Leo February 2020

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

February’s astrology is primarily about moving away from the ego, your self, whether you’re prioritising other people or you want to find a deeper purpose or meaning in your life.

This theme runs throughout a lot of the month for you. You’re on a seeking quest or keen to travel, improve your knowledge and look for more to life beyond the everyday.

Money Matters

Money too is a significant feature throughout much of February as Pisces is the star sign which represents joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. Communication planet, Mercury, is here from the 3rd and your ruler, the Sun, enters Pisces on the 19th. Therefore, it’s wise to actively engage with money matters sooner rather than later.

Admittedly, money could be an emotional issue for you, whether this concerns an inheritance or you’re having to split finances with someone close in order to move on. 

Pisces rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope so this is about all aspects of money. 

This is also a hidden sector of your horoscope, however, as Pisces rules the subconscious and all things taboo, such as sex, power, death & rebirth. Sometimes, when your ruler, the Sun, is in Pisces, this can be a deep period of self-transformation. It’s emotional but ultimately helpful and healing.

The New Moon on the 23rd takes place in Pisces, so you’re bound to be considering new moves with regard to money, joint ventures or contracts.

Mercury Retrograde

However, before rushing into anything new, it’s important to note that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th and remains on go slow until March 10th.

As Mercury is in retreat in Pisces in the second half of February, this is not the time to be making big decisions around money or making major investments or purchases. Take action in the first half of February. In the second half of the month, explore your options and consider all possibilities moving forwards.

The planetary influence around the New Moon on the 23rd is lively, because three days beforehand, on the 20th, there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This is definitely a time to immerse yourself in work and money options and consider where you’re heading and why but take your time.

Action planet, Mars, enters Capricorn on the 16th where it remains until late March. You are going to have to get more competitive at work, especially next month. For now, consider who’s on your side and who’s not.

The intense astrology in the second half of February does suggest that not everyone can be trusted. Therefore, when it comes to your security and finances, don’t leave anything to chance and get second or third opinions if necessary.

It would be a good month to look at where you can make changes to your outgoings or expenses. Do your research and find out more about your regular payments or money that you give to charities or other people. 

Once Mercury turns direct on March 10th, you can then make some key decisions about money based on what you’ve learned in the second half of February. And if you’re waiting on a payment, it’s likely to be mid-March when new information comes to light or the money appears.

Future Path

Even though this month’s key astrology is stop-start, you do need to focus on what next. This has a lot to do with Uranus in Taurus, the unconventional planet lighting up your career and vocation sector. Uranus is lively this month, key dates being the 5th, 21st and 29th. The most important date for you is the 22nd when the Sun, your ruler, aligns with Uranus. 

Uranus is the planet of freedom and suits a freelance or easy-going lifestyle. It’s the planet of technology and all things new. You might be moving a business online or use the internet to boost your profile or reach a wider audience.

Note that when Uranus is active, external circumstances often bring about change, ready or not. Certainly, one thing it will be difficult to do is stay put in the same job and do nothing.

Love & Romance

Love is also in the picture this month as your ruler, the Sun, is in Aquarius and your relationship sector until the 19th. This puts the focus on partnership and the 9th could be a stand out date for you. This is when there’s a Full Moon in your star sign, Leo, a powerful time to trust your intuition around your 1-to-1’s and ensure your own needs are met. 

This is potentially romantic but dramatic too. Plus, the strong emphasis on Pisces this month suggests that your love life may be going through a period of metamorphosis. Feel your feelings but don’t make any bold moves after the 17th.

Early in the month, there’s strong emphasis on the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Mars, the passion planet, has a free run through Sagittarius and your romance sector up until the 16th. This is gorgeous for having fun and doing more of what you love in life. Sagittarius rules your creativity, children & pregnancy, entertainment and luck. Be spontaneous and indulge your passion.

From the 7th onwards, Venus, the planet of relating, is in Aries where it remains until early March. Line up some new adventures sooner rather than later. This turns your attention towards travel and study and the bigger picture in life. Make the most of motivational fire sign energy before you immerse yourself in the watery realm of emotions.

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