Jupiter Trine Pluto: Hidden Riches

treasure-chest-619762_1920Today, March 16 2016, one of the most important planetary aspects of the year takes place.

It links two of the most powerful planetary archetypes, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, with Pluto, the planet of transformation and loss.

In mythology, Jupiter (Zeus) was King of the Gods and Lord of the Sky and Pluto (Hades) was Ruler of the Underworld.

These are a powerful twosome and when these planets are in aspect in a person’s natal chart, themes of power and wealth dominate.

Yet this time around you might have to dig a little deeper to unearth Jupiter’s and Pluto’s hidden riches. Both these planets are in earth signs; Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter enjoys the big picture in life, this is the Sky God after all, but in Virgo, Jupiter’s gaze is focused, smaller, paying attention to the details.

In addition, this is the second phase of this planetary cycle and Jupiter is currently retrograde, i.e. weakened. Falling between two eclipses (March 9th & March 23rd), symbols of drama and the unexpected, there might not be much evidence of wealth and abundance in your life just now.

Yet this is still an important phase and the earth signs like to build for the future. Keep plugging away, keep your long-term goals in sight, hold true to your faith. Here are the dates and degrees of the bigger picture, the full Jupiter-Pluto cycle:

  • Jupiter trine Pluto (13 degrees Virgo/Capricorn) – October 11 2015
  • Jupiter R trine Pluto (17 degrees Virgo/Capricorn) – March 16 2016
  • Jupiter trine Pluto R (16 degrees Virgo/Capricorn) – June 26 2016

This cycle is most powerful if you have key planets/angles between 12-18 degrees Virgo/Capricorn. Think back to October 2015 and what you began or committed to back then. The June 2016 date is when plans come to fruition and change can elevate to transformational proportions.

So where can you unearth these hidden riches? In what specific areas of life should you be digging deep? Here’s a quick Sun sign guide to your personal hidden treasure chest:

  • Aries: Work, health, lifestyle – Career, status, vocation
  • Taurus: Creativity, romance, children – Travel, study, beliefs
  • Gemini: Home, family, past – Joint finances, legacy, taboos
  • Cancer: Communication, community, education – Partnership, joint ventures
  • Leo: Money, values, possessions – Work, health, lifestyle
  • Virgo: Personal goals, image, body – Creativity, romance, children
  • Libra: Retreat, spiritual path, sacrifice – Home, family, past
  • Scorpio: Friendship, groups, future goals – Communication, community, education
  • Sagittarius: Career, status, vocation – Money, values, possessions
  • Capricorn: Travel, study, beliefs – Personal goals, image, body
  • Aquarius: Joint finances, legacy, taboos – Retreat, spiritual path, sacrifice
  • Pisces: Partnership, joint ventures – Friendship, groups, future goals.


5 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Pluto: Hidden Riches”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I have both natal Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo. Transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Pluto back in November and will conjunct again in July once Jupiter starts moving forward again.

    I assume that the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto is also very powerful? It falls in my 12th house. The last two times this happened in 1992 and 2004, my life changed regards to career.

    Just wondered if you had any insight on the conjunction when it aspects a natal planet. Thanks!

    1. Jupiter transits are definitely powerful by conjunction. Jupiter’s qualities are expansive and it sounds as if you already know this is about your career. The house ruled by Pluto (Scorpio on the cusp) will be important here too. As it’s the 12th house and Pluto, also relevant to look at what you’re letting go of and releasing. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  2. You’re spot on! my brother has a 3 degree natal trine between Jupiter & Pluto. Pluto is currently exactly conjunct his AC.
    In Oct 2015 he started a sudden extra-marital affair. On 9th March 2016 his wife told him to move out [immediately]. Since then he’s been dealing with the carnage of losing home / farm / relationship with kids / starting from scratch financially, while also starting this new relationship. Things seem to be coming to some kind of peak this weekend right on target….

  3. I have Jupiter (2nd house) trine Pluto (10th house) in my natal chart.. Coincidentally my birthday is March 15 (1973).. Almost the same day as the planetary position on March 16 2016

    I don’t know what to expect.. Since I don’t have riches at present and am having a tough time with my career. Plz guide

    1. Thanks for your comment. It depends a lot on what else was going on in your natal chart if this aspect was to make an impact. It often brings your own natal potential alive when the same planetary aspect repeats in the heavens. Jupiter and Pluto themes are about wealth, power, influence. For you, this is connected to the collective as you have Jupiter in Aquarius. So friends, networks, working alongside others in a social or political context. You may be a Sun Pisces, go with the flow, but you have Mars in Capricorn and this is a dynamic forceful planetary energy. You can create the results you want by focusing on a goal and going for it 100%. Hope that helps a little. best, Sally

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