Leo Horoscope March 2023

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If you know anything about astrology, you may already know that March heralds two big astrological events: Saturn entering Pisces on the 7th and Pluto entering Aquarius on the 23rd. I’ve addressed what both these events mean for you in separate sections at the bottom of this month’s horoscope.

Pisces Season

Your ruler the Sun is moving through emotional, sentimental Pisces up until the 20th, the day of the Equinox. Plus, the planet linked to the mind and communication Mercury is here from the 2nd to the 19th.

You may be dealing with what’s hidden this month, your inner voice rather than the world outside. It could be a positive period to engage in healing or reflect on your journey through life.

If you’re taking a trip down memory lane, engage with your emotions. Allow this month to be a time of release, especially on or around the Full Moon on the 7th. Enjoy your close relationships with the ones you love or a spiritual or divine connection. Dare to lose yourself, in a good way.

When the Sun is in Pisces, this is about moving away from the ego, whether you’re prioritising other people or you want to find a deeper purpose or meaning in your life.

This theme runs throughout a lot of the month for you. You may be on a quest or be keen to broaden your horizons, improve your knowledge and seek more beauty in the world.

Sometimes, however, you have to return to the past before you can step into the future. Apply this to your own life and see how this makes sense to you.

Money is a significant feature for most of the month, as Pisces is the star sign which represents joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope.

Money could be an emotional issue whether this concerns an inheritance or you’re having to split finances with someone close in order to move on. You may become deeply aware of the link between money and energy and have faith that what you give, you will receive in return.

Make the right financial moves this month, not only to sort out your own cash situation but consider how you can help others financially or team up with people close to you. Pisces is a charitable, kind and giving influence.

The only word of caution is the period from the 14th to the 17th when things could dissolve into chaos. Keep a firm grip on reality and pay attention to the facts. The planet Neptune’s involved which can be a slippery influence when it comes to money. Beware of scams or deceit during this period.

Mars On The Move

Mars is the planet of action, desire and passion and is involved in the tricky astrology mid-month. Mars has been moving through Gemini and your friendship and group sector since August 2022. This is where Mars turned retrograde in the last two months of 2022 and the first half of January 2023.

On the 16th of this month, Mars leaves its shadow phase and you could recognise that it’s time to move on. There might be an ongoing issue around money and friendship or money and group activities which it’s time to resolve.

The only proviso with Mars in Gemini is that irritation levels could rise. You may feel frustrated if friends or companions are flaky or continually change their mind. Mars rules anger as well as action. Try not to get into a heated debate mid-month, as this will quickly sap your energy.

There’s a lot happening in the world right now and it’s important to have your voice. Yet, at the same time, don’t keep putting yourself in a situation where tempers flare.

Mars finally leaves Gemini on the 25th, a potential turning point for friendship or a group, club or society in which you’re a member. Mars will enter emotional Cancer and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Notice if your priorities in life begin to shift and you want to spend more time alone or with loved ones.

Aries Season

There’s strong emphasis on your emotions and inner self during March but there’s plenty of excitement out in the world. This is because big planet Jupiter continues to move through your fellow fire sign Aries and makes two lucky conjunctions during the month.

Firstly, Jupiter teams up with the planet of relating Venus on the 2nd, gorgeous for expanding your love life. This combines love and foreign connections, so notice how this plays out for you and be open to receive.

The 28th is another stand-out date when there’s a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, a symbol of good news. You might get a place on a chosen course of study or book a flight to head off around the world.

Jupiter in Aries is encouraging you to expand your horizons and this will only be intensified once your ruler the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, the day of the Equinox.

This is the start of the new zodiac cycle. In the northern hemisphere, it coincides with the onset of spring. When you’re willing to let go of challenging emotions and put the past behind you, your energy can return and you are able to make some bold steps in a new direction.

Also, talk planet Mercury is in Aries from the 19th and there’s a brilliant New Moon here on the 21st, a symbol of new beginnings. Sow some seeds on or around these key dates and say yes to life. This isn’t a time to play small. Instead, have a big vision and be willing to take a risk or leap of faith to pursue your dreams.

Saturn Enters Pisces – March 7

Saturn is the planet of rules and regulation, authority, discipline and boundaries. Since December 2017, Saturn has been in Capricorn and Aquarius, its two signs of rulership. Saturn rules with a firm hand during this period.

This month, Saturn moves into Pisces, the last star sign and an emotional water sign, which is unknown territory for the planet representing boundaries. Pisces is where the ego dissolves and you encounter the vast universe, the one-ness of life.

Will the unreal become real as fantasy, the imagination and the impossible become possible? Or, will Saturn bring structure and form to Pisces’ realm, e.g. the sea, drugs, the media, spirituality? The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1993-1996 and this time around, Saturn remains in Pisces until 2026.

Saturn’s been in Aquarius, your opposite star sign, over the last two to three years and this can often flag up a ‘commit or quit’ theme in relationships. There’s either an ending or a tighter bond.

Saturn’s move into Pisces may teach you a lot about money and the link between money and energy. You may get involved in fundraising or charity work. Or, you take responsibility for finances in a new way and aim to build for a secure future.

Saturn prefers saving to spending and may encourage you to cut expenses and live more modestly. Alternatively, you could be stepping into a role where you’re in charge of funding or finances.

Pluto Enters Aquarius – March 23

The slowest-moving planet Pluto changes star sign this month and moves into Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of power & transformation, loss & endings. The last time Pluto changed star sign was 2008 when it entered Capricorn, the sign of big business, coinciding with a financial crash. 

It will take Pluto eighteen months before it’s established in Aquarius, the star sign linked to technology, equality and the collective, where it will remain until 2043.

As Pluto’s a generational planet, the themes may not resonate with you immediately. Yet, it’s helpful to note where Pluto is strong in your horoscope and where there may be a theme of transformation, loss or deep psychological change.

Pluto’s been moving through Capricorn and your work and health sector. This is where there may have been dramatic transformation in some shape or form. Big life events in either these key areas may have taught you about your ability to survive and transform who you are.

Pluto moves into Aquarius and your relationship sector this month. Therefore, this is likely to be a significant time for your one-to-ones.

Some of your deepest learnings may come via partnership in your life, either personal or professional. Be around people who want to transform the world in a good way and avoid people who try to dominate or take control. Be a ‘power couple’ but ensure any relationship is on an equal footing.

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