Leo Horoscopes September 2021

sun & moon, Leo

Money Matters

September is an important month for you with regard to money matters. It’s a good time to get organised, safeguard your cash and get on top of your finances. This might mean sorting out administrative paperwork, setting up a budget or lining up new money targets or goals.

Virgo is the star sign that rules money in your horoscope and your ruler the Sun is in Virgo until the 22nd. Action planet Mars is here until the 15th.Both the New Moon in Virgo on the 7th and the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th/21st are important dates for money.

The intentions you set on or around the New Moon could determine how you make progress financially and how you can use your money to its maximum effect. New Moons are ideal for taking the initiative and starting something.

Full Moons tend to be more emotional but it’s wise to trust your intuition on or around the Full Moon when making a significant financial decision.

Neptune is also in the mix, however, so be wary about money matters, especially on the 2nd and 14th. Money could be an emotional issue this month and Neptune can be linked to deceit or scams. Don’t be fooled, read the small print and pay close attention to where your money’s going.

Or, perhaps you want to rethink what you give to charity or how you use your money to help others as well as fulfil your own needs.

You will feel pulled at times when you notice different needs or emotions around money. Ideally, look after your money first and other people’s money second.

Making Connections

Your ruler the Sun changes star sign on the 22nd, the day of the Equinox, and enters the sign of balance Libra. Libra is one of the air signs and this is great for communication and all things marketing, sales or gossipy.

The air signs rule the networks so connect with other people, make new friends and reach out. Wherever you want to extend your social circle, use your voice, either personally or professionally. 

All the inner planets are in Libra at some point this month. Here’s the pattern:

  • Venus (love/relating) until the 10th
  • Mars (action/drive) from the 15th
  • Mercury (communication) all month

This indicates there’s support in your community, so aim to be social and have a good network of friends around you. It’s not just about support and advice either, it’s about having fun as well.

Work your connections and create closeness in your personal relationships. Be around people who make you laugh and lift your spirits. 

There will be times throughout September when you have to dig deep in your close relationships, especially with the person who plays devil’s advocate or the person who insists on arguing every point. 

Balance is needed in your close relationships, which means finding lightness in love and friendship.

Tricky dates for close relationships: 17th & 23rd

Lucky in love: 6th & 20th


The important Jupiter-Pluto connection peaks on the 11th but remains active throughout September, October & November.

Jupiter is in Aquarius and your relationship sector. Get the right people on your side and you can go far, your spirits can soar and your experience of life will expand. Find the right teacher or mentor.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn and your work and health sector. Look for the person who can liberate you from oppression or control or a period of unemployment. Find the right health expert who can give you the correct diagnosis.

Mercury Retrograde Tips

There’ll be more advice on Mercury’s retrograde phase next month. For now, here are some top tips on how to prepare before the planet of communication switches direction on September 27th:

  • back up important files and correspondence
  • deal with any technological niggles or transport issues 
  • line up key meetings or interviews
  • have those all-important heart-to-hearts
  • sign & seal contracts before the end of the month

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