Leo June 2017

Leo, sky

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

There’s no point hanging around if you have something important to do when it comes to love or a close relationship. The planet of relating, Venus, has been in your fellow fire sign of Aries for most of the last four months but on the 6th, it moves on.

Before it does, however, Venus connects with Saturn on the 1st and Uranus on the 3rd and these are your partner planets. If you want to be spontaneous in love, go for it; if you’re ready for new beginnings make it happen. There’s a new story about to emerge from mid-June onward.

Certainly June is a month when people matter and it’s your interactions with others that can make the biggest difference to your life not only personally but professionally as well.

On the 6th, Venus enters Taurus and your career sector and this is prime time to schmooze people of influence and to get on the right side of the people who matter. Venus in Taurus is good news for networking, making connections and even better, meeting the person who loves what you do.

After a period when work has been something of a slog, you’re entering a purple patch. If you’ve done all that was asked of you recently, this is the time when you reap your rewards. It’s also a good month to invest money in your career, whether you’re buying a new work outfit or employing a coach or expert advice.

Make an effort to extend your network now as this is how to be successful. Up until the 21st, your ruler the Sun is in the sociable sign of Gemini ruling groups, societies and associations. Hook up with the right people and this is the way to go far.

Notice who comes into your orbit on or around the 3rd when the Sun teams up with Jupiter in your ideas sector. This combination promises opportunity and good fortune.

Alliances move up another notch once communication planet Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini on the 6th. This is a quick-thinking, fast-paced Mercury and it makes for a lively month. Line up some key meetings, interviews, even a workshop or conference. It’s a go-for-it time in many respects but more than anything, you can get ahead in your career and make some important contacts.

This is a time to remind yourself that what you do in life can be fun. The Full Moon on the 9th lights up the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and this highlights play and good times. When you feel that you’ve found the right team or you’re part of a group that gets you and knows who you are, you boost your happiness factor.

Plus on the same day as the Full Moon, big planet Jupiter turns direct in your ideas sector and will remain in direct motion for the next four months. This is your chance to make an impact through your words, whether you’re leading a group, speaking in public or sharing your experience in writing.

Jupiter’s the planet linked to publishing and the media and this combination of Jupiter in your communication sector suggests that you have something to say, that other people want to hear. You might be leading workshops or talking in a public arena. You might want to be part of a group of people to share your ideas. Whatever your personal situation, this is the time to get heard.

Mid-month you could find yourself up against opposition when Saturn challenges the Sun and Mercury on the 15th and 18th respectively. Yet Saturn is no longer working alone as live-wire Uranus is in tow. If someone doesn’t get what you’re saying or doesn’t agree with you, find a new way to put your ideas across.

This is potentially an exciting combination as long as you don’t give up at the first hurdle and, if necessary, you’re willing to try and try again.

Mid-month could also be important for your 1-to-1’s and it’s important that you have clear boundaries within your close relationships. If love and friendship are intertwined, be careful otherwise someone could get hurt. You’re a big-hearted character but you can find it hard to take criticism. Look after yourself and don’t put yourself in the way of negativity.

If you’re looking for love, take note of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and your romance sector on the 9th. This is a classic symbol for enjoying yourself and meeting someone new.

Yet the pace of life has to slow down as June continues and perhaps you’re already aware that you’re running out of steam. Even the sturdiest batteries need recharging at some point and this might be true for you if you’re running heater skelter through life.

Physical planet Mars is in Cancer and the most hidden sector of your chart from the 4th so don’t take too many risks now and pace yourself, especially if you’re involved in physical or adrenalin-boosting activities.

Yet the real turning point comes for you on the day of the Solstice, the 21st. This is the midpoint of the year and it coincides with the Sun’s move into Cancer, the sign before yours. This symbolises retreat, a need to take time out, to be quiet, to recuperate.

Plus on the same day, communication planet Mercury enters Cancer so listen to your inner voice, your intuition. The New Moon in Cancer on the 24th is yet one more indicator that some quiet time is called for, perhaps seeking a spiritual path rather than material goals.

Certainly you need to find some time for you especially if you have a busy schedule. From next month onwards, the personal planets will be back in your sign of Leo so do what you need now to be fully fit and relaxed.

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