Killing Eve: Those Amazing Cancer Women

Killing Eve has been one of the TV sensations of the last couple of years, bagging awards for its superb female actors and script-writer. It’s a series that oozes girl power through and through.

As an astrologer, I was delighted to discover a key theme running through the charts of the lead women – the star sign, Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon in astrology, the archetypal symbol for women. And, the eponymous heroine of the title is, of course, the original woman, Eve.

The insanely-talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge (b. July 14, 1985) was the script-writer for series one. She came to my attention via her major hit, Fleabag, an anarchic, funny, hot, dark, genius comedy series.

A Sun Cancer, Waller-Bridge is hitting the big-time at the right time. Her catapult to fame is boosted by the current Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle, which started in July 2018 and lasts until July 2020.

Eclipses set you on a new trajectory that can lead you to starry heights and change your life forever. You lose your privacy when you leap to fame – something has to be eclipsed – but you can gain huge acclaim, especially when you’re blessed with talent.

In her horoscope, Waller-Bridge’s Sun at 21 Cancer sits next to Mars at 23 Cancer – an apt symbol for Killing (Mars) Eve (Cancer). Plus, this tells us that Waller-Bridge was always going to excel at writing which tackles Mars-related themes, like sex, assassins, dark humour and cutting comments, words used as weapons.

Both Fleabag and Killing Eve could only have been written by a woman, who, it has been said, ‘makes difficult things very charming’. The allure of cautious Cancer, the shifty crab. Yet, let’s not forget that Cancer is a cardinal sign, born to lead, initiate and take charge.

Sandra Oh (b. July 20, 1971), also Sun Cancer, plays Eve, the MI5 spy who becomes obsessed with tracking down the deadly assassin, Villanelle. Jodie Comer (b. March 11, 1993) plays Villanelle brilliantly and turns her into a charming psychopath, a likeable assassin with an eclectic fashion sense. Comer is a Sun Pisces, a classic star sign for an actor. Yet, she too has a Cancer signature in her horoscope.

Jodie Comer was born with Mars at 12 degrees Cancer in a wide conjunction to Sandra Oh’s Venus at 16 degrees Cancer. This is classic hot ‘love & sex’ synastry in astrology. The two have an intriguing relationship, which both attracts and repels, fascinates and bewitches. The astrology backs it up.

Fiona Shaw (b. July 10, 1958) is also magnificent as the MI6 boss, Carolyn Martens. In her horoscope, the Sun in Cancer is square to Mars in Aries, continuing the dominance of Cancer and Mars’ themes in the horoscopes of the leading actors.

Fiona Shaw has summed up the significance of Killing Eve with its strong female presence in the following quote:

We’ve all been brought up on endless boys doing this work and enjoying them, so it’s fantastic to have three people who are female running the good and bad of this world. The three women are not tied to a home or husbands or sons. They are tied to a vision of excitement that life can be for both genders… It’s a joy not to play plain virtue. Women often play virtue and it’s very nice to not necessarily be good and not necessarily be bad.

If you haven’t already seen Killing Eve, do watch it. It’s so refreshing to witness a thriller that’s ultra-smart, funny and complex, written by a woman and with its all-women lead roles.

The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses are shifting the balance of power. Killing Eve with its strongly female Cancerian cast has shot to prominence at the perfect time.

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