Leo Horoscope January 2022

Please note that due to personal reasons this month’s horoscopes are shorter than usual. I will hopefully be able to extend them later in January if all goes well. Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Leo horoscope January 2022

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New Moon [12 Capricorn 20] – January 2nd (18:33 GMT)

Full Moon [27 Cancer 51] – January 17th (23:48 GMT)

Venus Retrograde

The planet of love and money Venus is retrograde until the 29th. This can be a time when you don’t feel valued highly, perhaps at work, perhaps with people you see on a regular basis. Misunderstandings can occur easily. 

It’s not an ideal time to mix work and love either as this can bring added complications. If you can, slow down the pace of life in January and take good care of yourself.

If you’re out of work, explore your options and try not to fall into negative thinking. These may be challenging times and sometimes it’s wise to stop and turn inwards. Value yourself and your skills and work on your inner strength.

Mercury Retrograde

Talk planet Mercury is also retrograde for half of January. Mercury enters Aquarius and your opposite star sign on the 2nd but turns retrograde here on the 14th. At times this month, you may have to follow rather than lead. What happens may not be in your hands as you play a waiting game on another person’s decision. 

Mercury retrograde will be on go slow until February 4th. This can flag up a theme of misunderstandings and it’s a good idea to take a step back and take the pace slow. 

Don’t feel you have to make a big decision during this retrograde phase. Instead, use this time to review your situation and think things through, rather than leap into action. When it comes to other people, both personally & professionally, let things be rather than try and sort things out.

– There is an added factor, however, and that’s passion planet Mars strong in Sagittarius and your romance sector until the 24th. Love looks complicated this month but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. You may reunite with someone from your past.

Or, perhaps an unexpected child or gift is on the way. What takes place could change your plans. The cosmic advice is not to decide what next until both Venus and Mercury turn direct. Early February is the turning point.

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