Learn Astrology At A Greek Island Summer School

view of Nidri, Greek Island summer School

I’m delighted to announce that I will be teaching at Joanna Watters’ Greek Island Summer School on the island of Lefkada in September 2023 and I hope you’ll join me.

Here’s all you need to know about this exciting study opportunity & how to sign up.

Course Title: How To Make Predictions 

Have you ever wondered how you can learn to make predictions using the art of astrology? Sally has been doing exactly that over the last 30 years and on this course she will share her expertise and astrology secrets with you.

The course will cover how to use astrology to predict events and outcomes in the world, including sports, celebrities and the big news events. You’ll also learn how to identify the major astrology coming up throughout the rest of the year, to see how this shows in your own horoscope and predict what the celestial activity has in store for you.

Dates: Wednesday 6 September to Wednesday 13 September, 2023

Where: Nidri on the island of Lefkas (Lefkada), Greece.

Nearest airport: Preveza, Greece.

Maximum no. of students: 10

The Schedule

In brief, you’ll fly in on Wednesday and there will be four days of teaching on Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Monday with two free days on Saturday & Tuesday for boat trips, relaxing or beach time.

The study days finish at 3pm so you have plenty of time to chill out & relax. Joanna organises lunch and there’s a group meal every evening if you wish to join in. Many students travel on their own.

The cost for the study course is £345 with flights/accommodation/food extra. You can either book a package holiday or flight only & Joanna will help with accommodation options.

Joanna’s lived on Nidri for 27 years and been running the Greek Summer School for 21 years and looks after your needs outside of the study course. Plus, the teaching space is in the garden of her home.

Joanna is one of my oldest & dearest friends. We met studying astrology together at the Company of Astrologers in London many moons ago. We’ve both been blessed to be working astrologers for the majority of our adult lives & still love talking astrology when we meet 🙂

Here’s Joanna’s guide to the 2023 courses which gives you the full schedule and FAQ’s: The Greek Island Summer School – 2023 Schedule & FAQs. It’s worth reading it to get an idea of how the courses work and what’s included on your study holiday.

What You’ll Learn On the Course

  • We’ll be working with the planets that are super-important in predictions and learning more about them – Jupiter & Uranus, Saturn & Pluto, Mercury retrograde and more.
  • You’ll be working with your own astrology chart so you can look ahead to see what’s coming & how to work with the timing of astrology to your advantage.
  • I’ll be teaching you how to make predictions for sporting & world events and will show you the different techniques that can be used.
  • The course will be small & friendly and there will be lots of interactive learning rather than being lectured at. My intention is for you to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • Those of you who sign up to my newsletters or follow me on social media will know that I have a good track record of making astrology predictions. You can check out my astrology for the Oscars & Grand Slam tennis events on the website. Use the search button on the Astrology Blog.

If you’re a complete beginner, the course may not be your best starting point as we’ll be diving into the astrology. It would help if you have a basic knowledge of the 10 planets, 12 star signs, their glyphs/symbols and the 12 houses.

[n.b. If you are interested in an online beginners astrology course learning the basics and how to read an astrology chart, let me know at sally@sallykirkman.com. I’m considering teaching a course later this year or early next year and it would be great to find out how many people would be interested].

If you would like to join me on this year’s course How To Make Predictions on the beautiful island of Lefkada, Greece, do let myself or Joanna know asap.

Here are some photos from my trip to visit Joanna in Nidri in June 2022.

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