Jupiter Trine Pluto: Superhuman Connections

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Jupiter 1° Gemini Trine Pluto R 1° Aquarius 

June 3, 2024 (01:13 GMT+1)

Jupiter entered air sign Gemini on the weekend of May 25/May 26 and, one week later, Jupiter makes a powerful trine aspect with Pluto in Aquarius on June 3

This is new territory as these two planets have only made trine aspects in earth signs over the last 15 years. In fact, they haven’t made a trine aspect together since 2016. They now meet in air signs, Gemini and Aquarius.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

This major planetary aspect links two of the most powerful planetary archetypes, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, with Pluto, the planet of transformation and loss.

In mythology, Jupiter (Zeus) was God of the Sky and Pluto (Hades) was God of the Underworld. The characteristics of Jupiter and Pluto are poles apart but together they can wield huge power. 

If you have these two planets in major aspect in your birth chart, there are often themes in your life around wealth and loss, status and power. Hidden riches and intense experiences can be part of your life story as the pendulum of fate swings from one to the other. 

Jupiter’s the planet of good fortune, while Pluto can represent corruption and underhand means. Jupiter’s the truth seeker and Pluto exposes what’s hidden, as the planet of self-transformation and a psychoanalytical force.

Air Signs

The air element rules ideas, the sharing of information, networks, social connections, communications and technology. The World Wide Web (WWW) began in 1989 during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra, an air sign. Since then, social media, cell-phones, global connections and online networks have exploded into our world.

The covid/lockdown years gave us more of a clue about what this new era may entail. The information superhighways took over from physical travel. Businesses swarmed online with Zoom meetings and virtual software. Many skills that have been done by humans are now being replaced by robots and automation. Space too is opening up with more countries investing in space travel – the ultimate ‘air’ adventure.

The new ‘air’ era promises changes to the collective at a political, social, humanitarian and environmental level. This week’s Jupiter-Pluto trine aspect is part of it but air will be the dominant element moving forward. Power planet Pluto is in Aquarius for the next 20 years and innovative Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025/2026 where it will remain for the subsequent 7 years.

This could be an exciting time for science, space travel, New Age thinkers, social activists, pioneering leaders, inventors, visionaries, rebels and innovators. Also, astrology and spirituality, the New Age way of doing things, community and the collective, there’s going to be a significant shift towards these initiatives and ideas and the way people seek meaning in their lives. 

Yet, the new era must be about finding what connects us as human beings rather than what divides or separates us. More people will be turning to the universe and beyond to find answers. It’s a new paradigm, an era when new solutions, rules and visions are required.

The Rise of AI

One of the major showings of Pluto’s move into Aquarius (2023/2024) is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, AI has been around for years but as Pluto geared up ready to make its momentous shift into Aquarius early in 2023, Artificial Intelligence was everywhere.

We’ve seen the brilliance and usefulness of AI for so many people but we are becoming more aware of the dangers. If we give our power away to machines and robots, who’s in control? Pluto themes are often about power and control and who holds the reins.

Plus, our very creativity and the areas of life that matter deeply, like art, theatre, story-telling, fiction, poems and music are all potentially under threat from Artificial Intelligence. 

Will we lose our ability to be creative as we click a button and see what AI splurges out? Will we become more disconnected from the earth, the universe, from emotional connections, from people and the things in life that really matter? 

Let’s not go forward blindly. Remember that, wherever Pluto goes, it’s wise to go in with your eyes wide open. Pluto’s realm is the underworld, dark and shady, while Jupiter’s realm is justice and the law.

In air signs, this powerful trine aspect may be about new legislation around Artificial Intelligence, new laws, rules or regulations. At the very least, this can hopefully open up an intelligent discussion or conversation.

Personal Power

In your own life, you could expand your knowledge or learning on a deep level now, perhaps at record speed. New records could be set around super-human feats of intelligence. Use the internet to boost your potential but don’t forget the human touch. Teacher or student, stay connected to life and your fellow human beings.

Where are you willing to take a step up, to be empowered, to be an agent of social change? The Jupiter/Pluto trine aspect is a symbol of power and influence. It will be particularly strong if you have planets/angles at early degrees of the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Also, if you have these two planets in aspect in your own birth chart.

This is not about acting selfishly but doing things for the greater good and having solid ethics or a strong moral purpose. The earth signs often like to accumulate wealth and have security in life, whereas the air signs know the power of collaboration and equality within society. Where are you being called to expand your reach into the world and beyond to connect others?

This powerful trine aspect has a spiritual and protective influence too. Yet, be wary of playing God.

Wheel Of Fortune

Another way of considering the symbolism of Jupiter and Pluto is looking at your life from the perspective of fate or chance. Jupiter is linked to good fortune and it could be said that Pluto is linked to bad fortune, so where do the dice fall? Are you ready to take a chance? Are you ready to gamble on life and say yes to change?

When you lose faith or stumble, sometimes it’s at the darkest hour when you find the will or strength to move on. Many of us already understand that sometimes, you have to break down before you can break through.

A Jupiter-Pluto connection can be a reminder that out of the dark moments springs new life, out of tragedy comes hope and optimism. Our faith can deepen as we encounter life’s challenges, even sadness or sorrow. The wheel of fortune continues to turn and it’s your birthright to live each day to the best of your abilities.

Where It Falls

Where can you find those hidden riches represented by Jupiter & Pluto? In what specific areas of life should you be reaching high? Here’s a quick Sun sign guide to your personal hidden treasure chest:

  • Gemini: Personal goals, image, body – Travel, study, beliefs
  • Cancer: Retreat, spiritual path, sacrifice – Joint finances, legacy, taboos
  • Leo: Friendship, groups, future goals – Partnership, joint ventures
  • Virgo: Career, status, vocation – Work, health, service to others
  • Libra: Travel, study, beliefs – Creativity, romance, children
  • Scorpio: Joint finances, legacy, taboos – Home, family, past
  • Sagittarius: Partnership, joint ventures – Communication, community, education
  • Capricorn: Work, health, service to others – Money, values, assets
  • Aquarius: Creativity, romance, children – Personal goals, image, body
  • Pisces: Home, family, past – Retreat, spiritual path, sacrifice
  • Aries: Communication, community, education – Friendship, groups, future goals
  • Taurus: Money, values, assets – Career, status, vocation

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  1. Oh, how I love your articles. what a beautiful way to start the last day of May. Thank you Sally.
    I have 1 degree in Gemini in my second house and 3 degrees in Aquarius in my 11th house. So friends and groups and money. It’s been a theme lately. Best wishes and a great June.

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