Leo December 2016

Leo, Christmas

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Work smart not hard in the month ahead. This isn’t where the dynamic planetary activity takes place in December but that’s not to say you can stop thinking about work. In fact, you’re wise to trust your intuition where work’s concerned and notice whether you’re on track or off track.

Communication planet Mercury is in Capricorn and your work sector from the 2nd. So move quickly to tick off your ‘to do’ list in the first half of the month. On the 19th, Mercury turns retrograde in the heavens, and this often indicates an about-turn for your working life.

You might be ready to slow down the pace in time for Christmas or a project comes to a close. Once Mercury is on go slow in this sector of your chart, the most important work takes place on an inner level. Reflect what next for your work, routine and lifestyle and aim for less stress in your life. Mercury turns direct on January 8th 2017.

Your ruler the Sun also enters Capricorn on the 21st and there’s a New Moon in this same sector of your chart on the 29th. So you’ll be mulling over new beginnings especially between Christmas and New year and this is the perfect time to focus on finances too. In fact, both are linked, work and money, and this is a creative time of year to make some new work and money goals.

The big news this month however is your love life because the lovers of the heavens, Mars and Venus, spend a good deal of time in Aquarius and your relationship sector. Passionate Mars is here until the 19th and lovely Venus enters Aquarius on the 7th where she remains throughout December.

This is potentially a gorgeous month for love and relationships whether you have a special event to celebrate with the one you love, you meet someone new or there’s one person in particular you enjoy spending time with.

This is a gorgeous month to give yourself up to love and allow love into your life. Christmas Day, December 25th, could be amazing as love planet Venus is in action and the two planets which represent your partner, Saturn and Uranus, connect in the heavens. Your partner might make a big announcement making Christmas an extra special celebration. Either way, put love first over Christmas 2016 and you’re unlikely to regret your decision.

Yet this isn’t only about love and wherever you find Saturn in your chart, you have to work hard to reap your rewards. Saturn has been in Sagittarius and your romantic and creative sector for most of the time since late 2014.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, with Saturn in the sector of your chart that rules pregnancy, it often doesn’t happen as quickly as you would like. Same goes with parenting skills and introducing new routines or new rules. You have to take your time and not rush into things and discipline is often the key to good parenting.

Yet Saturn also rules commitment and if you’re going to master any skill or talent, you need to be disciplined and practise on a regular basis. This is where Saturn excels and can help you develop persistence and stamina.

Don’t give up on anything that really matters to you but keep pushing forward. Remember too that sometimes in life you have to work hard to create your own luck. The Full Moon on the 14th cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac lighting up the social and romantic sectors of your chart. A perfect date to make an important decision and commit to it.

Uranus’ intervention on Christmas Day moves the goalposts and hopefully in a good way. You get the lucky break you need, you find a new way to move things forward and you see possibility at every turn. This is the time to stop procrastinating and say Yes to something you’ve been avoiding or putting off. Make some big audacious goals for 2017.

Yet there’s another key planet involved in the Christmas astrology and this is Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter opposes Uranus in Aries and your travel sector on Boxing Day, December 26th and this combination increases your wanderlust. Whether you travel near or far, changing your horizons does wonders for your soul. Freedom beckons when this planetary duo get together.

Whether you want to study or teach, whether you want something to believe in or you’re embarking on a spiritual path, take your life beyond the everyday and follow your yearning.

Look to social media to spread your message far and wide, find your voice via a blog, journal writing or on the radio. Your thirst for learning and sharing your wisdom and experience will increase rapidly over Christmas and you might even be ready to drop everything to follow where your heart leads.

It’s not the most settled picture over the festive break so don’t expect a conventional or traditional festive period. Yet it is brilliant for saying Yes to any activity which expands your mind and allows you to embrace freedom and love in your life.

It’s the Christmas period which is especially powerful for you and whether you head off on a retreat, decide you need to drink margaritas in the sun or you’re visiting family abroad, distant lands beckon. Let the adventure begin.

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