Learn Astrology And Tarot in Greece This Summer 2014

Infinity Pool

My dear friend and astrological colleague, Joanna Watters, has only gone and moved to the most gorgeous villa in Greece complete with pool and outdoor bar and what’s more, she’s offering you the chance to learn astrology and tarot in these most beautiful surroundings. Check out the view from the pool above!

Villa Jorgos

This is Villa Jorgos which is situated in Nidri on the island of Lefkas and the view from the pool is of Skorpios, a small island that used to be owned by the Onassis family and it’s where Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy. It’s now owned by the daughter of a Russian billionaire. Posh neighbours or what…

Sun’s ingress into Pisces

Joanna is a brilliant astrologer & tarot reader and her Greek summer school has been running for 13 years.  She’s been living down in the village of Nidri but today when the Sun ingresses into the sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, God of the sea, she’s packing up and moving to this amazing villa. I am in deep envy of her location and know that her astrology and tarot classes are going to be a roaring success this year.

Book now!

So what are you waiting for? Book now and secure yourself a place before they sell out. Classes remain small so you not only receive expert tuition but there’s a close knit and personal vibe to the groups. You can contact Joanna directly to book your place at joannaw@otenet.gr

Here are the details in full including a couple more gratuitous photos to spoil you:

Villa Jorgos

Working with Tarot

Choose either: w/c 5 May 2014
(7 of 8 places available) or

w/c 19 May 2014 (2 of 8 places available)
These courses are suitable for all levels. We revise the traditional divinatory meanings of the 78 Tarot cards and contribute our own meanings .

Discovering Astrology

Foundation course for beginners / refreshers

w/c 2 June 2014 (4 of 8 places available)
Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover horoscopy, the symbolism of the signs, planets and houses. Take your first steps in chart interpretation and making predictions.

Infinity Pool. Villa JorgosAstrology & Tarot

How to combine both skills

w/c 8 September 2014 (2 of 8 places available)

This course is suitable for the student who has already ventured into studying both tarot and astrology, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert.

Good Timing

Predictive Techniques in Astrology

w/c 22 September 2014 (4 of 8 places available)

This course is suitable for the student who has already completed a beginners’ course or who is familiar with the basic symbolism of the nuts and bolts of horoscopy – signs, planets and houses.

and finally…

Full details of all the courses can be found at Joanna’s website by clicking on the following link: http://joannawatters.com/greek-island-summer-school/ and who knows I might see you there.

Bagsie first in the pool…


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