Leo February 2017

cock-1971204_1280Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Let’s dive straight in to February’s astrology because this could turn out to be one of the most important months for you this year. The reason for this is there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 11th and it takes place in your sign of Leo. This is especially powerful for you if your birthday falls on August 14th-16th.

Yet for everyone born under the sign of Leo, this is an impressive planetary symbol. The Moon in Leo wants to shine bright, take centre stage and this month you’ll be fully tuned in to your intuition so notice what arises, what your feelings tell you.

This eclipse links back to an ‘almost eclipse’ which took place during your birthday month last year, August 2016. So what began then may be relevant for what’s happening now in you life. This month’s eclipse is also important because this is the start of an eclipse cycle that focuses on the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. This eclipse cycle continues until January 2019.

This is a key period of change for your 1-to-1 relationships and it’s here where new developments are likely. In fact, the period from the 9th to the 14th is highly charged for you, culminating in a ‘commit or quit’ planetary aspect on Valentines Day.

This is a time when you need to step up and confront what’s happening in your life head on. You can’t hide away during this eclipse and in fact, anything that’s been hidden is likely to come out. This includes your own feelings, what’s taking place within, deep down. If you haven’t been true to yourself or someone close, this can’t remain the same during eclipse season.

Sometimes with eclipses, outside events are the catalyst for new developments. Certainly one way or another, it’s an important month to decide where your affections lie and to notice who in your life makes you feel good about yourself and who doesn’t.

This is a key time of year when people enter your life but also leave your life. So you could just as easily end a long-term relationship as meet someone new and fall head over heels in love.

Know too that eclipses don’t always play out exactly on the date they’re most intense. Yet something stirs inside or a seed is sown and there are little signals guiding you, calling you, moving you forward.

This is also a month when you might be making some big decisions about a relationship, e.g. whether or not to start a family or whether you both want to move abroad and begin a new life somewhere different.

It’s not always going to be about a romantic relationship either but perhaps a professional partnership or someone who plays a significant role in your life. Here too you might be changing the dynamics of the relationship between you.

This eclipse does have a lot of support from other planets so this isn’t only about you or the other person involved. Instead, there are other factors calling you. This might include children and wanting to put them first or a bigger calling, something you really want to say Yes to in life and the pull is irresistible.

Lucky Jupiter is trine your planet, the Sun, on the same day as the eclipse so this feels special as if you could be in the right place at the right time. Saturday 11th is a day to play big in life and see what comes your way.

Plus, there’s a powerful focus on the Libra/Aries axis of the zodiac now and this is about education, new experiences, living life to the full. Action planet Mars is in Aries throughout February and on the 3rd, the planet of relating Venus joins Mars in Aries.

This is exciting for you because Aries is a fellow fire sign so it’s a wonderful time to say yes to adventure, to make plans to travel or study, to follow someone you know to the other side of the world. There will be people who come into your life now who are passionate and inspiring and make you believe that anything’s possible.

The only question mark is around chasing after someone for love because Venus is running after Mars in Aries but the two don’t meet. Next month, Venus is in retreat and falls back. So be clear about your motivations if you want to be spontaneous this month or do something bold and audacious.

In addition, the planetary energy close to the 27th is especially volatile when Mars and Uranus come together. This combination feels combustible so don’t take any unnecessary risks close to this date as being overly impulsive could cause an accident.

The end of the month is highlighted for another reason because on the 26th there’s a Solar or New Moon eclipse in the sign of Pisces. Pisces rules your joint finances and shared resources and there’s a mystical and magical quality to Pisces.

This eclipse is the last in a series of eclipses that began in March 2015 cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac and your money sectors. Neptune is involved in this eclipse so pay close attention to money now as Neptune has a slippery quality about it and can be linked to seduction or betrayal.

Keep close tabs on the facts and figures when it comes to money but notice too where your dreams and imagination pull you. This is a time when your creative or spiritual source is especially strong and you might even have some kind of psychic experience.

On a more basic level, this could be a time when some form of funding or income comes to a close. You might receive a gift but with strings attached, whether there’s a sense of sadness accompanying it or it creates an emotional or financial attachment. Take your time before agreeing to any major transaction at the end of the month.

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