Leo Horoscope October 2023


For most of October, there’s a strong emphasis on the star sign Libra and your communication sector. Your ruler the Sun is here until the 23rd. Plus, talk planet Mercury’s in Libra from the 5th to the 22nd and action planet Mars is her until the 12th. Therefore, it’s important to reach out to other people, to connect, talk and brainstorm new ideas. 

Libra rules siblings and neighbours in your horoscope, also your local community. These are the key areas of your life to be pro-active, take the initiative and make things happen. It’s positive astrology for writing and speaking, podcasting and teaching. Libra is the diplomat, mediator and go-beween.

Solar Eclipse

Mid-month is when the planetary energy peaks in Libra. This is because, on the 14th, there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sector of your horoscope.

This month’s Solar Eclipse is the second eclipse in a new cycle cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac. The first took place on April 20th. Therefore, the two dates may be linked.

A Solar Eclipse accelerates growth and this may open the door to a new opportunity, perhaps linked to education, teaching or getting your voice heard. Yet, as powerful Pluto is involved in the Solar Eclipse, this could signal an ending followed by a beginning.

Decide where your loyalties lie and be bold. Take your time before rushing into anything new. Notice the signposts and what’s foreground in your life.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn and your work and routine sector. Usually, where Pluto’s concerned, it’s a case of all-or-nothing and Pluto power is intense this month as it turns direct on the 11th, three days before the eclipse. Work may feel relentless. Or, perhaps you’re currently unemployed or out of work.

Plus, one week after the eclipse, both the Sun and Mercury in Libra clash with Pluto in Capricorn on the 21st. You may be gearing up to say no to one person, one path, so you can head off in a new direction.

Put all this together, and it’s important to get real about your work, your health and your lifestyle. Notice who or what’s stopping you leading the life you choose. This might be a time when you decide to put a job on hold or end a permanent contract. Your may recognise the time is right to eliminate stress from your life as best you can.

Scorpio Season

Your ruler the Sun is in Scorpio and your home and family sector from the 23rd onwards. Yet, Scorpio season begins early this month.

This may be a time when you’re involved in home or property matters or family need your time and attention. Scorpio is one of the emotional water signs and it’s important that you trust your intuition when it comes to home and family affairs.

There are other factors intensifying the Scorpio energy from mid-month onwards. Here’s the pattern:

Planets in Scorpio:

  • Mars (action/drive) – from October 12th
  • Mercury (communication) – from October 22nd
  • Sun (identity) – from October 23rd

Your ruler the Sun isn’t in Scorpio alone as talk planet Mercury is here, alongside action planet Mars. Plus, on the 29th, there’s a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Scorpio. This combination is direct and forthright. It’s a time when you may be arguing or be adamant about property plans or a family business.

The other planet involved is expansive Jupiter currently in Taurus and your career and future sector. There’s a lot of energy towards the end of October highlighting your past, your future and how they are connected. Freedom may be a key theme.

Lunar Eclipse

Also during this period, there’s a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac on the 28th. This is important for you because these two star signs fall at the peak and base of your horoscope. 

Taurus rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation, your future and where you’re heading. Scorpio represents your home and family, your past and where you come from. 

The Lunar Eclipse is shining a light on your current situation, exposing where change may be required. Sometimes during eclipses, the unexpected kicks in acting as the trigger for change.

Perhaps, you’re pulled in different directions during the Lunar Eclipse. You might find it hard to juggle home and work. Or, you feel unsure where your priorities lie or what to do next.

Notice where you’re being called forth and what home means to you. If you’re not happy with where you live or your career path, this will be noticeable during the eclipse phase. This is the last eclipse in a powerful eclipse cycle shaping the foundations of your life which began in November 2021.

Rest of the Month’s Astrology

This month is dominated by two powerful eclipses. Yet, the start of October is equally significant. Firstly, the planet of love and relating Venus completes its unusually long journey through your star sign Leo. This began in June and Venus ventured into the underworld through July, August and September.

This may have been a rich and fertile period of learning about love, relationships and self-worth. Tie things up as best you can as the month begins and move on with your life. Venus leaves Leo on the 9th and enters Virgo and your personal money sector.

This is where Mercury turned retrograde in August and September. Therefore, it may have been a confusing and emotional period for love and money. Mercury completes its journey through this sector of your horoscope on the 5th. Put things in order, get back on track with finances and aim to seek balance and harmony both in affairs of the heart and financial matters at the start of the month.

Eclipse Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a double whammy of eclipses this month. The Aries/Libra eclipse cycle continues while the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle comes to an end. Here are some eclipse tips:

  • Try not to fear an eclipse – they are a reminder that you’re not in control.
  • Ideally, don’t choose an eclipse date to launch a project or start something new.
  • Wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden.
  • Once the eclipse shadow lifts, then you can aim to take advantage of any changes that have occurred.
  • Know that eclipses are closely linked to the karmic nodes and wheel of destiny – they often act as a signpost or turning point.

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