

Try not to spend too much time being introvert or quiet, unless it’s helpful and releasing for you. Some of you may be processing deep emotions during this period.

Plus, Mercury and Mars run into the formidable duo of Saturn and Pluto from the 14th to the 20th. This could flag up where limitations lie. You might be dealing with a personal issue or a period of low energy. Perhaps, you’re caring for someone close and need to put other people’s concerns before your own. Issues at work could also be the reason for concern.

The release comes on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, when the Sun, your ruler, enters Cancer. This brings with it illumination, insight and a softer, gentle vibe. Put any arguments or disagreements behind you and focus on your needs, your well-being. Slow down the pace, be kind to yourself and others. Let go of what’s not working out and consider where any key changes are needed. 

A Sun/Uranus connection on the 27th coincides with Mercury’s move into Leo, your star sign, on the same day. However, Mercury will switch direction early next month. Even more reason to retreat and take the pace slow.

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      Your 1st house is Leo – your 12th house is probably Cancer but it depends on your time of birth.

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