Jupiter Trine Neptune: Magical Mystery Tour

This week sees the second encounter between two of the most boundless planets in the universe, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is God of the Sky and represents expansion, opportunity and foreign connections. Neptune is God of the Sea, a cosmic, illusionary and dreamlike planet.

These planets in their watery signs of Scorpio and Pisces have nothing to do with everyday routine and mundane matters. Water signs rule the emotions; they are mute, deep and pick up on images, vibration and sound. This planetary combination may mean nothing to you if you’re trundling along, focusing on the details and the trivia of life.

Instead, Jupiter and Neptune want to inspire you to see what’s beyond everyday life, even beyond earth; they take you further, always moving outwards, up and beyond. Jupiter and Neptune urge you to connect with your deeper purpose and be inspired by feelings such as compassion, nurture, kindness and caring.

They call out to you: How far are you willing to go? What are you seeking in life? They may make you want to run for the hills and find a place of solitude where you can indulge your spiritual side. They may ask you to think of others before yourself and to care indiscriminately for whoever crossses your path.

You might feel drawn towards a life of acting, an artistic project, a musical journey, a poetic path. Consider what takes you out of yourself and when you feel at your most self-less. This is the Jupiter-Neptune voyage, especially when these two planets meet in emotional water signs.

Scorpio takes you deep within yourself, your psyche; Pisces leads you out to sea, perhaps literally, or shoots stardust off into the cosmos and asks you to explore the outermost regions of our vast universe. This is no small, everyday planetary combination. Instead, it’s more like an outer-body experience or an overwhelming show of kindness and love.

It can take you above and beyond what you believe, what you think, your normal encounter with life. You might even draw back the veil and feel a strong connection with people on the other side.

This is the middle contact of these two planets. Here’s the pattern and their degrees in Scorpio/Pisces:

  • Jupiter trine Neptune – December 3, 2017 (11 degrees Scorpio/Pisces)
  • Jupiter R trine Neptune – May 25, 2018 (16 degrees Scorpio/Pisces)
  • Jupiter trine Neptune R – August 19, 2018 (15 degrees Scorpio/Pisces)

What’s so lovely and remarkable about the current Jupiter-Neptune trine aspect is that the planet of love, relating, art and beauty, Venus, is now in Cancer and on June 1st and 2nd, Venus creates a Grand Water Trine with these boundless planets.

Venus and Jupiter connect on June 1st, a symbol of expansive love, the two benefics coming together.

Venus and Neptune combine on June 2nd, the lower & higher octave of one another, love & romance, art & bliss.

If you have planets or angles at 15-16 degrees Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, you are currently in the flow and can pick up on this inspirational planetary Grand Water Trine that starts now and continues into next week.

This whole watery connnection feels blissful, transcendent and takes you away from yourself and beyond the mundane. Make the most of this magical mystery tour, whether you fall in love, act out of devotion, find your muse or use your creative source to inspire yourself or others. Go beyond the everyday and the practical; that’s what’s calling you. Hear its voice.


4 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Neptune: Magical Mystery Tour”

  1. is the ascendant considered a planet?, I have Cancer at 15 degrees my ascendant, I don’t know what planet, it’s my first house that much I know, thanks!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The Ascendant isn’t a planet but it’s an important angle in the chart and very relevant for the current Grand Water Trine. It means Venus will be on your Ascendant on June 1st/2nd when the Grand Trine takes place – gorgeous – fall in love with life, someone special, yourself. Do more of what you love. Happy days!

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