Leo February 2018


Leo (23 July – 22 August)

The focus as February begins is firmly on the sign of Aquarius, ruling your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. You may already be aware that this area of your life is changing, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in your star sign Leo on January 31st.

You may have made a recent decision about a significant partnership in your life or perhaps your hand has been forced. Either way, you can’t avoid dealing with relationships and you may find that other people won’t let you either.

As February begins, your ruler, the Sun, is in Aquarius until the 18th along with Mercury, the planet of communication. Plus, love planet Venus is also in Aquarius until the 10th. This is a lively picture which promises much happiness on the one hand and plenty of chance to talk about love, partnership and relationships in general.

For some particular reason, an intimate relationship or business partnership is big news and there’s lots to discuss. If you’re in a relationship or married, this might include children or news of a pregnancy. Action planet Mars is in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius throughout February and Sagittarius rules children in your horoscope.

This is also a strong combination for new love and a budding romance. Mars rules the libido and Sagittarius rules love affairs. This is a passionate pairing and perhaps there’s more than one person in your life with so much emphasis on the love and romance sectors of your horoscope.

Certainly, it’s wise to decide where your interests lie before the Solar Eclipse on the 15th. This Solar Eclipse takes place in Aquarius, your relationship sector. As it falls so close to Valentines Day on the 14th, this flags up an important time for your 1-to-1’s.

A Solar Eclipse is a turbo-powered New Moon, when the events of your life tend to speed up and everything feels more dramatic and intensified. The Solar Eclipse theme is about new beginnings and making a fresh start. Look out for someone new entering your life mid-month or an opportunity to take advantage of a shifting situation.

What it’s important to remember about eclipses is they are shadowy and often represent a hidden theme. If you think about the symbolism of an eclipse, the light goes out momentarily and all goes dark. When the light switches back on, you see things in a new way or the balance of power has shifted.

This is why traditionally it’s not wise to make a major decision on the eclipse itself. Admittedly, this is often the date when big events happen but if you can wait a few days or even a week after an eclipse, this is advisable. Then you see the whole picture and can move forward with confidence.

From mid-month onwards, the personal planets begin to move into the water sign Pisces. The first planet to change star sign is Venus on the 10th, followed by your ruler, the Sun, and talk planet Mercury on the 18th.

Pisces rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope and this is the time to turn your attention towards money matters. This might be linked to what’s happening in a personal or professional partnership and dealing with practical matters together.

You may be negotiating a financial deal or talking about any number of money-related transactions. Pisces rules all forms of money in your horoscope and this includes savings and debts, mortgages, tax, inheritance, wins and losses, etc.

The other important planet to note in Pisces is Neptune, Pisces’ ruler. Neptune at its best is inspirational, hopeful and a boundless influence. If your earnings soar, you may be looking at ways to best use your money, perhaps in a charitable or philanthropic cause.

It is vital to remember, however, that there’s a flip side to Neptune which can bring disillusionment or a loss of control. This is not the time to let money slip through your fingers or be seduced or charmed out of your cash. Be savvy around money and be clear what’s fact and what’s fantasy.

Home, family or property matters may be one area of life that currently is proving expensive. It’s a good idea to rein in your expenses close to the 17th when Mars in Sagittarius clashes with Neptune. Be too free and easy with your money and you may not see the returns you hoped for.

The real trick this month is to be able to discern between the sound money investments and the dodgy money investments. Plus, with Saturn strong in Capricorn, when in doubt, your best bet is to return to what you know and what you do well.

Saturn in Capricorn is about your work and routine and either having a steady job or taking the slow and steady approach to financial security. Explore your options during the last half of February and wait until early March before deciding what next.

This is when you not only have luck on your side but a powerful Full Moon cuts across the financial axis of your horoscope and this can bring clarity to your situation.

This month, there are too many variables to make a sound decision. You can do well now but it will take a huge amount of trust and faith on your part to remain open to limitless abundance. That and a red-hot natural intuition.

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  1. Thank you Sally! Your insights and way of expression are awesome. Love it!! Hope you’re doing well and flourishing. Spring is coming for us all.

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