Leo Horoscope July 2023

sunflower, Leo horoscope July 2023

Behind The Scenes

In some respects, there are two sides to your astrology this month. There’s what’s happening for you out in the world and what’s going on behind the scenes.

This is because there’s strong emphasis on the star sign Cancer, your preceding star sign. Your ruler the Sun is in Cancer up until the 23rd. And, the planet of communication Mercury is in Cancer until the 11th.

Cancer rules the hidden sector of your horoscope and you may experience a lot of inner emotion bubbling away. Perhaps, you’re dealing with a secret or confidence, rumours or hearsay, things that you suspect but don’t know for sure.

When the Sun is in Cancer, trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. On July 3rd, there’s a powerful Full Moon cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the horoscope. This is an ideal time to make a key decision regarding your work or your health.

Plus, lucky Jupiter is involved in Taurus and your career and vocation sector on July 1st. If a new opportunity comes your way, sign and seal a deal on the Full Moon. Alternatively, if you’re seeking more freedom or space in your life, do what’s right for your well-being. Lower your stress levels and take a step back.

This theme is pivotal in the month ahead as both Mercury and the Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn on the 10th and 20th respectively. This may be an old issue that resurfaces, perhaps linked to office politics, being on the wrong track or a health symptom.

Sometimes, you have to say no in life and stop repeating past patterns. Be honest with yourself what’s not working out and decide where transformation may be needed. Admittedly, any change that comes your way could be dramatic as Pluto rarely deals with half-measure. Yet, the astrology suggests you’re right to make a move.

Plus, there’s a New Moon in Cancer on July 17th which may bring new information to light that can help guide you. Listen out for any signs or synchronicities that come your way, helping you stop repeating past mistakes so you can let go and move on.

Leo Season

Cancer season can be a time when your energy or mood is low. Yet, underpinning this month’s astrology are a host of planets in your star sign Leo and this has got to help. The planet of relating Venus is in Leo all month and side-by-side with red-hot passionate Mars up until the 10th.

Venus and Mars are the lovers of the heavens. Therefore, notice who’s by your side during this period and who lifts your spirits. You may be in a full-blown love affair or be enjoying the company of someone special.

Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Leo from the 11th to the 28th. So talk yourself up, focus on your personal goals and aims, your image and appearance. This is about how other people see you and how you come across in the world.

This suggests popularity, an opportunity to look and feel good, to be true to who you are and express your talents and skills, your authentic self. This feels creative and joyous. Celebrate, throw a party and embrace life to the full.

You’re in the limelight when it’s Leo season and the Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd, heralding your birthday month. The focus is back on you to take centre stage and ensure your wants and needs are met.

Yet, freedom remains a key theme and at times, may seem urgent. Plans could change suddenly and the key dates are the 2nd and 23rd. This may be connected to what’s happening with a partner, either personal or professional. Keep your options open, be flexible and know that some things are out of your control.

Venus Retrograde

There’s another important planetary event taking place that suggests you can’t rush things when it comes to love and relationships. This is because, on July 23rd, the planet of love and relating Venus turns retrograde. Venus will remain on go slow in your star sign Leo until September 4th.

Traditionally, this is not the time to marry, invest or have expensive beauty treatments. Instead, it’s an ideal time to reflect on love and explore your own wants and needs and the way you love yourself. Slow things down so you can be indulgent and do more of what gives you pleasure.

Venus turning retrograde indicates that you might declare your heart, only to have to wait to find out what someone else is feeling. Perhaps, there’s physical distance between you or the timing isn’t right. Be patient, reflective and be guided by your feelings. There’s no rush when Venus is on go slow.

Money Matters

Money is under the cosmic spotlight this month too. This is because action planet Mars is in Virgo and your money sector from July 10th onwards. Mars remains here until August 27th. Therefore, get your finances in order.

Virgo rules your personal money, your possessions, also your values and self-worth. It’s about how you support yourself financially, where your money goes and what you do with it. 

This would be a good time to think about how you trade your time for money, the ways you make money and how you can use your money to be of service to others.

It’s important to consider what you do with your time, whether you use it effectively, whether you’re overly busy or under-employed. Whenever you feel out of control, rein things in, slow things down and return to gratitude for what you have.

The trickiest time for money matters is potentially on or around the 20th. This is when Mars in Virgo is opposed by Saturn in Pisces. You might need to safeguard your money. Or, perhaps there are some financial blocks or limitations that come your way.

Saturn can be a symbol of fear or doubt and you may be concerned if a job comes to an end or you want to work less not more. Deal with the realities of your situation and consider where you might be able to cut costs or lessen expenses.

The Leo feel-good vibe is full-on throughout July and if you’re a true Leo, you like the good life. Yet, Mars in Virgo is a reminder of the saying ‘all things in moderation’.

Embrace the good times this month and use the positive planetary energy to boost your spirits and put yourself and your needs first. Yet, don’t get completely carried away and balance good times with a sensible outlook.

Venus Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

  • Venus is retrograde from July 23rd to September 4th.
  • Traditionally, it’s not the best time to marry, invest or have cosmetic surgery when Venus the planet that rules love, money and beauty switches direction.
  • Put off major love and money decisions until Venus turns direct on September 4th. Yet, note that Mercury will be retrograde until September 15th – the true turning point.
  • Use this Venus retrograde phase to reflect and gather strength, to review your situation, to consider your love and money options, to learn more about yourself and what you want when it comes to love. Start by learning to love yourself fully.

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