Leo Horoscope May 2022

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Jupiter Enters Aries

There’s a major planetary shift in the heavens this month and it’s great news for you. This involves Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, which enters your fellow fire sign of Aries on the 11th. Jupiter remains here for most of the time until May 2023. At its best, this can feel like the equivalent of one long beach party.

Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac so the last time Jupiter was in Aries was 12 years ago. Aries is the star sign that rules the bigger picture sector of your horoscope. Therefore, this offers you an opportunity to start a new adventure and make the most of life.

Jupiter rules travel, study, philosophy, spirituality, any activity that expands your horizons and broadens your experience of life. There’s a feel-good factor to Jupiter in Aries which boosts your desire to be bold or take a leap of faith. Make fun and joy high priorities over the next year. Think of work as play, discover your passion and enjoy what you do in life.

If you want to travel abroad or live in another country, if you want to take a sabbatical from work and explore a new direction, it starts with believing and knowing that anything’s possible. Set your intentions as Jupiter’s year of exploration begins and let the universe hear your voice.

This could be a wonderful opportunity to think globally, expand your network and reach out to other people in different countries and cultures. You may want to see the world or save the world as Jupiter is closely linked to philanthropy and charitable actions. Jupiter rules publishing, the Law, truth and humanity. Stake your claim and begin your voyage of discovery.

The key dates this month to embrace this new energy are the 23rd when there’s a Sun/Jupiter sextile aspect, the 25th when there’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries and the 29th when there’s a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries.

Be open to new opportunities, say yes to new experiences and do something adventurous on or around the end of the month. This feels lucky for you and the events that take place could help signpost your way forward in the year ahead.

Mercury Retrograde

Note, however, that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and remains on go slow until June 3rd. Therefore, think of this as the planning stage, do your research and find out more about travel and study options or what next. 

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini ruling your friends and group activities, your networks and alliances. It’s here where you’re wise to take the pace slow. Or, perhaps communication breaks down.

Mercury retrograde can be a time of misunderstandings or untruths. Therefore, don’t believe everything you hear and don’t make assumptions based on what you read.

It is a good time to reconnect with friends from your past and you may feel unusually nostalgic or sentimental. This might include getting back in touch with someone you were at school with or someone you met travelling.

The 20th-23rd could be significant in this respect. Synchronicity could play its part, so listen carefully for signs or messages from the universe.

Eclipse Power

This is also eclipse season and a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the 16th follows on from a New Moon or Solar Eclipse on April 30th. This eclipse cycle began in November 2021 and continues until October 2023. It’s a powerful eclipse cycle for you as it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

These two star signs fall at the peak and base of your horoscope. Taurus rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation, your future and where you’re heading. Whereas, Scorpio represents your home and family, your past, your legacy and where you come from. 

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th highlights these key areas of your life. It’s shining a light on your current situation, exposing where change is required. Sometimes during eclipses, the unexpected happens acting as the trigger for change.

You may feel pulled in different directions during the Lunar Eclipse. You might find it a challenge to juggle home and work. Or, you feel unsure where your priorities lie or what to do next. Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action.

This is especially important this time around because retrograde Mercury retreats back into Taurus and your career sector on the 23rd. You may have to wait until early June to get the go-ahead for a work-related matter. Alternatively, you might have to rethink your options moving forwards.

Notice where you’re being called forth and what home means to you. If you’re not happy with where you live or a family issue arises, this may be more noticeable during the Full Moon phase.

Also, note that there’s a major Jupiter-Pluto planetary aspect on the 3rd that links work and money in your horoscope. Therefore, this would be a good date to finalise a deal or sign a contract before both the eclipse and Mercury retrograde kick in.

Money matters remain important with action planet Mars in Pisces and your joint finance sector up until the 24th. Keep close tabs on money and aim to get your books balanced and your finances in order before the middle of the month.

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