Leo August 2017


Leo (23 July – 22 August)

The Sun is in Leo, it’s your birthday month and your turn to take centre stage. The Sun remains in Leo until the 22nd but the planet of passion, Mars, joins the Sun in Leo throughout the whole of August.

So this feels dynamic in itself. The Sun rules vitality and confidence, it’s where you shine in life and Mars rules direct action. Put it altogether and this is an excellent month for being courageous. In fact, bold moves are advised now, a time to step it up and put your own needs first.

This will be especially important in the month ahead because this is eclipse month and as the karmic north node is now moving through Leo, the signs of the moment are Leo and your opposite sign of Aquarius.

The first of the two eclipses is a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse which takes place on the 7th. The Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius and this combination often highlights relationships. Eclipses can bring what’s hidden to light or sometimes they simply trigger events and act as a catalyst. What’s put in motion during the eclipse has a scatter-gun effect throughout your life over the next few months.

Know too that this is a Full Moon when emotions are heightened so only venture into tricky relationship territory if you’re ready for everything to come out into the open. If you want to stir the pot, get a big spoon. Otherwise, stay quiet and wait and see what transpires.

The other factor to note is that a few days before the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus turns retrograde on the 3rd. This is important for you because Uranus is one of your two partner planets and Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius and your relationship sector.

Uranus is the planet of spontaneity and impulsive moves. So perhaps it’s something that a partner does in your life that is the trigger for the eclipse and breaking things wide open. Or perhaps you meet someone new and fall head over heels in love. Eclipses aren’t necessarily negative but see them rather as moments that can change your destiny.

It’s also important this month to note that there are other factors which suggest that this could be a strong time for relationships. Firstly, the Sun your ruler is in a supportive planetary aspect with both Saturn (on the 13th) and Uranus (on the 21st) and this is about partnership for you.

So work together with other people even if the dynamics of your relationship are changing. Remember too that this can apply not only to a love relationship but a professional partnership or another significant 1-to-1 in your life.

Notice the second date, the 21st. This is the date of the Solar Eclipse in your sign of Leo so Uranus plays a powerful role here. A Solar Eclipse is effectively a New Moon with extra punch. It’s a turbo-powered New Moon, dramatic and potentially exciting.

Yes, sometimes you find that life gets turned upside-down but that might just be what needs to happen. Plus the Solar Eclipse is the second New Moon in Leo. The first took place on July 23rd at 0 degrees Leo, a seed moment. What began then could blossom and bloom during this Solar Eclipse at the end of Leo, almost 29 degrees, a critical point in the zodiac.

Or perhaps this is about a beginning and an ending for you. Having tried out a new image or experimented with a new way of doing things, you’re ready to start over. Or maybe what began last month catapults you to stardom this month. Certainly, it’s big astrology so don’t be scared and step up to whatever comes your way.

There’s good news for love later in August as love planet Venus enters Leo on the 26th and Saturn plays a key role on the 25th and 27th. This could be a real celebration, a decision to commit to a partner or a new role in life together. Jupiter in Libra teams up with Saturn in Sagittarius on the 27th, perfect for an announcement.

This might be about children or grandchildren or a project that you want to begin. Remember that this comes on the back of a Solar Eclipse in Leo, the sign that spotlights your personal goals and ambitions. What do you want to do with your life? How do you want to shine? How can your skills and talents benefit others?

What’s important to note this month is that it doesn’t seem to be about your work or business. In fact, the clash between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn on the 4th could flag up the end of a job or a work contract. You might decide to change what you do significantly in the month ahead. Most importantly, however, this is your gig so take charge as best you can.

If you want to spend the best part of August enjoying yourself and having fun, then go for it. These are dramatic times so it’s important to grab happiness and joy whenever and wherever it’s available.

This month too, it is important to take a look at money matters especially before the 13th. This is the date that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and your personal money sector.

Deal with important correspondence and financial matters before mid-month. Mercury retrograde is notorious for misunderstandings and things going missing. Take good care of your money from the 13th onwards.

The 26th could be an important date to discuss money matters however as Mercury retrograde sits next to your ruling planet the Sun. On the 22nd, the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo.

Or maybe you need some time to think what next, to plan ahead financially. September is when you can get more organised and your finances will feel more settled. For now, go with the flow but don’t unnecessary risks.

6 thoughts on “Leo August 2017”

  1. Hi Sally, I really Luv your site…Very informative…I am a little nervous about the eclipses, but am hoping they are positive in my life…I am born:
    08/02/1956 @ 8:30-9:00…My Mom taught me A lot about astrology…The first eclipses in 98-2000 I moved to my own place…Had been living with my
    Mom…She went to a retirement place…Was VERY scarey for me, I don’t do change well and I didn’t want us to separate…But, I LUVED being on my own as my Mom had said I would, have been at the same place ever since and LUV IT…And the 2008-2009 time period, I was let go from being at place for 16yrs!! Lost my Mom in 2003 and have had many challenges…I feel as if things are maybe moving in the right direction, but am worried…I did start a new eating plan and hope to get in shape and transform myself…and look to get on solid ground financially AND possibly I have met someone…Can you shed any light on these eclipses for me??
    Thanks SO Much…

    1. Yes, the eclipses are quite powerful for you, now and next year. It’s an excellent time for you to start over, do things differently, to create the change you want in your life. This includes letting go of bad habits, a chance for reinvention. best, Sally

        1. Sally, I so appreciate your reply…Can I ask one more question?? When you say they (the eclispes) are powerful for me, does it looks mostly positive, I hope and pray…
          Thanks Again…

          1. Eclipses bring change and it depends how you respond to the change that matters. It’s often a time to trust in life and go where it leads. There’s no clear black/white answer around eclipses whether they are positive or negative. They tend to highlight key events in your life and often act as a wake-up call. The best question to ask around eclipses is ‘what is life telling me or asking of me?’ Sorry, it’s not a clear answer but that’s my experience, it’s what the eclipse awakens in you that matters.

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