Leo Horoscope April 2022

Leo horoscope April 2022, sun & sea

Aries’ Activity

Up until the 20th, your ruler the Sun is in fire sign Aries. This is often a time when you’re keen to travel and broaden your horizons. Aries is the star sign that calls you out into the world. It reminds you to expand your view of life, to explore new dimensions, to stay engaged with the bigger picture.

In your horoscope, Aries rules study, learning, knowledge and any activity that sources you and brings meaning to your life. You may be ready to study something new or find you’re on a spiritual path or be keen to embrace a new religion or faith.

This could kick in straightaway during April as there’s a New Moon here on the 1st. Set your intentions for the month ahead and take the initiative in starting something new.

During the first weekend of April, there’s a synchronistic Sun-Mercury conjunction. A conversation or insight could spark your interest and set you on a new path. Listen out for signs and coincidences.

The Full Moon on the 16th may also be significant as it cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac, which is about education & travel. Libra rules your life close to home, your local community, whereas Aries rules foreign connections. See where you’re being called forth at the Full Moon and where you want to reach out and help others.

There may be a tough decision to make during this mid-month period, perhaps linked to your day job or your health. Yet, it would be a good time to choose to run a course or sign up to a learning initiative.

Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Aries until the 11th. This suggests that you’re wise to keep busy and stay connected with the people and activities that bring you fulfilment. You may be catching up with people who live abroad more during this lively period.

Future Goals

Certainly, this is a good time to consider your next steps and look at how you can get on board with new initiatives, new ways moving forwards. On the 20th, the Sun your ruler enters Taurus and your career and vocation sector, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. Talk planet Mercury is also in Taurus from the 11th to the 29th.

The other planet that’s been in Taurus for some time is Uranus, the planet of change, unpredictability and innovation. This would be an ideal time to consider taking your business online, especially around the 18th when there’s a Mercury-Uranus conjunction. 

Or, find ways to work freelance, start something new, change your routine around. Uranus favours invention and short, sharp bursts of energy. Be open to the unexpected and think on your feet.

Uranus is a key player in the second New Moon of the month, a Black Moon, also a Solar Eclipse on the 30th. This is part of the eclipse cycle that started in November 2021 & completes in October 2023. It highlights the star signs Taurus & Scorpio, the foundations of your horoscope.

This is where there are likely to be key changes taking place, regarding your career and your future path, your home and family, your past and where you come from.

Not all change is easy to deal with and you may have some tricky twists and turns to negotiate during the second half of the month. Be ready for the unexpected and learn to think on your feet.

An eclipse isn’t a good date to choose to launch a project. First, wait and see what’s revealed when the shadow of the eclipse lifts. This may be linked to money in your case as there’s strong emphasis on the star sign Pisces throughout April.

This is due to the major Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 12th. Also, the planet of love and relating Venus is in Pisces from the 5th & action planet Mars is here from the 15th onwards.

The last few days of the month may be most significant. This is when Venus aligns with Neptune on the 27th and Jupiter on the 30th, the day of the eclipse. Plus, Venus is the ruling planet of the potentially dramatic Solar Eclipse and is in a fortunate placing next to Jupiter.

Therefore, a change of events could coincide with a gift or bonus, an inheritance or return on investment. You may be the one gifting others or making a charitable gesture. This isn’t the time to hold on tight to what you own.

Find your flow regarding money and trust that life will provide for you. You may experience a revelation this month that feels miraculous and helps you be less attached and more trusting as the wheel of fortune turns. It could be a spiritual awakening that shifts your perspective on life. Or, a glimpse into a metaphysical or magical realm. Be open to wonder and make space for awe and miracles.

Mars & Saturn

Finally this month, action planet Mars is in Aquarius and your relationship sector up until the 15th. Love planet Venus is here too until the 5th. Usually, this brings passion and fire to your one-to-one relationships .

However, as the month begins, Mars is dominated by Saturn in Aquarius, one of your partner planets. This may slow things down and there could be tension around a key relationship. It won’t help if you feel frustrated or reined in by your relationship with someone close. Or, perhaps it’s a business partnership that’s holding you back.

Sometimes, this combination brings commitment or an extra-tight bond. Usually, however, it means you’re struggling to find yourself or be true to who you are within a relationship. Try not to get into a conflict situation and distance yourself from any enemies. Give yourself time and space to breathe from a claustrophobic relationship and dive deep into activities that are more personal. 

Once Mars breaks free from Saturn, you may discover that someone’s fighting your corner, pitting their ambition and determination to help boost your ventures, your future path. 

Mars in Aquarius can be a positive transit when you’re around people who are dynamic and strong. In turn, this can inspire you and boost your energy levels.

Jupiter-Neptune themes

The once-in-a-lifetime Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is exact on April 12th. We’ve been surfing its waves since February and there’s a way to go yet. It peaks this month, continues into May & there may be a Jupiter-Neptune revival in November/December.

Jupiter-Neptune themes conjure up big dreams, a cultural renaissance, a spiritual awakening, miracles, revelation, awe & wonder. In Pisces, it’s a flood of emotion, a wave of imagination, a rush of compassion & interconnectedness. It’s also wise to avoid fake news, be wary of scams, choose your faith carefully & lose yourself in a good way.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. This would be an ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance or gift, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy. You may choose to lose yourself in a metaphysical realm.

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