Leo Horoscope June 2022

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Work & Money

Talk planet Mercury turns direct as the month begins on the 3rd. This is significant for you as Mercury switches direction in Taurus and your career and vocation sector. It’s an ideal time to consider what’s changed in your life over the past month or so and make a decision about what next.

The eclipses in April & May cut across the foundations of your horoscope and the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This is often a significant period of change and you may be more than ready to make an announcement or decide what next and where you’re heading.

Money is part of the picture as Neptune is in Pisces and your joint finance sector. Neptune’s active during the Full Moon on the 14th. This may be about shared resources. You might be fundraising, perhaps for a children’s organisation. Or, you have other charitable goals that tap into the generous side of your nature.

If money’s tight, consider carefully what you invest in and how you’re going to pay the bills. Be aware that Neptune is the planet of illusion. Keep your feet on solid ground this month and don’t lose sight of reality. That’s not to say you can’t dream big but stay rooted and grounded as you do so.

Also, look out for the people who can help you this month as the planet of relating Venus is in Taurus until the 23rd. There may be a woman in your life who’s heaven sent, someone who can help and guide you supportively and lovingly.

Friends & Love

Your ruler the Sun is in Gemini until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Gemini rules your friends, social connections, your networks and group interactions. This confirms that June is a month when people matter to you and you’re wise to extend your reach and make the most of the people in your life.

This will mean different things to you depending on your current situation. Know that this is a good time to engage with other people, whether you’re expanding a business or you’re ready for more fun and laughter. You could be embarking on a social mission or want to have your say in politics, the environment or humanitarian concerns.

The Full Moon on the 14th is involved here too as it cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This would be a great date to consider joining a group, club or society. This might be an influential step for you, helping you meet people who can help you make progress in life. Or, perhaps you want to pick up a hobby, skill or talent that you’ve lost in recent times.

Also, you have Venus, the planet of love and relating, in Gemini and your friendship sector from the 23rd onwards. A nudge that suggests love and friendship are linked in your life. There could be an opportunity to ask for introductions and make new connections.

For some of you, a long-standing relationship may reach a significant turning point as your partner planet Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th in Aquarius and your relationship sector.

Plus, with Venus activating Uranus and your other partner planet on the 11th, this is an indicator that you want excitement in your love life. If you’re bored with what’s happening relationship-wise, events on or around the key dates mentioned could prove pivotal.

Mars’ Adventures

There’s another reason why you may feel more restless this month as you have the action planet Mars in your fellow fire sign Aries. Aries rules your travel and study sector, a time for adventure and to embrace new experiences.

This is a dynamic, motivated placing for Mars and it could prove frustrating if you can’t get away or embrace the freedom you desire. Keep your gaze on the future and line up some new experiences for the next twelve months.

You’ll have Mars in Aries until early July but the planet of opportunity Jupiter is also here expanding your wanderlust for another 11 months. Jupiter’s opportunity may kick in this month on the 20th & the 29th, the day of a New Moon, a symbol of new beginnings.

Rest & Retreat

You may experience a sense of release on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, when the Sun enters Cancer and the star sign before yours. This is your cue to slow down the pace and be kind to yourself and others. Let go of what’s not working out and consider where any key changes are needed. 

Traditionally, this is a time to wrap things up or prepare yourself ready for a new phase. Cancer is a caring star sign, emotional and giving. This could be a time when you’re aware you need extra TLC. Or, perhaps there’s someone close you’re caring for.

Switch the busy dial of life off as much as possible as June comes to a close.

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  1. Hello Sally, thanks a lot for your June Leo prediction!

    I hope you are fine! Congratulations for your successful TV appearence! It’s great to read about your experience. Obviously there is no recording available unfortunately?

    I have just noticed that I also missed your tennis blog for Roland Garros. Somehow I had in my mind that you thought about ending your predictions when I haven’t seen your post on Day 1. Well, Mercury retrograde (which I personally felt very difficult when it changed into Taurus)… 🙂

    It’s a pity I missed it, but I am happy that you continue!

    Have a nice summer, Sally! Hopefully see you for Wimbledon.

    Kind regards,

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick – I wondered where you were during Roland Garros 🙂 I’m planning to do Wimbledon but I’m on holiday next week and not back until June 26th so depends if I’ll find time before I go. If not, it will be at the start of the tournament. No recording of the ITV gig – I’m not allowed to share it. There are some photos on my Instagram and other social accounts 🙂 Sending best wishes.

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