King Charles III Coronation

Coronation invitation

The Coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, UK and will be watched by millions around the world.

From an astrological viewpoint, this would seem a wild weekend for a Coronation with a Lunar Eclipse taking place and communication planet Mercury retrograde. What could possibly go wrong?

Personally, it wouldn’t have been my first choice of date with Mercury retrograde. Retrograde planets suggest that you’re in the dark and the truth of a situation is hidden from you.

Things can unravel, plans go awry and you only see what’s truly going on once the planet turns direct. In this case, Mercury turns direct on May 15th. This is when more information may come to light.

Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse Cycle

Yet, the fact that Charles is being crowned on an eclipse isn’t unusual. Eclipses often coincide with the rise and fall of leaders or royals. In ancient times, eclipses were seen as an omen and it was expected that there would be a change of leadership. 

This Lunar Eclipse falls in Scorpio, Charles’ star sign and is part of the eclipse cycle which began in November 2021 and October 2023.

During the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle, you would expect Taurus and Scorpio individuals to be under the cosmic spotlight more than usual. A clear example in this eclipse cycle has been the death of Queen Elizabeth II (Sun Taurus) and the passing on of the crown to her son Charles (Sun Scorpio). 

It takes between 18-24 months for an eclipse cycle to complete and they repeat approximately every 18-19 years. 

Significantly, there was a Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle from May 1947 to April 1949. Charles was born on November 14, 1948. This means that he was born on a Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle. And, there’s more synchronous astrology playing out on the day of his Coronation.

Sun & Moon – King & Queen

Charles’ Sun is in Scorpio and he was born with the Moon at 0° Taurus conjunct the karmic North Node at 4° Taurus, both in his 10th house – his career and future sector. This signifies the powerful role that his mother (the Moon) played in his life.

During the Coronation (see chart below), the north node has returned to 4° Taurus, exactly conjunct Charles’ natal north node at 4° Taurus. The wheel of destiny has turned, he has become King and is to be crowned on a Lunar Eclipse on his Nodal Return.

An eclipse involves the Sun, Moon and Earth. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the heavens are in perfect alignment with Charles’ path on this earth. It’s beautiful astrology.

Plus, Charles’ Ascendant is 5° Leo, the royal star sign. He shares the same Ascendant with his second Sun Cancer wife, Camilla, who will be crowned Queen Camilla during the ceremony. Camilla’s Ascendant is 4° Leo.

The new King and Queen are to be crowned when the Ascendant is at 6° Leo, very close to their own Leo Ascendants. Another nod towards the heavens being in alignment with the event.

An Alternative King

With a Leo Ascendant, the ruler of the Coronation chart is the Sun at 15° Taurus. The Sun is in the 10th house at the peak of the horoscope and moving towards a conjunction with Uranus at 18° Taurus, ruling all things alternative and unconventional – the alternative (Uranus) King (Sun).

Charles is a typical Sun Scorpio in that his views are unorthodox. He’s known for being a supporter of alternative medicine and a champion of the environment, sharing a deep love of nature with his deeply-beloved Taurus mother.

Charles has already caused controversy with his Coronation invitation (see image above), which features the face of the Green Man at the bottom. You can read all sorts of opinions about this online. The common gripe seems to be that this is paganism and has nothing to do with a seriously religious ceremony like the Coronation.

Yeah to a nod towards paganism and what a beautiful invitation for Taurus season filled with birds, flowers, plants and rich symbolism. Here’s hoping that Charles continues to challenge convention and uses his kingship to benefit the earth we live on. (This is aside from the fact that the Coronation is a huge expense for the UK taxpayer – Taurus also rules money – and an extravagant (vulgar?) display of wealth.)

Back to the symbolism. In astrology, the path towards religion or spirituality is the same route, they’re not different. And, there is an essential spiritual nature to a Coronation. For example, you can see this in the symbolism of the King or Queen sitting on the throne, even without the Stone of Scone (or Stone of Destiny as it’s called) beneath the throne.

The base of the throne is a square and the crown that sits atop the monarch’s head is a circle. The fusion of spirit and matter is often depicted in this way, as the circle (spirit) and the square (matter). When the two come together, spirit and matter, this symbolises the marriage of heaven and earth.

Whatever you think of the monarchy and, whether you’re watching the Coronation or not, there’s a cosmic alignment and a deeper spiritual significance playing out.

Cosmic Timing

As mentioned previously, the north node is at 4° Taurus during the Coronation, mirroring Charles’ natal north node at 4° Taurus. Plus, the Sun is at 15° Taurus during the ceremony.

These significant points in Taurus are alive this year and will be activated deeply more than once (n.b. it’s 5° Taurus rather than 4° Taurus that’s active, but still close).

For example, this current Mercury retrograde phase began at 15° Taurus on April 21st and completes at 5° Taurus on May 15th.

The following day, May 16th, the best planet in astrology Jupiter enters earth sign Taurus, a fertile and abundant placing for the planet of growth and expansion. Jupiter will remain in Taurus until May 2024.

On September 4, 2023, Jupiter turns retrograde at 15° Taurus. Then, on December 31, 2023, Jupiter turns direct at 5° Taurus, activating these same points in the zodiac.

And finally, the ‘Coronation’ Lunar Eclipse this weekend falls very close to 15° Taurus at 14° Taurus 58′. Plus, the Lunar Eclipse on October 28, 2023, the final eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle falls at 5° Taurus.

The re-triggering of these same significant degrees in Taurus is rare. Therefore, it’s likely that what’s being seeded during the Coronation will be under the cosmic spotlight on or around these dates. This may be significant in events moving forward for King Charles III. Keep note of what happens.

King Charles III b. November 14, 1948, 21:14, London, UK

Queen Camilla b. July 17, 1947, 07:10, London, UK

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  1. Very interesting analysis, it will also bi interesting to see how things will unfold for the new king.

  2. Thank you, Sally, very interesting astrology around „King“ Charles. I really wonder why they made it during Mercury retrograd. Some say, Charles shares something with Biden.. ????

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